Any Port in a Storm

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Any Port in a Storm
Dates run: July 18-20 2012
Run By: AJ, Nichole
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"I am better than all of them! All of -you-! And if none of you can see that, then you are not fit to be part of the magnificent future I have in store!"

When the children of an old friend of Charles Xavier are kidnapped X-Factor investigations are called in to locate them.


Sue Storm, Lucas Bishop, Vanessa Carlysle, Adrienne Frost, Callisto, Sam Guthrie, Kyle Gibney, Marius Laverne, Angelica Jones, Lornda Dane, Amara Aquilla

Charles Xavier, Franklin Storm

Arthur Molekevic


July 18-20, 2012

Plot Summary

The children of Dr Franklin Storm are kidnapped from school by thugs out of the blue one day. The police search but after 24 hours without any credible leads or any ransom note Dr Storm turns to an old friend of his, Charles Xavier. Charles agrees to help and recommends he talk to the people over at X-Factor Investigations.

When asked for names of anyone who may have a grudge against him Franklin brings up Dr Arthur Molekevic and explains the man’s research and why he was let go from the Baxter Think Tank (Storm knows about the stem cells imbuing mutation but he doesn’t know about Molevic’s golems; he assumes the stem cells will be used on humans or genetically modified animals). X-Factor takes on the investigation, looking into Molekevic as well as other avenues. In the process of the investigation XFI locates Molekevic’s underground research lair. They go in to scout the place out and while they find the kids they also find the entire underground compound patrolled by what look like large humanoids made of dirt and rocks. The kids are alone in their holding cells for now so while Bishop stays behind to keep an eye on things Vanessa goes back up to the surface where she has cell signal to call in back up.

While Vanessa is gone Sue is taken by the golems and hauled off. Bishop tries to work out how to get to her before anything can happen to her but while he manages to follow her well enough he never finds an opening that won’t put the girl and himself at serious risk of injury or death. The extraction of bone marrow is already underway when Vanessa gets back underground with Sam’s group of X-Men and the rest of X-Factor. Via radio she finds out what is going on from Bishop and a fight ensues. Molekevic flees when it becomes obvious his golems cannot win against the attacking force. He runs into Vanessa and Bishop trying to get Sue and Johnny Storm out and decides to bring the entire underground down.

Sensing the change in the earth around them and knowing what is coming, Amara warns the others of the cave in. Everyone gets out except for Vanessa, Bishop and the kids. The four are saved only by Sue unveiling her mutant powers and throwing a forcefield around them all. The rocks and earth settle just before Sue collapses from the strain of using her forcefield against such impact. While Bishop tries to blast their way out too much of the fallen rubble is too unstable for him to do it safely. Thankfully, Amara can sense the cave the four are in via her gaia connection. They are dug out by Lorna, Kyle and Callisto.

Johnny and Sue are brought to the mansion after Dr Storm is informed they were found and are OK but they need to be checked over and it may be easier to do at the mansion with one of their doctors. Franklin and Professor Xavier decide to keep Sue at the mansion for powers training while Johnny, who has tested positive for the x-gene but remains dormant, goes home with his father.

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Trivia and Meta


As a result of this plot Sue arrived at the mansion with a distrust of doctors and a fear of being underground..


Plotrunner: AJ, Nichole (co-runner/back up)

The idea for the plot was roughly drawn from the initial story arc of Ultimate Fantastic Four.