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Two relationships - Wade Wilson and Marie-Ange Colbert, and Vanessa Carlysle and Warren Worthington - began, while another - Julian Keller and Nico Minoru - ended rather dramatically following an accident during her powers during sex. Jean Grey and Amanda Sefton consulted each other on the matter and redoubled their efforts to help Nico control her draining abilities. Prom was organised and there was an impromptu birthday party at Finnegans for Doug Ramsey and David Haller, both notorious for forgetting the event. Amara Aquilla moved out of the mansion to share an apartment with Callie Betto in District X and Wade continued to gain the trust of the newest student, Matt Murdock, by taking him for a visit to Matt's mother's grave. Towards the end of the month, Wade left for Muir Island, for followup treatment of his leukemia in the wake of his failed chemotherapy at the mansion.

The X-Men had one of their stranger missions, investigating a Kick smuggling ring and mutant exploitation in the roller derby circuit, resulting in various X-Women learning to skate, another wager with Arcade, Janet Van Dyne feeling up a biker's moustache and Bobby Drake's history as the 1997 Massachussets Under 14 Year Old Roller Dancing Champion being shamelessly used.

X-Force, struggling to continue without Remy LeBeau, found themselves chasing a Russian supersoldier myth in the form of the Winter Soldier after David North failed to check in. In a surprise twist, all indications pointed to Bucky Barnes, the grumpy old man who lived in the brownstone being the Winter Soldier, especially after he convincingly beat up Doug and Wade, but the man himself later cooperated with X-Force and confirmed the weaponised former CIA agent was in fact his adopted daughter, Rebecca Barnes. Wade was called in to assist in her capture, given the lack of manpower, and enjoyed himself far too much.

The New Mutants continued their habit of getting into trouble, with an accidental haunting resulting in a crash course in money raising and various odd behaviours; while Artie Maddicks continued to meet his adoptive mother, Annalee in secret, with her growing increasingly concerned about his safety at the mansion, given his stories. Angelo Espinosa was also disturbed to discover Molly Hayes' parents had connections to the Brotherhood of Mutants.

Following her contributions as 'Riley Chase' during the brothel investigation, Crystal Amaquelin discussed the possibility of Riley becoming a part of the team. X-Factor also hired their own consultants in a potential serial killer investigation, asking Doug and Amanda to use their respective talents in tracking down the killer, who appeared to be targeting mutants.


May 1 - Tabitha posts about being back from Europe. Jean-Paul texts Kevin about glass vibrators. Molly emails Wade trying to decipher the conversation between Kevin and Marie-Ange on the journals.

May 2 - Wade emails Marie-Ange and Kevin complaining about having to explain things to Molly, and suggests they tone it down next time. Molly and Angelo have a discussion about her parents and their association with the Brotherhood of Mutants. Kevin leaves a birthday gift for 'John'. Vanessa stops by the mansion to see Wade after his final immunotherapy treatment.

May 3 - Jubilee posts a link to an VNV Nation song for herself and a picture of her latest Ninja Crochet project (a chicken) for Doug. Nico and Julian test her powers control with sex, but Nico loses control and drains Julian; Jean intercedes and takes both teens to the medlab; Amanda posts to the x_snowvalley comm about something being wrong at the mansion; Jean and Amanda discuss the situation and about doing what they can to help Nico; Jean and Amanda go to see Nico, in time to talk her down from running away. Wade and Matt play checkers together, have a misunderstanding and then manage to talk through it to a point where Matt learns to respect the other man.

May 4 - Vanessa is twitchy from too much caffiene and disordered sleep patterns. Jan announces her Cinco de Mayo preparations. Wade and Marie-Ange have dinner together and establish they're dating.

May 5 - 'John' emails Kevin to thank him for the birthday gift and to reflect on Nick's emo-ness. 'John' posts in his journal about finding a disturbing stash of "Rock of Love" tapes. Wade enjoys the Cinco de Mayo food Jan made and starts a Star Wars themed Mexican food discussion with Kyle and Doug. Marie-Ange posts a picture of her penguin wearing Wade's fedora. Vanessa finishes her undercover job at the strip club and the day with Warren, establishing their relationship as more than casual; Vanessa lets X-Factor know she's finished the job and will be back in the office on Monday.

May 6 - Kevin gives Meggan a tour of the boathouse and she expresses an interest in pottery. Jean visits Amanda at work to ask about magic and power sources; that evening, Warren drops by Amanda's place to check on her.

May 7 - Jean-Paul complains about the plants encroaching on his desk at X-Factor and missing files. Amara and Callie go apartment hunting in District X. Roller Derby Queen: Garrison complains about being called into the office on a Saturday; Garrison is briefed by Fred Duncan about an underground mutant roller derby organisation used as a front for Kick peddling; Garrison meets with Charles and Jean to explain the FBI needs help with the case, not having enough female mutant agents to go undercover; Garrison contacts Muir Island after receiving information Alison Blaire had a brief stint in roller derby, but she's unavailable to train; Paige, on the other hand, is, and knows how to roller skate, becoming Garrison's first recruit. Jean leaves birthday presents for all of Haller's personalities, and for Doug; Doug announces birthday drinks at Finnegans for himself and Haller, inviting whoever is available; Jubilee leaves her gift to Doug on his kitchen table; Laurie mails Doug's gift and leaves Haller's for him on his desk. Kevin leaves Meggan pottery supplies, books and a dvd, plus a sketch. Jean leaves Vanessa some caffeine capsules to help her stay awake. Vanessa emails Laurie about pranking Jean-Paul by leaving plants all over his desk every night. Jean posts to the x_staff comm, slightly drunk at Doug's party. Nico and Julian talk, and Nico tells him that they're officially broken up. Dori discovers Julian sulking in the woods after Nico broke up with him.

May 8 - Laurie announces she has everyone's cellphones from the night before, plus pictures. Meggan emails Kevin to thank him for the supplies. Roller Derby Queen: Garrison follows up a vague hint from Marie and asks Bobby to help, discovering he was the 1997 Massachusetts Under 14 Year Old Roller Dancing Champion; Garrison recruits Kurt, who knows of one of the European operators, and Marius, who is reluctant to revisit his European mutant slavery connections again, to get involved undercover; Garrison approaches Callisto to enlist her aid in going undercover as bikers. Amanda leaves Doug a belated birthday gift and card. Jean is suffering the day after Doug and Haller's birthday drinks.

May 9 - Roller Derby Queen: Garrison calls Yvette, Jean, Monet, Angel, Tabitha, Jan, Paige, and Bobby to the Danger Room in x_team, and tells them to bring their skates; the mission members have their first team practice together and go through some drills. Yvette makes a journal entry about how roller derby skating is similar to ice skating. Jan makes a journal entry announcing that there will be cake available for Matt's birthday tomorrow.

May 10 - Matt makes a journal entry saying it's his birthday, and talking about hoping to fast forward his high school experience. Wade leaves a copy of " the entire Chronicles of Narnia series in braille at Matt's door for his birthday. Jubilee checks in on Amanda, bringing food and wine. Jan gives Matt a pair of sunglasses and an MP3 player pre-loaded with music by Blind Fury for his birthday. Matt and Wade share some late night birthday cake and bond, with Matt revealing more about his past.

May 11 - Roller Derby Queen: The X-Men find a surprise waiting for them at the tournament location; Garrison tells the team that Arcade is present; Callisto and Kurt go looking for information once the match begins; Marius finds himself in an uncomfortable place while trying to sell their cover story; the X-Men come out for their first real match. Operation: зимний солдат: Doug makes a post to x_snowvalley about Wade's status checking out, and about North missing two consecutive check-ins. Callie stops by Jean-Paul's apartment to bribe him into helping her and Amara move. Julian e-mails Jean about leaving for a few days, despite being grounded; Doug encounters a surly Julian in the Hellfire Club and takes him under his wing.

May 12 - Roller Derby Queen: The X-Men regroup before their second roller derby match and make final preparations for it; the other X-Men head for the meeting before the next derby match begins; the final match begins but it has one last surprise in it for the X-Men taking part. Amara e-mails Angelo, Kevin, and John, asking for help to move to her and Callie's new place, promising beer and food as rewards. Doug and Wade have dinner at Mama Lupe's and have some non-awkward talk for a change.

May 13 - Kyle makes a post to X-Team asking if the roller derby mission was for real. Wade texts Kevin and tells him to meet him in the garage. Jan makes a journal entry saying she'll be spending the next few days in her room. Wade gives Kevin a surprise when they meet up in the garage. Marius leaves a gift basket containing flowers, hand sanitizer, and a box of mustachioed cupcakes at Jan's door.

May 14 - Operation: зимний солдат: Jubilee posts in Snow Valley from Europe saying she met up with Sarah M. and giving the team an update on North, saying she should return to the US tonight; Amanda and Ororo meet a contact from the Russian embassy to get information on the destruction of the numbers station North was using to report in; Doug posts to x_snowvalley to update everyone, and requests help from everyone not busy to look into things further; Marie-Ange posts to x_snowvalley to inform them her, Amanda, and Wanda are going to Russia, and asks Sarah M. to meet them there. Artie e-mails Hank requesting a portable text-to-speech synthesizer of some sort. Wade e-mails Matt about arranging a trip to the cemetery that afternoon. Angelo e-mails Haller about Molly's parents being in the Brotherhood. Amara and Callie get their moving underway, thanks to some help from the guys. Megan e-mails Dori to wish her a happy birthday. A busy Doug still remembers to e-mail Dori to wish her a happy birthday. Wade takes Matt to visit his father's grave. Jean lets Julian know she did not appreciate the threat he made in his email about leaving the mansion.

May 15 - Dori makes a journal entry a little after 12am to say she turned 18 the day before. Jean reflects on the 8th anniversary of her death, running into Haller, who does something without thinking in an attempt to cheer her up, which doesn't go as planned. Matt gets a pint-sized interruption from Molly while watching boxing, who gets loud and unintentionally causes Matt some pain. Operation: зимний солдат: Wanda and Marie-Ange meet with Alexei Vazhin to discuss the destruction of the numbers station and the myth of the Winter Soldier; Natasha Romanova escorts Amanda and Sarah M. to the archives to access the Directorate X files and they find a reference to the Winter Soldier and the name "Barnes"; Amanda alerts the rest of X-Force that their Winter Soldier appears to be the old man who lives on the ground floor of the brownstone.

May 16 - Sarah V. comes down with the 'flu and Yvette comes to the rescue. Operation: зимний солдат: Jubilee breaks into Bucky Barnes' apartment to look for evidence while Doug acts as lookout, but Barnes returns early and beats the crap out of Doug, maces Wade and then flees.

May 17 - Nico mocks 'panda goths', those who abuse the eyeliner. Kyle posts about someone burning some shrubs and the new Flaming Lips EP marketing ploy. Operation: зимний солдат: Doug updates on the Barnes situation; that he's a lot older than he looks, but DNA analysis of the fingernail scrapings Doug sent to Muir for rush analysis show he's baseline human with no enhancements; Barnes himself turns up to the Snow Valley offices to explain that his adopted daughter, reported KIA in Vietnam, is the Winter Soldier and that he wants X-Force to help him apprehend her. Bored at work, Vanessa teases Bishop about his mysterious personal life and strippers; Vanessa discovers the makings of a rooftop garden in her apartment; Vanessa texts Warren, demanding his presence. Molly encounters Kevin at Boiler Beach and apologises for calling him "Rot".

May 18 - Vanessa and Warren, having a lazy day, discuss Warren's investment options in District X. Yvette announces the Prom is coming up and asks for volunteers. Jan invites Kyle, Kevin and Matt to her graduation ceremony. Kevin takes "John" to a male strip joint as a birthday prank, establishing his heterosexuality before taking him to a female strip joint instead.

May 19 - Penance and Nightcrawler play 'tag' in the Danger Room and establish that sometimes Yvette will cut people in the course of normal operations. Operation: зимний солдат: Emma and Sarah M. go to meet Aleksandr Dmitrovich Lukin, the protege of General Karpov, the man behind the Winter Soldier project; Amanda and Wanda speak to a mafiya contact about Lukin and get more information about his operations; based on the gathered data, Marie-Ange and Cammie go to an abandoned hospital and have their own encounter with the Winter Soldier.

May 20 - Amara is hungover after the celebration of her being elected HeliX president of the ESU chapter and invites people to her and Callie's housewarming. Haller apologises for setting the bushes on fire whilst practicing his powers. Kevin and Nico have a Waffle House date and talk about Nico's issues with her powers. Operation: зимний солдат: Bucky comes voluntarily to the Snow Valley offices to ask for help in apprehending the Winter Soldier, who is his adopted daughter, Rikki Richards; Marie-Ange asks Doug two difficult things - to act as a sniper and to call Wade to ask him to help.

May 21 - Angelo reflects on getting old following the news Samie Kander has gotten engaged. Jan announces the end of classes for herself, graduation and her birthday. Operation: зимний солдат: Wanda, Emma and Marie-Ange confront Lukin at his offices, but he is expecting them and manages to escape; in Pripyat, Jubilee and Cammie hit the old Directorate X depot that houses the stasis chamber that the Winter Soldier has been kept in all these years, along with Lukin's other hand-me-downs from General Karpov; Doug, Amanda, and Bucky Barnes set up on top of a building to keep an eye on both of the other teams and there is snark; Wade and Sarah M. are the heavy hitters, and they draw out the Soldier and take her down, with a combination of violence and... karaoke?

May 22 - Afterlife: Meggan announces she is going into town to see a movie and browse through a second hand store and invites the other New Mutants; in the second hand store, Nico attempts a spell to discover more about the previous owners of items, but it fails; that night, Meggan and Molly get a visitor in the form of Roman, a ghostly musician looking for his guitar; Dori, Artie and Sarah V. meet the ghosts of Eddie, a paranoid conspiracy nut and Gwendoline, a very talkative old lady; Klara and Megan meet the ghost of Marcos Delgado, contortionist, in the library; Nico and Matt encounter Esther, a little girl who loves tea parties, in the kitchen.

May 23 - My Long Forgotten Son: Artie visits Sarah M. to talk to her about reconnecting with Annalee and isn't happy with the response. Afterlife: Nico posts to x_kids in a panic, her spell having worked in an unexpected way and the students being haunted by five ghosts.

May 24 - Afterlife: Molly asks what a 'reefer' is. Kyle visits Doug as he's recuperating and mocks him about being beat up by an old man and anything else he can think of. Jubilee gets domestic and makes dinner for Doug and they get past the awkward of being new boyfriend and girlfriend.

May 25 - Late at night at the Snow Valley offices, Amanda checks on Ororo.

May 26 - Doug rewards Cammie for surviving the Winter Soldier mission with the world's hottest chilli peppers, which she appreciates. Yvette remarks on the arrest of war criminal Ratko Mladic. Vanessa emails Crystal to try and arrange a get together. Kevin emails Jan about 'love mushrooms' that glow in the dark. Yvette and Laurie practice in the Danger Room, and Yvette has a breakthrough with her powers.

May 27 - Afterlife: Meggan emails the New Mutants to find out how their fundraising efforts are going. Vanessa and Crystal discuss the possibility of 'Riley' working for X-Factor Investigations. Wade announces he's going to Muir for awhile and reminds everyone to keep in touch. Wade texts Marie-Ange, as he's standing outside the Brownstone wanting to talk.

May 28 - Aftershocks: There is a news article on Gawker.Com wondering about a serial killer in New York City, and why no one is reporting on it. Afterlife: Molly and Sarah return one of the ghosts' radio to his final resting place, and Sarah V. makes it work; Artie and Matt have tea party with little ghost girl Esther so she'll leave them alone; Meggan and Nico obtain and deliver the requested cameo; Artie thinks people need to learn to shut up; Dori and Megan go to Marcos' gravesite and return a compact mirror he lost; Klara returns Roman's guitar and he plays her a song before fading and leaving the guitar to her. Kevin and Laura hang out in the boathouse as Kevin creates a rose out of wood for her.

May 29 - Jan reminds everyone about the Memorial Day BBQ.

May 30 - Aftershocks: The New York Times reports on the murder of a mother and daughter, and comments that it may be the work of a serial killer. Vanessa discovers a moping Lex on a trip to the mansion. Angelo posts about his mother's concern about the possible serial killer, and he warns the students to be careful when they're visiting New York City. Kevin emails Jan about her leaving him mushroom pancakes.

May 31 - My Long Forgotten Son: Artie visits Annalee again and she is disturbed to hear about the less-safe elements of his life at the mansion. Kevin gives Nico a panda hoodie. Aftershocks: Bishop announces on the x_factoragency comm that they've been hired to investigate one of the 'two strike murders' victims and that they need to work fast before the FBI get involved; Vanessa emails Doug to ask him to hack the NYPD database for information on the killings; Doug produces, with a note that all of the victims were actually mutants; Vanessa asks Doug and Amanda to use their respective talents to try and track the killer. Jean announces assignments to gain finals bonuses.


X-Men Mission: Roller Derby Queen

Operation: зимний солдат


My Long Forgotten Son


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