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Colin MacInnis - deceased
Portrayed by
Known Aliases: Unknown
Affiliations: Elpis
Socked By: N/A
Introduction: April 30th, 2004

A former Mistra director, MacInnis saw the error of his ways and spent many years covertly sabotaging the program from within. His use of Nathan Dayspring as his ultimate weapon against the group earned him little in the way of friends, but he proved himself countless times in his work with Elpis, providing them with information via his contacts.


Name: Colin MacInnis

Aliases: Probably many, but unknown

Occupation: Before his death, a researcher for Elpis. Formerly a director of Mistra, then later led a resistance group seeking to bring the program down.

First appearance: April 30th, 2004

Family: None


MacInnis was one of the founders of the Mistra program, working during its early years as a trainer. He later took on a less active role as one of the program's directors. Over the years, as the death toll among the candidates rose, he began to work to undermine the program from within. In trying to assist Nathan when his conditioning broke, he exposed his activities to some of his fellow directors, and had Nathan not destroyed the Mistra home facility a few months later, MacInnis might have faced some fairly severe consequences at the hands of his colleagues.

He used the opportunity to run, gathering a core of disillusioned ex-Mistra staff around him and once they were securely established in hiding, picked up where he'd left off. He freed a number of second-generation operatives over the years, their conditioning being far easier to break. The question of how to free the first-gens and take down Mistra as a whole still obsessed him, and with a telempath and former conditioning staff member, Kritzer, he eventually developed the Trojan Horse, a psionic worm program. Implanted in a first-generation telepathic operative like Nathan, it would destroy their conditioning and then spread to any other operative in range. Unbeknownst to anyone but Krizter, the Trojan Horse would also kill Nathan when it was triggered. When he was recaptured, the only thing that prevented his death was that MacInnis's agent on the inside died in the process. When Nathan was retrieved by the X-Men, MacInnis discovered the secret Kritzer had been keeping and gave Xavier the phrase to safely trigger the Trojan Horse.

He vanished for the next couple of months, reappearing to give Nathan information about a conditioning center and then about Foley's subsequent flight. His behavior on these occasions was highly manipulative, and Alison Blaire, noticing oddities about Nathan's reactions to him, warned the Professor, who discovered that there was residual conditioning that MacInnis's team had implanted.

Bitterly angry, Nathan cut off contact with MacInnis, allowing Alison to deal with his infrequent emails. Meanwhile, MacInnis's group found itself under direct attack from Mistra, leading him to use Domino to carry a telepathically implanted message to Nathan. Talks between the mansion and MacInnis led to his group coming in out of the cold and collaborating with both the X-Men and the government's anti-Mistra taskforce.

When his helicopter crashed in northern Canada after rescuing a group of potential candidates before they could be taken to a conditioning center, MacInnis called the X-Men for help, leading to a pitched battle between them and a team of first-gens led by Morgan. Afterwards, MacInnis returned to his base of operations in Galicia. Morgan agreed to join him to lead his team of freed second-gens, and Nathan accompanied him to ensure that he would be safe. While there, he struck a deal with MacInnis - he would allow MacInnis's telepaths to do further work on the Trojan Horse in return for Morgan being given total tactical control over the former operatives.

When the information about Mistra's retreat to the island of Youra emerged, MacInnis worked with the X-Men and the government to arrange the operation designed to take them down and free the operatives and candidates. All but a few of his people were killed in the process, and for months after Youra, MacInnis drifted rather aimlessly, answering questions for the taskforce and watching over the survivors of Youra.

Nathan finally gave him a purpose again by asking him to work with the Pack to take down the African training camps. MacInnis applied his considerable intelligence net to this purpose, and later, to helping Nathan find out as much as possible about Gideon. After the events in Ushuaia, MacInnis accepted Nathan's job offer and joined Elpis.

After San Diego, when Nathan's virus was beginning to rage out of control due to his massive psionic exertion, MacInnis arrived at the mansion to tell Nathan the truth - that Mistra had staged the mission to China where he'd been infected in an attempt to create a biological leash to control their unruly field leader. Devastated, Nathan did burn out the virus as MacInnis and Moira suggested, but didn't speak to MacInnis for months thereafter. When David Rabin went missing in Tajikistan, Nathan was finally forced to confront MacInnis face-to-face, and forgave him for the lie.

MacInnis was, in many ways, the only father Nathan had left. He devoted himself to his work for Elpis, pushing perhaps too far digging up information on mutant child soldiers for the new DDR program. When he died of a stroke in June 2008 that later turned out to have been induced telekinetically, the enemies he made in the last few months of his life were obvious suspects. The person truly responsible for his death remains a mystery.


As revealed to Nathan in the aftermath of San Diego, MacInnis is in fact a low-level telepath. When he was infected by the virus later used on Nathan, it inhibited his powers, rendering them inactive for the past ten years.


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