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Sharon "Catseye" Smith was rescued from the lost animal shelter Rahne Sinclair worked at. Alison Blaire and Lorna Dane fought over Alison helping Manuel de la Rocha with his powers training and Lorna moved out, shortly after moving in with Alex Summers. Jamie Madrox built a beach in the boiler room to combat seasonal depression and stress in the mansion. Madelyn Bartlet took Jubilation Lee to her family's Thanksgiving whilst Clarice Ferguson gave Kyle Gibney a 'lift' to surprise his parents. Lorna recruited kitchen minions in the form of Jamie and Rahne and asked Nathan Dayspring to teach the junior cooking class. Anika and The Pack visited the school and took the recovering Mick Foley back to Berlin. Sam Guthrie stayed at home after Thanksgiving to help out and Sean Cassidy went to Ireland for a court case. Sarah Morlocke left the mansion to join Shinobi Shaw in Japan and her friends held a wake in the basement.

Several powers breakthroughs were had. Kyle discovered he had a healing factor and that he was allergic to chocolate since his manifestation. Clarice found she was able to instinctively tell where she was after a teleport. Manuel continued to try and hone his skills with his empathy to satisfy Emma Frost. Nathan's precognition began to return and more psychic triggers were discovered in his head. Kitty Pryde learned to walk on air. Amanda Sefton broke the last of the binding spell put on her by Rack. Betsy Braddock recovered from a coma caused by her link with Alison. Jonothon Starsmore exploded during a training session with Nathan and became a ball of psionic energy. Moira MacTaggart solved the riddle of Jamie's powers. Marie-Ange Colbert's precognition went out of control, causing her to see death and destruction everywhere around her.

Manuel decided to turn a new leaf and become a better person, including resigning from the Hellfire Club, but when he and Amanda attended a Hellfire Club function, they were ambushed by Selene and Alphonso de la Rocha, resulting in Manuel's mind being wiped of most of his memories and his powers temporarially lost. Magneto and the Brotherhood of Mutants tried to take Miles Blaire during a trip to the local shopping mall and the resulting battle caused Alison to overload her powers. Jamie discovered there were repercussions to the Skippy incident that required Charles' help to deal with.


Nov 1 - Repodemon aftermath: Scott asks Wanda to join the X-Men; Jubilee gets a thank you bouquet from Patches; Amanda thanks Illyana Rasputin for her help; Alison and Terry talk about increasing Terry's powers training. Lorna finds out Alison is helping with Manuel's powers training and they fight. Scott and Madelyn discuss time off for the medlab staff. Kylun joins the X-Men. Alison and Haroun are made the CO and XO of X-Men Black. Kyle discovers his mutation makes him allergic to chocolate.

Nov 2 - Lorna moves out of the suite she shared with Alison. Dr. Stephen Strange confronts Jubilee about her involvement in the Repodemon attack and warns her away from anything related to magic. Jubilee posts a confession in her journal. Remy and Jubilee talk about her involvement. Anika visits the mansion to help with Mick. Amanda summons Rack from the dead to do the final unbinding spell that sets her free of him. Amanda shows Manuel that one of the side-effects of the unbinding is that she can heal the scars.

Nov 3 - Alex and Lorna discuss living together. Amanda and Remy talk about Gambit and Manuel.

Nov. 4 - Alison and Nathan argue about MacInnis and Charles finds more triggers in Nathan's head. The medlab staff finally get that dinner out. Moira and Nathan fight about him not telling her about the session with Charles.

Nov. 5 - Alex talks to Shiro about moving out. Alex confesses to Lorna that he and Shiro kissed months ago. Amanda goes to talk to Emma about Manuel and his involvement with the Hellfire Club. Jubilee asks Nathan to help her learn to think instead of react. Clarice tries to arrange a fencing team but discovers mutants aren't allowed to compete in tournaments.

Nov. 6 - Pete goes after Patches and takes Jubilee with him for an object lesson. Sound and Fury: Magneto and the Brotherhood attack at the shopping mall. The school goes into lockdown for security reasons.

Nov. 7 - Sarah decides to leave the school. Betsy is discovered unconscious in her room as a result of her link with Alison. Kyle discovers he he has a healing factor.

Nov. 8 - Cain Marko|Cain and Miles talk about Magneto. Remy asks Lorna to come to Europe with him to investigate Magneto's doings. Remy gives Jubilee some advice. Sean and Terry talk about what she thinks of him. Madelyn invites Jubilee to a Bartlet Family Gathering. Hank returns to help with Alison. Hand Me Down prelude: Jamie has nightmares about Skippy.

Nov. 9 - Marie-Ange talks to Scott about becoming an X-Man. Wanda offers to help Amanda find her true family after recognising her true name as Romani. Cain asks the resident spooks to let him know if they find Magneto.

Nov. 10 - Miles gets more control over his powers. Hand Me Down: Jamie is hallucinating and goes for a check up. Madelyn breaks down.

Nov. 11 - Remy and Lorna return from Europe. Nathan and Amanda train her telekinetic spell. Sharon "Catseye" Smith arrives at the mansion. Hand Me Down: Jamie passes out and is rushed back to the medlab; Charles tells him that Skippy's memories are merging with his. Anika and Mick join the Pack. Manuel decides to make some changes in his life and asks Amanda to help. Manuel asks for people's music as part of a personal project.

Nov. 12 - Hand Me Down: Jamie chooses to undergo psychic surgery. Nathan asks Remy to train with him in order to get a handle on his fighting style as a failsafe against the triggers.

Nov. 13 - Alison is released from medlab, at least during the day. Jubilee tells Manuel she won't sleep with him any more. Jay and Nathan argue about Nathan's telepathy. Sarah leaves and her friends hold a 'wake' in the basement after her departure. Hand Me Down: Jamie undergoes the psychic procedure to deal with Skippy's memories. Moira proposes a practical way for her and Madelyn to deal with the emotional fallout from X-Men Mission: Firefountain

Nov. 14 - Jono explodes during a training session with Nathan and becomes a discorporeal ball of psionic energy. Angelo asks Paige to marry him and she freaks out. Haroun yells at Nathan. Nathan refuses Amanda's healing for his concussion. Haroun is allergic to Catseye.

Nov. 15 - Nathan checks himself out of medlab, but eventually lets Amanda heal him. Alison and Lorna begin to rebuild their friendship. Alison calls Madelyn to task for insisting Amanda heal Jubilee.

Nov. 17 - Kitty asks Jay to teach Lockheed how to fly. Jubilee receives an object lesson in empathising with others and dealing with the consequences of her actions. Manuel and Jubilee go clubbing for her birthday. Bethany Moore tells Amanda she and her family are moving to Georgia.

Nov. 18 - Alison trains with Manuel. Moira works out how Jamie's powers work.

Nov. 19 - Wanda meets Dr. Strange at Columbia. Haroun and Alison fight. Paige and Angelo reconcile.

Nov. 20 - Haroun goes to England with Wanda without telling Alison. Clarice and Terry have an unpleasant encounter in the mall. Angelo argues with Jubilee about Amanda.

Nov. 21 - Jubilee and Nathan have another thinking session. Nathan and Alison talk about Askani meditative patterns. Haroun returns from London.

Nov. 22 - Nathan and Jamie discuss how Jamie's powers might help Jono get his body back. Jubilee has something of a breakthrough with Dr. Samson about her emotional responses. Haroun and Alison discuss things and establish what their relationship is. Kitty talks to Ororo about maybe becoming an X-Man one day. Kitty shows Jamie she's been learning to airwalk. Heiress Discorida: Amanda and Manuel go to a Hellfire Club function and Alphonso and Selene try to mindwipe Manuel; Manuel loses his memories and Amanda is beaten before they escape.

Nov. 23 - Nathan realises his precognition is coming back. Lorna asks Nathan to teach the junior cooking class. Lorna asks Rahne and Jamie to be her assistants in the kitchen.

Nov. 24 - Madelyn takes Jubilee home with her for Thanksgiving. Nathan and Haroun get into a bar brawl in New York.

Nov. 25 - Thanksgiving. Clarice teleports Kyle home to surprise his parents. Kitty brings Amanda pie.

Nov. 26 - Amanda is released from medlab. Nathan discovers just how little of Manuel's original personality remains. Catseye senses the residue of Selene's power in Amanda.

Nov. 27 - Crimson Dawn: Betsy wakes up after a month of being unconscious very cold and remote. Unwell: After weeks of being irritable, Marie-Ange lashes out at Nathan during a training session; Marie-Ange's precog goes out of control. Sam decides to stay at the family farm for a bit longer.

Nov. 28 - Dr. Strange comes to do a cleansing ritual with Amanda. Unwell: Marie-Ange escapes medlab and takes shelter in the boathouse; Remy is the only person she doesn't see a future for.

Nov. 29 - Amanda and Manuel argue yet again. Alex decides to try and help Manuel by being his friend and Lorna has a wiggins. Lorna comes across Amanda in the kitchen and they talk about the new Manuel. Jamie plans to build a beach in the boiler room. Sean returns to Britain for one of his court cases.

Nov. 30 - Unwell: Remy contacts Tante Mattie about Marie-Ange's problem and one of his debts to her is called in. Clarice talks to Moira about her powers apparently having an inbuilt GPS.



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