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This page is about the Phase 1 incarnation of the character. For other uses, see Jonothan Starsmore (disambiguation).

Jono Starsmore
Portrayed by Colin O'Donoghue
Codename: Chamber
Affiliations: None
Birthdate: November 1, 1985
Journal: xp_chamber
Player: Retired

Tortured musician, Jono has yet to comes to terms with his mutation, and this conflict tends to make his control over his power somewhat tenuous. He was presumed a casualty of M-Day and this was confirmed in 2023/2024 when a "new" version of him appeared.


Character Journal: xp_chamber

Real Name: Jonothon Evan Starsmore

Codename: Chamber

Aliases: Jono

First Appearance: May 19, 2003

Date of Birth: November 1, 1985

Place of Birth: London, England

Citizenship: British

Relatives: unnamed parents

Education: Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters

Relationship Status: Single

Occupation: Former music teacher at Xavier's School; now travelling guitarist.

Team Affiliation: None



Born in England, Jono is the only child of middle-class parents. His relationship with them was always problematic - they tended to be too conservative for their rebellious music-playing son - but following his development of psychic powers, things became strained. In May 2003, during the Great Mutant Headache, Jono lost control of his powers and exploded, destroying his chest and lower jaw. The incident brought him to the attention of the British health service, and when treatment proved unsuccessful, other arrangements were made for him.


Living At The X-Mansion

Jono was brought to Xavier's School for Gifted Youngstersby Pete Wisdom, and from the start he was not exactly a beam of sunshine. Depressed about his accident, convinced he was a freak and there was no point in going about the normal course of living, he had several minor explosions, both with his power and on the journals. With Pete working for British Intelligence and away from the mansion regularly, Emma Frost took him in hand, providing him with several containment shirts that prevented his power exploding outwards. The arrival of Sarah Morlocke gave him someone to connect with, and the two self-proclaimed 'monsters' eventually moved into an old boiler room in the basement. When Paige Guthrie came to the school, her interest in him both confused and intrigued him, and an experimental kiss went disastrously wrong when Jono lost control of his powers and seriously injured her. Paige proved stubborn, and a series of emails exchanged between the pair whilst Jono was staying with Sarah at Emma's property in Maine settled things between them. Unfortunately, the moment was overshadowed when a Sentinel attacked the property and Emma abducted.

Life at the mansion continued apace for Jono, with various small dramas but overall, general progress being made. He was involved in the rescue of Alex Summers from Selene whilst attending another of Emma's Hellfire Club trips, and he was the one who discovered "Leech" in Mexico during an enforced vacation with Paige and Angelo Espinosa at the behest of Alison Blaire who had made it a personal mission to bring Jono round to the idea of life again. The triangle with Angelo and Paige was resolved with both boys agreeing to share, and gradually they became friends. Jono also started playing guitar again, and became part of the school band, People Covered In Fish.

However, the stress of Paige and Angelo both being abducted to Asgard and the lack of control over his power became telling, his remaining physical body beginning to literally crack under the strain. Taken by Emma to a series of experts in mutation, he eventually returned to the mansion when all attempts to help him proved useless. He began training with Nathan Dayspring and the Askani, but Sarah's departure proved the final straw and he exploded, destroying what was left of his physical form and becoming a glowing ball of psionic energy for many months. Only Forge's intervention enabled him to rebuild himself, for the first time since May 2003 being completely intact. He became the school's music teacher upon Alison's departure, and he and Paige shared a suite together.

Further Information

In November 2006, Jono had another accident, this time coming into contact with new student Kevin Ford. Kevin's powers caused Jono to lose his new body, and he was unable to rebuild it for any amount of time. Both boys were sent to Muir Island Research Facility for further treatment, with Paige also going in order to help her boyfriend.

In June 2007, Jono managed to regain a physical form, although he was back to square one with an exploded chest, needing to wear his special bandages to contain the energy inside him. Along with Paige, he returned to the school to retake a position as the music teacher. Jono has been slowly readapting to life at the mansion, making some new friends and catching up with old ones. He was convinced to join Paige on a trip to Afghanistan and was caught up in an attack on a refugee camp, where he had to use his powers offensively. It was at this time he realised how fragile his body was, new cracks appearing after the exertion. He reluctantly sought the aid of Forge, who he had violently argued with only weeks before.

In November 2007, following the evacuation of the school, Jono decided the stress of living in the mansion was too much for his tenuous control and found himself an apartment in Salem Center. He spent some time teaching music to various locals, but found things were more difficult than he expected in the mutant-cautious town. He returned to the school in June 2008, resuming his position as music teacher and continued in that role until August 2010. Jono took on a travelling gig, playing guitar for a small band, in an effort to 'get back to his roots' musically. He stayed in regular contact with his friends and Paige.

He was presumed a casualty of M-Day and this was confirmed in 2023/2024 when a "new" version of him appeared.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 6'

Weight: 165 lbs.

Eyes: Blue.

Hair: Black.

Other Features: Against popular belief, no tattoos. Has a giant hole in his chest which sometimes extends up to his jaw, right below the nose with fracture lines on his face. The psionic energy he generates varies from bright orange to an electric blue in colour, depending on his mood. Occasionally, he exists only as a glowing ball of light.


Jono possesses a vast furnace of psionic energy in his chest and mouth. He is able to concentrate these energies as concussive blasts of energy -or when properly focused- it can be dilated to the size and strength of a laser. It takes a lot from him to be able to do so and the control he has over his powers is highly dependent on his mental and emotional state. He possesses limited telepathic abilities which allow him to communicate and project images in people’s minds. His communication with individuals are rarely ever focused which allows anyone to be able to hear and see what he’s projecting. Jono has no need to eat, drink or even breathe as most of his internal organs were destroyed during the initial emergence of his powers.

Since the destruction of his original physical body, Jono's consciousness persisted as a matrix of coherent psionic energy, that over time and through the help of Forge and Paige, he was able to reform into a mimicry of his original physical body. After an accident with Kevin Ford and subsequent recovery, Jono's body returned to an incomplete, damaged state.

Post M-Day, Jono lost complete control of his abilities again and spent months existing in the form of a glowing ball of energy. It took over a year and a half for him to rebuild himself, and now depending on how much he exerts himself through the use of his power, parts of his physical form will still tend to disintegrate on occasion. The only difference is that he is getting better at rebuilding himself - to the point that he’s even managed to get the lower part of his face back. He will likely never be able to fully rebuild himself however - his chest remains completely damaged and cracks and fractures still appear on his skin.

Jono hates his abilities and the fact that it practically destroyed him and has made him a danger to everyone, but he’s learning to deal with it, and he’s focused on gaining full control of his power and he is no longer afraid of what it can do to him.

The main expressions of Jono's power are telepathic communication, and on occasion the release of the psionic energy inside him for destructive effects. When he overexerts his powers, his 'grip' on his physical body slips, and cracks appear.

Jono wears special bandages wrapped around his chest, his neck and his lower jaw to help contain the energy inside him.

The psionic energy he generates varies from bright orange to an electric blue in colour, depending on his mood.

He has the strength level of a normal human who engages in daily, regular exercise.


At one stage Jono wore a series of containment shirts designed by Frost Enterprises, as well as a prosthetic jaw. He owns a pink stuffed horsie named James, as well as a black electric guitar named Ziggy.


Jono owned a black kitten, a gift from Paige. He was generally bemused by it.

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Player: Retired

Player Icon Base: Colin O'Donoghue

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Formerly played by Jenni, played by 'Dee' in 2007 and picked up by Da'mien in June 2008 and let go in January 2009. Da'mien brought Jono into Phase 2, however only made three posts and it was agreed this version would be retconned, to allow for greater options for applicants. It worked - in 2023 Mari successfully applied for a Phase 2 Jonothan Starsmore and this version was retired.