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Dec 1 - Bobby posts a reddit discussion and asks why they even kept the jar.

Dec 2

Dec 3 -Kitty posts that if she could have any superpower she would want the ability to generate pockets and then asks others what would they want.

Dec 4

Dec 5

Dec 6 - Darcy says that Netflix needs a friend and posts a screenshot. Feliecia posts an Instagram picture. Darcy texts Clint wishing him a happy birthday.

Dec 7 - Natasha text Clint wishing him a belated birthday.

Dec 8 - Gabriel vents that people at the mansion need to clean up after themselves. Artie vents about Laurie and her involvement with the mold in the kitchen. Molly texts Artie to apologize for calling him stubborn and understands where he is coming from but Laurie is also a person.

Dec. 9 - Laurie, in response to Artie, posts a reminder that she is a medical professional and cannot control minds. Clarice asks if anyone would like to join her for cooking classes and condemns the mold growing. Marie-Ange emails Doug, asking him to change her password. Jean updates those involved in her Secret Santa that they have their assignment.

Dec. 10 - Maya updates the residents of their status on her shit list. Amanda emails Laurie to ask how she's doing following the fridge incident. Amanda sends an email to Marie-Ange, asking her to reach out to Artie.

Dec. 11 - Laurie messages Jean to ask for advice.

Dec. 12 -

Dec. 13 - Darcy reports that there is such a thing as too many chocolate martinis.

Dec. 14 - Hope takes Betsy out for wine and catching up, only for them to witness a startling turn of events.

Dec. 15 -

Dec. 16 -

Dec. 17 - Sue informs the mansion that Johnny's moved to California for the foreseeable future.

Dec. 18 -

Dec. 19 - Lorna and Kitty go holiday shopping together.

Dec. 20 -

Dec. 21 - Kitty posts about her excitement for the upcoming Little Women film and her plans to see it.

Dec. 22 - Gabriel laments the loss of free drinks from his bartending days. Amanda leaves a birthday present for Meggan.

Dec 23 -

Dec 24 - Darcy asks if she’s able to bury herself in Stardew Valley now she’s on vacation.

Dec 25 - Christmas Day. Mansion Secret Santa: Meggan leaves gloves for Natasha; Betsy leaves Kyle a gift voucher for an Online Educator course; Darcy gives Clarice Swarovski crystals and an iTunes gift card; Molly gives Darcy a nerdy cookbook and a kitty necklace; Jean gives Artie snacks, a coffee mug and a hand-knit beanie; Alani gives Matt a blanket; Matt gives Molly a gift card to a spa.

Dec 26 - Mansion Secret Santa: Clea gives Jean tea and a teapot; Tandy gives Alex a SurfTrip map. Tandy provides a gift to those who volunteered at the food bank over Christmas.

Dec 27 - Maya wishes everyone a ‘happy’ corporate mandated celebration. Mansion Secret Santa: Clarice gives Meggan a dress.

Dec 28 - Maya shares some ‘space shanties’ based on some of her Tumblr reading.

Dec 29 - Mansion Secret Santa: Natasha gives Tandy a travel thermos and a scarf.

Dec 30 -

Dec 31 - Betsy and Megan meet for high tea and discuss family and magic, among other things. Alani mentions wanting to see the New Year in on the roof.



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