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This page is about the Phase 1 incarnation of the character. For other uses, see Susan Storm (disambiguation).

Susan Storm - Replaced in Phase 2
Portrayed by Gabriella Wilde
Codename: Invisible Girl
Affiliations: New Mutants
Birthdate: August 20 1996
Journal: Now You See Me
Player: (former) AJ

A genius and daughter of one of the richer families in the country, Sue seemed to live a charmed life. Now with a crazed super-villain on her tail Sue's been seperated from her brother and is at the mansion hoping to gain some stability in her life. She was killed when the mansion was destroyed by Dark Phoenix in January 2015.


Character Journal: xp_invisible

Real Name: Susan Mary Storm

Codename: Invisible Girl

Aliases: Sue, Susie

First Appearance: 19 July 2012

Date of Birth: 20 August 1996

Place of Birth: Long Island

Citizenship: American

Relatives: Franklin Storm (Father), Mary Storm (Mother; Deceased), Jonathan Spencer Storm (Brother)

Education: In High School

Relationship Status: Dating Madelyne Pryor

Occupation: Student

Team Affiliation: New Mutants



Born in 1996 to scientists Franklin and Mary Storm, Sue was the eldest of their 2 children. It was soon apparent that Sue had inherited her parent’s intellect and at age 8 she followed her father affinity for engineering and built a sugar-power rocket which accidentally destroyed her father's car. Shortly after this incident the family relocated to New York where Franklin Storm opened his own research lab and think tank, the Baxter research group. During the summer before he took up his position Franklin rented an RV and took his family on a road trip across the US stopping at all the normal tourist stops; The Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, the Griffith Observatory and the CDC. At the end of the trip he took the kids to a Yankee’s game. The trip is one of the best memories Sue has of her father and she still has the hat, t-shirt and glove he brought her on the day in her closet.

That was, sadly, the last good memory the Storm family would share together the next year Sue’s mother was killed in a car crash. No body was ever found after the car had been recovered so Frankin arranged for a closed casket cremation. Sue watched as her father struggled to accept his loss, often losing himself in his work. Although she had always been close to her father before the accident Sue saw her father’s turning away as a betrayal.

Sue’s powers manifested during an incident with the then head of the research lab Dr Arthur Molekevic when she was 13. She had heard some of Dr Molekevic’s assistants talking about a delivery for the doctor’s special lab.This called to her curiosity since she didn't know Molkevic had a special lab. Determined to find out what the guards were talking about Sue followed her father’s security card and when hunting around the non classified areas of the building. Sue’s curiosity didn't prepare her for what she discovered when she found the lab. She found mutants caged and in the middle of torturous experiments as Molekevic sought to experiment upon them. The sight of Dr. Molekevic torturing the mutants terrified Sue and she turned to flee. Dr Molekevic saw the movement and chase the fleeing figure without being able to determine who it was. Panicking Sue hid in one of the laboratories trying desperately not to be seen. It was at this time her power manifested; When the doctor searched the room, although he looked directly at her, Sue couldn’t understand why he couldn’t see her.

It wasn’t until later, after several incidents of unintentionally turning invisible that Sue and Johnny figured out that she was a mutant. Through a combination of experimentation and searching the Internet Sue was able to finally develop a basic control over her powers, putting an end to her accidental disappearances and forcefields. Much to the delight of her younger brother who often tried, with varying degrees of success, to convince her to take part in his various ideas for jokes. Since she gained control over her powers Sue has fallen back into the habits of a typical high school student juggling school and looking out for Johnny. Since joining high school she has also joined her school’s chess team and has had some significant success. During her Sophomore year Sue managed to place among the top competitors in the New York State Scholastic Chess Championship.

Over the summer to keep his children occupied during the day Franklin signed them up for summer classes and activities. Most of the summer passed without incident, but Sue's world was shattered in July. Heading home after class the Storm siblings were assaulted in the middle of a street and bundled into a van. Desperate Franklin turned to his friend Charles Xavier who sent the man on to X-factor investigations. In the meantime the siblings had found themselves in the lair of Dr Arthur Molekevic, the scientist had figured out Sue's powers and was determined to add her powers to his menagerie of golems.

Luckily the kids would not be left to be disposed off by Molekevic. After talking to Franklin Vanessa, Bishop and their employees had been tracking the kids down and had located Molekevic's lair. While Vanessa went for back up Bishop watched helplessly as Sue was dragged into the doctor's lab where he proceeded to acquire a sample of her bone marrow. Luckily a combined strike-force of the X-Men and X-Factor personnel attacked the hideout and distracted the golems on guard. Vanessa and Bishop were able to free the siblings but they ran into the fleeing Molekevic on their way out of the caves. Enraged at the loss of his golem and lab the doctor decided if he couldn't have the kids then no-one could and using his powers collapsed the cave system. With dirt falling all around her Sue revealed her powers, throwing up a forcefield which prevented the siblings and their rescuers from being crushed. The strain of using her powers to hold up the tons of dirt was too much for Sue and she blacked out as the dirt settled into a cave. Coming too at in the infirmary at the mansion Sue was informed by the Professor that her father had decided to keep her at the mansion and send her brother to live with their grandparents in California to keep his children safe from further attacks by Molekevic.

Living At The X-Mansion

Sue soon settled in at the mansion instantly hitting it off with fellow new student Tandy Bowen; her first meeting with Maddie didn't start off on such a good foot as the girls realized they supported opposing baseball teams but the girls quickly resolved not to let that stand in the way of becoming friends. Early in her stay at the mansion Sue stumbled across Matt Murdock studying in the library. The teenagers had an awkward first meeting as they dealt with a mutual attraction, that first meeting lead to a first date. Matt later asked Sue to the homecoming dance where, thanks to a meeting with one of Matt's friends, the couple became official.

As she settled in at the mansion Sue developed a good relationship with her math teacher Adrienne Frost, and was asked to become the captain of the chess team Adrienne was trying to put together. Sue also stumbled into another role model when she met Lorna, the two got to talking and when Lorna revealed that she surfed Sue asked the chef to teach her; something Lorna was only too happy to do. After worrying herself sick over her best friend's disappearance Sue was happy to welcome the new year on the mansion skiing trip.

Getting back to the mansion everything seemed to be going ok for Sue until a wave of tragedy struck. First Sue, and the other New Mutants, were kidnapped by a myth come to life, the Slendermen. Spirited off to their mysterious dimension the New Mutants were each subjected to their worst fears to provoke those emotions of fear and terror which the Slendermen fed upon. Sue was trapped in a coffin and left underground to the tender mercies of the claustrophobia she had been been nursing ever since her first run in with Dr Molekevic. Initially terrified Sue managed to figure out that the situation wasn't real and using her forcefield dug her way out. Meeting up with her fellow New Mutants Sue was present to see Hope's confrontation with 'her mother' and help Topaz hold Hope back from falling into the Slendermen's trap. Along with the other New Mutants Sue was caught up in fighting the Slendermen when X-Force arrived to rescue them and take them back home, she didn't really get to sleep for a long time after that.

Shortly after the returning from the Slendermen's dimension Matt came to talk to Sue and the two of them agreed to a mutual break-up as they'd been drifting apart and with Matt going to college they felt like it was their best option. Never one to be kept down for long just over a month after her break up with Matt, Maddie kissed Sue during the after party of the high school play. Although she was initially confused Sue found herself kissing the redhead back, the next day when she went to talk to Maddie about the kiss Sue initiated another kiss with Maddie, the two of them admitted they liked each other and decided to start dating. In keeping with her luck though Sue's first date with Maddie was interrupted by Doug and Wade walking into the diner and spotting them and deciding to stop by and tease the girls.

Personal drama set to the side Sue spent the rest of the year with her nose to the grindstone coming 3rd in the State Chess tournament in a close run fight and acing her SATs. The teenager spent her summer interning at a tech firm in the city and later acting as a PA for her grandfather when he visited.


The New school year started off well for Sue, dividing her time between Maddie and her studies. Maddie also encouraged her to get more involved with extracurricular activities as Sue joined the science and maths club as well as continuing playing chess at the mansion. Shortly after the start of the school year the luck of the mansion held and Sue was caught up in a demon attack while talking to Topaz in her suite. The two girls successfully fended off the demons that tried to break in and then went hunting for more, sadly without finding any more victims. The rest of the year went uneventfully, Sue managed to win the state chess championship which had eluded her for so long. While the school year went well and ended on a high note, the summer didn't end up so well for Sue. As a graduation gift Adrienne provided Sue and Tandy a trip around Europe. The trip started off well, but halfway in while they were in Italy the demon's of Tandy's past showed up. Dspayre's sister, Spite, attacked the girls forcing them to attack one another in the airport. Although Sue triumphed she proved easy prey for the Demon and both girls were captured and taken to a shrine. There Namor was dropped in to join them. The teens were involved in a ritual using Namor's blood, and Tandy's body to resurrect the Demon's master, The Dweller. Not even an attack by SHIELD and the Italian authorities threw the demon's off their game. Dweller decided to inaugurate his new body by killing his prisoners. Brushing through Namor's defence Dweller was stopped by Sue's shields, although he stressed Sue to her limit she held out long enough for the Dweller to decide to let them be. Sue escaped from the shrine with Namor who flew them to the XF offices where they alerted Amanda to the events of the day. Sue was part of the team that assaulted the Empire State building and killing Spite while banishing Dweller back to his prison. Shortly after returning to the mansion the field trip curse struck trapping Sue in a painting along with her brother and Molly. Although they escaped Sue's bad summer continued into the fall.

Things didn't get much better for Sue as she had to watch while her friend Hope was kidnapped and vanished off the face o the earth. Although Hope was successfully rescued the events at the mansion proved too much for Sue's girlfriend Maddie. Sue arrived at the mansion to find Maddie packed and headed to the airport to return to Alaska and her family. She didn't want to see any more of her friends hurt and would rather not be caught up in any craziness. Without a warning Maddie was gone leaving Sue heartbroken. Although no more bad news came, Sue was left to recover and threw herself into her studies trying to end up with life like normal. In a brighter note Sue dragged Clint out for his 18th birthday to Silver where he came across Gabriel dancing with another man, after an awkward conversation they two of them became an official couple, an event Sue says was her master plan all along instead of a happy coincidence.

The End

An attack on Muir Island in January 2015 and Jean Grey's subsequent loss of control led Professor Xavier to recruit Sue, along with Paige Guthrie and Sarah Vale, to build a powers suppressor for Jean. They succeeded just in time for mansion to come under siege. Sue led a team comprised of her friends in trying to defend the mansion, they helped to successfully fight off the first wave of attackers -- dopplegangers of themselves from another universe. The Dark Phoenix appeared, however, and Sue was killed trying to defend the mansion.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5'3

Weight: 44 kg

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Curly Medium Length Blonde Hair

Other Features: Single piercing in each ear.


Sue can generate and manipulate force fields. These force fields bend light around the enclosed area, rendering Sue invisible. They also block both energy and physical attacks providing her with some defensive capability.

It is important to note that while Sue’s powers are mental projections she is not telekinetic herself. Instead her force fields are mental projections; Sue feels the inertia of the blows taken by the force fields. Some of this inertia can be dissipated by creating force fields which brace on other objects thereby bracing against the impact. She has attempted, unsuccessfully, to alter the density and porousness of her force fields. She has, however, had some success altering the shape of her force fields. If Sue’s force field is hit while it is not braced, at the moment, then she physically feels the full effect of the hit, that is to say if she were to be hit by a punch from Kyle on an unbraced force field she would still be thrown across the room.

Due to her feeling the full effect of impacts on her force field when it is unbraced her ability to block attacks is limited by her physical capabilities. The force field dissipates the effect of a blow across her entire body which lessen the impact of any one blow. As such she can absorb several human level punches without feeling the effects. However if subjected to a significant amount of repeated impacts will start to subject her to a cumulative effect. This effect will manifest with a cumulative effect, normally a headache and nosebleed before the pain starts to drive her into unconsciousness if she doesn’t lose focus and drop the field. The headaches are a mental side-effect while the nosebleed is a physiological one; another side effect of repeated attacks would be, given enough repeated impacts, she would develop bruising after the fight.

A sufficiently massive attack will instantly break through the field, and quite probably knock Sue out, or nearly cause her to black out. Un-assisted she can probably hold the field against an impact equivalent equal to a handgun bullet without too much of a problem. However she is limited by the impact her body could take, so the maximum energy she can hold of at the moment is about 30 kilo-joules. This is about the energy transferred by a young (not fully grown) bull moving at 20 mph. It must be noted, however that this is the maximum energy she can stop and should be considered a dangerous level, the energy backlash across her entire body would undoubtedly result in severe bodily damage for Sue (along the lines of multiple broken bones and internal damage).

Sue's invisibility, is just an application of her force-field. One that doesn’t have the physiological trauma of defensive use but instead is much more mentally demanding. At the present time Sue is capable of cloaking herself for a limit of 5 minutes. If she is cloaking other people then the time she can hide them is significantly reduced. Cloaking an area covering 2 people can only be held for about 1 ½ minutes. 3 people (her maximum at the moment) can only be held for 30 seconds.



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Sue is a massive Yankee's fan and among her most prized possessions are a hat, glove and t-shirt her father brought for her when she was 8.

Sue loves to draw, but is very protective of her sketchbook, she only allows a handful of people to see it.

Sue's in-game Twitter handle is @sciencestorm and and first appears in the tweets for an in-game event.



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Former Player: AJ

Player Icon Base: Gabriella Wilde

Meta Trivia

Sue came into the game in July 2012 as AJ's second character. She was killed During The Dark Phoenix plot arc and rebooted as a Phase 2 character.