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Dates run: November 27, 2004-December 1, 2004
Run By: Frito
Read the logs: Unwell

"Because they're dead?" she answered quietly. "Doug was bleeding where he got shot, and Amanda set Jubilee on fire and it smelled -horrible-, like burning gum, and I think Jamie is dying like Skippy died. Wet and rotting everywhere." She swallowed heavily, stomach rolling just thinking of it. "I do not know why it’s happening all at once, and the doctors said Doug was fine and Amanda just walked away and they said Jubilee is fine but she was on fire. How can she be fine if she was on fire?"

Things quickly go from bad to worse as Marie-Ange isn’t able to separate her sight from her Sight.


Marie-Ange Colbert, Remy LeBeau, Nathan Dayspring

Tante Mattie


November 27, 2004-December 1, 2004

Plot Summary

After a series of visions of everyone around her either dead or dying as her powers overwhelmed her, Marie-Ange’s grip on her sanity began to fray around the edge. During a meditation session with Nathan, Marie-Ange had a meltdown, leading her to punch the older man. In her immediate attempt to flee, she tripped and fell. When she and Nate proceeded to argue verbally, Marie-Ange’s logic continued to break down spectacularly. Nate realized that something was severely wrong with her thoughts during an attempt to psychically calm her. As she tried to flee again, Marie-Ange collapsed and Nate carried her to the medlab.

Marie-Ange attempted to run from the medlab less than a day after her break down and Remy stumbled across her, recognizing that something was severely wrong. Taking her to the boathouse, he became more concerned as she described what she was seeing. Remy suggested Marie-Ange do a reading of one of her friends to prove to herself that they were not dead. As he watched her flips the cards and interpret them, he realized that the cards she was seeing were not the ones lying on the table. Thinking he might know what was affecting the young precognitive, Remy invited her to stay at the boathouse with him and Cain. Marie-Ange continued to have nightmares, both while awake and asleep, including seeing Cain turn into the flaming red skeleton.

Remy called Tante Mattie to see if the houdan woman could shed some light on the situation. Tante explained to him that Marie-Ange’s spirit was tainted by the loa of Sousson-Pannan and hadn’t returned entirely, which basically meant that Marie-Ange had seen something so evil and terrible that now all her visions were viewed through that filter, resulting in her visions of death everywhere.

Getting tired of the boathouse and wanting to share her concerns about Cain, Marie-Ange snuck out. Luckily, Nate happened to be coming to find her at the same time and the two ran into each other. Though she still wasn’t entirely logical, Nathan succeeded in reaching out to her and getting her to begin focusing on the present actuality as opposed to the visions of death and destruction. Remy made a deal with Tante Mattie to remove the taint from Marie-Ange – but nothing from Tante is ever free. Though able to begin functioning again, Marie-Ange’s healing process wasn’t complete until she spent time working with Tante in New Orleans.

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Remy was the only person Marie-Ange could not see a death for, which meant he was the only person who could actually communicate with her.

Marie-Ange's vision of the flaming red skeleton associated with Cain was a precursor of Cyttorak, who at the time was bound to Cain through the Gem.


Plotrunner: Frito