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Dates run: May 22-28, 2011
Run By: Rossi
Read the logs: Afterlife

Sarah shook her head, sighing as the ghost rambled on. "I don't think we're gonna be that lucky, unfortunately." She wondered just exactly what they were going to have to do to get rid of them, and how on earth would they be able to figure it out?

A harmless magical experiment in a second hand store puts the students in the middle of some very annoying spirits - with a lot of strange demands.


Artie Maddicks, Klara Prast, Matt Murdock, Megan Gwynn, Meggan Szardos, Molly Hayes, Nico Minoru, Sarah Vale, Doreen Green

The ghosts: Eddie, Roman, Gwendoline, Esther and Marcos.


May 22-28, 2011

Plot Summary

During a trip to Salem Center to see a movie, the students decided to investigate a second hand store. Nico cast a spell, wanting to see if she could get the items to reveal their history, apparently without success. However, that night, the students encountered five ghosts, drawn to them by the spell. Each of the ghosts had an item at the second hand store they were tied to, and to get rid of their persistent hauntings, the students needed to raise money to buy each object. Added to the issue was the fact that the students were the only ones who could see or hear the ghosts, leading to not a little odd behaviour on their part.

Klara returned a beaten up guitar to Roman, who played her a song before vanishing; Meggan and Nico found the cameo that Gwendoline's beau had bought for her, returning it to Peter's granddaughter in New York; Artie and Matt played dress-ups with Esther, wearing a hat and a boa she had insisted they get for her; Sarah and Molly found and repaired an old crystal radio for Eddie and Dori and Megan visited Marcos' grave with his compact mirror, allowing the ghost to see himself one last time before he vanished.

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Trivia and Meta


The ghosts were:

Eddie: cranky, paranoid conspiracy nut, who slept with a gun under his pillow in case they came to take him away and one day shot himself in the face. He was looking for his crystal radio.

Roman Coffee: middle-aged ex-hippie ghost, who wanted his old and broken electric guitar. It saw him through some tough times, and being dead is the toughest of all. He wanted it back, and until it was found, whoever was haunted by him was subjected badly rhymed old ballads sung through all their classes.

Gwendoline: a nice old lady who passed away quietly at the age of 86. She had a piece of jewellery, a cameo necklace, that was given to her by her first love back when she was in high school. Peter and she grew up and drifted apart, but she never forgot him and she always kept the necklace. She wanted it to go to his granddaughter, who lives in New York. She was not as annoying as some of the ghosts, but she was persistent, and she insisted on telling stories of family and her history and about the time she wanted to be an actress and how the price of fruit these days is positively scandalous.

Marcos (the Magnificent): a 28 year old egotistical Spanish traveling Circus Performer from the 1950s, who accidentally misjudged a flip and broke his neck. He had a compact mirror he'd like back so he can see himself again because he used to put his makeup on with it and felt like he always looked his best that way. Until he got it he talked incessantly in heavily accented English and Spanish, doing flips and back flips everywhere and commenting on all being more "guapo" than the men there and hitting on the ladies but no one can hear him but the kids. Sort of a "Rico Suave" contortionist type.

Esther: A strangely serious little 6 year old girl from the 1920’s that was obsessed with having tea parties with imaginary friends and enjoyed playing with the adult’s feather boas and hats and wanted whoever heard her to play dress up with her for a day or so. She wanted the hat and boa back and gravitated to Artie and Matt the most.


Plotrunner: Rossi

The plot idea came from the song titles plot meme. The poster was created by the lovely and talented Mackinzie.

Afterlife-poster.jpg Click image for full size version.

The awesome sockers were: Al for Eddie the Paranoid Conspiracy Freak; Lex for Esther, the Creepy Little Girl; Mackinzie for Marcos the Magnificent, contortionist and ladies' man and Jeff for Gwendoline, the old lady who Never Shuts Up. Roman the Wanna-Be Rock God was socked by Rossi.

Rossi developed, submitted and ran the plot, but didn't have a PC involved.