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This character is currently unplayed, but is open for applications. If you are interested in applying for this character, you can contact the mods at x_moderators @ googlegroups . com and you can find the application form here.

Lucas Bishop
Portrayed by Tyrese Gibson
Codename: Bishop
Affiliations: X-Factor - Phase 1
Birthdate: 30 December 1980
Journal: x_bishop
Player: Available for Applications

After leaving the NYPD Bishop began searching for a new place in the world; he found X-Force. Making a place for himself in the mutant community, he moved onto X-Factor Investigations, a private investigations office operating out of District X.


Character Journal: x_bishop

Real Name: Lucas Bishop

Codename: Bishop

Aliases: None

First Appearance: March 16, 2008

Date of Birth: 30 December 1980

Place of Birth: Brooklyn, New York

Citizenship: American

Relatives: Shard (Sister), "Meemaw" (Grandmother)

Education: Associates Degree in Criminal Justice; N.Y.P.D Academy

Relationship Status: Dating Anna Kreskas

Occupation: Private Investigator at X-Factor Investigations. Former Homicide Detective

Team Affiliation: X-Factor Investigations



Lucas Bishop was born in Brooklyn to a single mother in a very poor, run down slum. His younger sister was born before he could remember from a different absentee father and by the time Lucas was old enough to be really aware of his surroundings his sister and he were being raised by his grandmother, Aliyah. His mother's life was claimed during a failed drug deal and, in Brooklyn, crossfires were simply a fact.

Life was hard for Lucas just like for any youth in that area. After several difficulties with the law, though fairly minor, he dedicated himself to school work so that he could overcome his lot in life for the sake of what little family he had. Lucas excelled not only as a student but as an athlete. Boxing and wrestling where his sports of choice and it was always apparent to him that he spent much less time then others training while still being of far more ability. Unknown to him at the time his body had began storing energy reflexively and the sports he joined were just the kind needed to allow him to do so. It was this edge that allowed him to focus on his studies more then other while remaining highly competitive.

After high school Lucas went directly into college. Lucas worked full time while gaining a degree in Criminal Justice in order to join the NYPD at twenty-one when he graduated. He had been dealing with corrupt police officers his entire life and the only way he could imagine fixing that was by working inside the police force himself.


By twenty-one Bishop was working in Brooklyn as a patrol officer for the NYPD. The job was exceedingly hard and more taxing on Bishop then he had imagined. By his second year, at age twenty-two, while entertaining thoughts of quitting his mutation presented itself. While chasing a suspected drug dealer Bishop was attacked by several gang members. He remembered the air around him chilling, the lights flickering as he was slammed into the side of a building. He remembered the pain subsiding and the rush he got. He thought it was adrenaline until his energy stores released.

Bishop had incapacitated and arrested five large men, though the dealer escaped. With the presentation of his entire mutation he expected to be fired. Instead Bishop was promoted to detective and moved to the Bronx where a large mutant population lived. Now part of the NYPD homicide division Bishop found a place in life that he embraced. He continued in different stages of fulfillment for seven more years until he found that, despite all his best efforts, he couldn't clear out the crooked officers and he couldn't fix everything himself. Detective Bishop resigned and he began looking for work where he could be more his own boss and do the work that needed to be done.

Snow Valley

Hired onto the Snow Valley Memorial Center for Mutant Affairs directly by Emma Frost as a security specialist and Mutant / Law Enforcement Liaison, Bishop began working immediately in the heart of the center's mission as X-Force. He also established a rapport with many residents of Xavier's School for Gifted Youngstersand the X-Men, whom train and teach at that location. His induction into the heart of mutant matters caused some culture shock but he adjusted and participated in operations ranging from London and Symkaria to Africa.

Despite lacking an international limit, Bishop felt he made the most impact after Day Zero when he helped NYPD with the newly formed mutant community in mutant town. He consulted with local law enforcement and even intervened on cases when requested by the NYPD as their local contact; a mutant to deal with mutants who had the training and experience the department had to provide. While not being welcome as an officer in the NYPD, his presence as a consultant became more and more necessary with the concentration of mutants in mutant town increasing.


After spending years working covertly with X-Force, and despite feeling fulfilled with his duties, Bishop felt a need for his old way of life as a detective. When presented with an offer from Morgan/Vanessa to help found a detective agency inside the newly formed District X, the former NYPD Officer focused on strengthening his old contacts, now focused on offering a legitimate opportunity for justice to the marginalized mutants he used to serve while on the force. He has continued this work over the past several years and solved a number of cases, including assisting with the rescue of his partner when she was abducted.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 6'6"

Weight: 275lbs

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Bald (Black)


Energy Absorption and Enhanced Physical Traits:

Bishop is capable of absorbing and storing all forms of radiant or conductive energy that he comes in contact with, though some types of energy are more difficult to absorb than others. This power is entirely passive, allowing him to absorb energy at any time. While 'charged' Bishop has access to enhanced strength, endurance, a slight increase in recuperative abilities, and some resistance to physical injury. With a full charge Bishop could surpass human limits by three times, close to the capabilities of a mutant with dedicated universal physical enhancements but not quite equal to them. Though attempting this would take a large amount of energy to charge from as well as create more vulnerability to energy attacks.

He can, in theory, absorb too much energy and be 'overloaded;' No one knows how much energy it would take to accomplish this, however. In reality Bishop can hold as much of a charge as any mutant with a dedicated energy projection power, the only deficiency in his mutation is that he does not metabolize the energy himself from some other source, such as sunlight. Bishop also is capable of releasing his stored energy, usually in concussive blasts or in the same form that it was absorbed in. He is capable of converting his energy reserves into other forms (notably microwaves) but rarely does so.


A small variety of police acceptable firearms are maintained, as well as concealable and tactical body armors.

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Bishop began going by his last name when he entered the police force, as most do. His silence about his personal life leads many to speculate that Bishop is actually some sort of nickname referring either to religious devotion or good moral character.

Many mutants find it awkward that Bishop uses firearms while his primary power seems to be energy projection. The truth, which he is at least reluctant to admit, is that his concussive blasts are not generally lethal to powerful mutants and are more difficult to aim with precision. Also, just the presence of a firearm has been beneficial on more than one occasion.

Bishop can lift and move almost double his weight, because of NYPD ESU (Emergency Services Unit) standards, without the use of his mutation.

Bishop is fluent in Spanish since he found it useful for police work.

It has been revealed in the journals that Bishop loves the show Scrubs.

After the events of Day Zero (and Wanda charging Bishop with her hex energy) appliances began to fail in his presence. A result of his mutation's energy absorbing properties.



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