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Donald Pierce
Portrayed by Guy Pearce
Known Aliases: None
Affiliations: Reavers
Socked By: Socker required
Introduction: November 20, 2006

A robotics expert who was fired from Shaw Industries for his Sentinel project, Pierce killed almost the entire student population of Emma's Massachusetts Academy before going underground and creating the Reavers.


Name: Donald Pierce


Affiliation: former employee of Shaw Industries, currently an independent contractor, associated with the Reavers

First appearance: November 20, 2006

Family: none known


Born in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1970, Donald Pierce moved with his mother to Australia after his father was killed in a feud over diamond mining rights. Educated at Melbourne University, Pierce became a brilliant yet unorthodox robotics designer who was considered one of the rising young stars of the robotics field in the mid-1980s. Accepted an internship with Shaw Industries in 1990, and was assigned to the Robotics division.

When the plan came to pitch an automated defense system to the US Department of Defense, Pierce came up with the concept of the Sentinels - Phase 1, robotic sentries that possessed target-identification technology more advanced than most current missile-defense systems, able to not only tell friend from foe, but learn and adapt from their surroundings. Pleased, Sebastian Shaw moved Pierce to the head of his department and brought him into the development stages of the Sentinel project, collaborating with the tech specialists of Emma Frost's Frost International.

Unaware of his employer's mutant status, Pierce took it on his own initiative to design the Sentinel program to be used as an 'ideal' countermeasure to the growing concerns about mutants in the early 2000s. When the government declined the Sentinel project, they placed sanctions on Shaw Industries due to the anti-mutant programming of the prototype. In disgust, Emma Frost withdrew her company's funding and Sebastian Shaw was forced to make numerous business concessions to maintain his standing as a defense contractor. In the ensuing fiasco, Donald Pierce had the blame for the project's failure fall completely on his head, resulting in his ignominious dismissal from Shaw Industries and the revocation of his US work visa.

Incensed, Pierce stole the prototype Sentinel before it could be destroyed and unleashed it on the Massachusetts Academy, killing the majority of Emma's students. This Sentinel was hidden in a warehouse in Boston, with Pierce intending to reactivate it at a later date. This Sentinel was later destroyed by Emma, Sarah Morlocke, and Jonothon Starsmore.

In 2006, Pierce contacted Shaw and offered the services of the Reavers to attempt to retrieve information from Xavier's school and Cerebro, in a gambit to get back into Sebastian's good graces. The raid failed, and a wedge was once more driven between Donald and Shaw.

In 2010, when Kurt Sefton retrieved an apparently reformed Natalie Gleason, he heard a familiar voice nearby. The voice belong to Donald Pierce. Pierce masterminded a plot using the girl, who was outfitted with a crude inhibitor, to gain intelligence about the upcoming graduation at Xavier's. Pierce also led the charge as both his Reavers and The Purifiers invaded the Salem Center during the ceremony. Donald engaged in a brawl with graduating seniors, Nicholas Gleason and Julian Keller. He eventually threw his entire hand through Gleason, but was subdued by an enraged Sefton and Keller. After the battle Pierce was taken into custody, where he remains.


Pierce has undergone voluntary cybernetic enhancement, with grafted myomer cybernetics replacing his arms and legs, as well as reinforcing his skeleton. As such, he is stronger and faster than the average human, although the limits of his enhancement are not yet known.



A Brother's Protection

A Betrayal of Heart


Socked by: None

Formerly socked by Nute, Craig

PB: Guy Pearce