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Maya Lincoln-Lopez
Portrayed by Alaqua Cox
Codename: Echo
Affiliations: X-Men
Birthdate: June 12, 2001
Journal: xp_echo
Player: Seraph

I'm deaf, by the way. So, you know, try to get my attention in ways other than just talking at me if you want me to actually interact with you.

Maya came to the mansion with a chip on her shoulder after nearly dying in a car explosion with her father. Not overly fond of mansion life, it's been hard for her to make friends and settle in.


Character Journal: xp_echo

Real Name: Maya Lincoln-Lopez

Codename: Echo

Aliases: None currently

First Appearance: August 14, 2015

Date of Birth: June 12th, 2001

Place of Birth: Lame Deer, Montana

Citizenship: American, Member of the Northern Cheyenne Tribe

Relatives: Elina Lincoln(Grandmother), Otoahhastis Lincoln (Grandfather), William Lincoln (Father)

Education: Freshman at NYU Silver School of Social Work studying a Bachelor of Science in Social Work

Relationship Status: Single

Occupation: College Student

Team Affiliation: X-Men



Maya is part of the Notameohmésêhese (Northern Cheyenne tribe. Meaning in English: Northern-Eaters) by way of her father; Maya and William don't know much about her mother's family. Both her father and mother were the singular children of their respective parents.

Maya's mother died giving birth to her, and her father, a mercenary by trade tried the best he could to raise her with the help of his own parents, but his job often took him away for long periods of time. Despite this, Maya is close to her father, and while her Grandparents were responsible for much of the day-to-day raising of her, her father is still very much a part of her life.

Maya's family is not rich, her father's mercenary work being their primary source of funding given how few jobs were available in Lame Deer. While Maya's grandparents have tried their best, they are unable to afford to support Maya and William enough that he can take a safer or closer job.

Even so, he has always tried to take jobs that are either state-side or relatively simple. This has had an impact on the amount of money he can make, and as she has gotten older he has begun taking more dangerous jobs in order to secure her funding for things like College when the time comes.

Her Grandfather is a spirit healer but Maya herself is only sensitive to the spirit world, she doesn't have enough power to be on the shaman path herself. (In view of the magic rules in the game, spirits are defined as manifestations of places, objects, and possibly astral world beings that take on a form that is most understandable to the viewer. )

Maya's Grandmother was the first one to interest her in dance, having been a prize powwow dancer in her youth.

Maya's grandparents tried their best to make sure her life was comfortable and that she got the help she needed to survive in a hearing world. Including getting her enrolled in the Montana school for the blind and deaf.

It was there that she learned to love art and started training as a contemporary dancer, two things that felt right to her, and which she excelled at. She participated in 'Expressions in Silence', an extra-curricular group that uses sign and dance to interpret modern music for their audiences. She also discovered rock music as part of this group, which she experiences through vibration and sight rather than hearing.

While her home life did require her to keep some secrets due to her father's profession - he tried his best to keep that part of his life from impacting on her beyond his absences. Maya's grandparents, while not completely happy with their son's chosen profession, did not argue in front of her. Maya always understood however that they wished he would give up the life. Despite the attempts at normality by the adults in her life, her father's absences were still hard on her, and she would rail against them every time.

Living At The X-Mansion

Maya's quiet life came to an end in August 2015 when a car bomb exploded in her father's car while they were in it. Her mutation manifested then, much to her father's surprise. He called an old friend, Wade Wilson in to assess the situation, which led to Wade almost being stabbed by Maya, who used techniques no one had ever taught her. She was brought to the mansion to be tested for the X-Gene, which she tested positive for, and moved in with Xavin Majesdane.

Right from the start, Maya proved to be difficult, not getting along well with many of the mansion residents, including her roommate. A fight between them less than a month after Maya moved in led to Maya taking refuge in Wade's suite. While she was alone she went snooping and attacked Marie-Ange Colbert when the woman came in and surprised her. Marie-Ange was unimpressed, and so was Wade.

Maya's reign of terror continued as the year went on - she had several various bad interactions with other residents and very few good ones. Things with Xavin bubbled over in November after Maya posted saying no one was allowed in her room following an intense flashback when she saw a car accident, and Xavin furiously responded by saying, on the public journal, that they were moving out. Monica Rambeau (with whom Maya actually got along) ended up moving in with Maya so Maya wouldn't be alone.


Maya's prickly nature continued to not win her any friends among her fellow mansion dwellers - she had several unpleasant encounters with Quentin Quire, including one where he telepathically lashed out at her while drunk - but she kept a very small group of friends whom she was happy with.

In February she was kidnapped to another dimension and discovered her spiritual sensitivity the hard way when the dimension began to influence her and she turned on her rescuers, determined to stay. She was left without a choice in the matter when Rahne Sinclair went partial wolf and knocked her out.

She spent a few days in the med lab being scanned for physical and magical problems and trying to recover, and was intensely jealous of Topaz and Amanda Sefton when they went to see her grandfather without her. They returned with a protective amulet for her so she would be safe from future possessions. The rest of the year passed quietly, aside from the continued fights she picked on the journals.


There were spiders. Specifically, there were huge giant spiders that appeared after Clea, and Stephen accidentally brought home a cursed card game and Maya agreed to play it with the group. There were a lot of giant spiders, and they got rid of them, but Maya was still incredibly unpleased. Her luck changed in August, however, when her dad agreed she could spend some time with the family, and she eagerly took the chance to get away from the mansion. She was rather grumpy to return in December.


The year started off with a slight bump when Topaz disappeared, and Maya lost it on the journals and called Amanda out for not being able to do enough to help. Things didn't get much better when she and the other youngsters were trapped in an AI game due to a bug caused by a disgruntled ex-worker. They escaped, but it wasn't fun. And then a demon bear was accidentally released at the high school, pulling Maya and the other students into a weird alternate dimension.

Somewhere in between all this trouble, she got a job as the front desk person at X-Factor Investigations. She also made steps toward getting over her fear of being in a car.

Things turned upside down in July when a curse hit the mansion courtesy of Adam Destine, and it had a direct effect on a couple of her friends. The breaking point was when Amanda teleported, bloody and half dead, into the treehouse while Maya was hiding out there. Wade managed to talk her down from running away, and she made amends with Amanda - sort of.

She managed to get all the way to December before a new thing went to hell - namely, a Danger Room malfunction that sucked her and several others into a Star Wars universe.

Seeing 2018 out the door was a pleasure.




Physical Characteristics

Height: 5' 8"

General Build: Tall and built like an Amazon. Visible solid muscle but not like a body-builder, think cross-fit/boxer build.

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Dark brown

Other Features: She has dual cochlear implants, one for each ear that is partially hidden by her long hair.



Maya has photographic reflexes, the ability to perfectly duplicate any physical action she can observe visually.


She can only copy things she can observe closely enough - grainy photographs, badly taped or distant video would mean that she could not copy actions that are shown. For this reason, she normally has to be in the presence of the thing being observed in order to pick it up. Television and other distant mediums just aren't clear enough. But if she was watching something via say, a mirror, that would be fine.

There is also the chance of being overwhelmed by information - her brain can only process so many incoming physical traits/abilities at once and when she first manifests it would be like someone shouting at her in the middle of a rock concert while trying to dance the tango and balance nine plates on top of each other. The resulting cacophony is headache-inducing, possibly overwhelming enough to knock her out until she learns to filter abilities/compartmentalize what she needs in any given situation.

Overuse or having her power chemically interfered with could cause brain damage/permanent loss of small parts of her memory.


Fighting styles: she can watch a move performed and instantly know how to do the move herself. She does this upon her first meeting with Wade as he startles her and it leads to the conversation which brings her to Xavier's.

Music: she can play any instrument that requires only physical observation/feel to play. IE: Piano: You need only observe the key positions and feel the vibration/strength of the press to play. She would be able to play any existing musical score once shown but it would take her time to learn to read music or compose her own scores. It would be difficult to create her own however as she could only extrapolate from what she knows of vibrations from other scores that people consider 'pleasing' given that she can't hear the music herself.

Other instruments such as those requiring specific breath pressure to play are beyond her ability given her deafness. She cannot 'hear' how much pressure to use in order for her ability to take effect. And while she might possibly be able to hold a hand in front of someone's mouth for them to show her, she would still not be able to hear her own playing in order to judge performance. The dissonance with her mutant ability trying to copy something she cannot physically achieve actually causes headaches.

Dance: While she is already an accomplished Contemporary dancer, her ability would allow her to copy any dance style perfectly after a short observation period.

Weapons: She can use any weapon after observation of someone using it. It would take her time to master the intricacies of non-melee weaponry, however.

Navigation: She can memorize any route she has physically been shown. She can also navigate readily by the stars or the sun.

Handwriting: She can duplicate someone's handwriting once she's seen them write. (IE: She could duplicate a signature. )

Photographic memory: This comes as part of the changes in her brain that allow her mutation - although in time she'll learn to filter what she actively keeps and allows into long-term memory.


Cochlear Implant.


Maya has an old army jacket of her Dad's that she wears in the colder months. It lets her feel closer to him.

Maya has a small amount of magical ability descended from her Grandfather's line - it's enough to give her a feeling for buildings and get 'hunches' from industrialized areas. It also leaves her vulnerable to possession by other worldly entities.

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Player: Seraph



Player Icon Base: Alaqua Cox

Meta Trivia

Seraph changed Maya's PB to Alaqua Cox when she appeared as Maya on the MCU Disney + Series Hawkeye.

Maya is Seraphs' third character.