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This page is about the Phase 1 incarnation of the character. For other uses, see Marrow (disambiguation).

Sarah Morlocke
Portrayed by Luca Firanescu
Codename: 'Marrow'
Affiliations: X-Force
Birthdate: June 30, 1986
Journal: x_marrow
Player: Available for Applications

Sarah, a former Morlock, grew up in the sewers and started her tumultuous stay at Xavier's after the Great Mutant Headache. After doing some growing-up away from the Mansion, she was kidnapped and rescued by X-Force, which she joined soon after her recovery. Now she's taking writing classes and beating people up on a regular basis. Best job ever!


Character Journal: x_marrow

Real Name: Sarah, last name unknown

Codename: Marrow

Aliases: Sarah Morlocke

First Appearance: May 19, 2003

Date of Birth: June 30, 1986

Place of Birth: New York

Citizenship: American

Relatives: None

Education: Taking classes for a degree in Communications.

Relationship Status: Single; Formerly dated Shinobi Shaw Angelo Espinosa and Logan.

Occupation: Researcher and communications officer, Snow Valley Memorial Center for Mutant Affairs

Team Affiliation: X-Force



Sarah's mutation presented itself at a very early age, and she spent the first eight years of her life under the watchful eye of several doctors in New York. Her birth parents, who would have unable to afford the doctors bills if Sarah's condition were to worsen, gave the infant up for adoption in the hopes that she would receive the care she needed. Soon after, Sarah was taken in by a foster family, a couple in their forties who were unable to have children at the time and who were all too happy to take care of the sick little girl. When Sarah was six, the bones started pressing outwards against her skin, but did not break through. She had surgery to have the extra bone growths removed the summer before she started first grade, but by the time the school year started the lumps had returned and by the next year, the bones began to push through the skin entirely. Between the pain and the humiliation she received because of her mutation, Sarah began to lash out at others, and when she was nine, her foster family could no longer take care of her.

The next two years were extremely hard on Sarah. Not only did the bones hurt like nothing she had ever felt before, but she felt ugly, and stupid, and especially unwanted. She went through seven foster families in this period, ranging in length from several months, to less than twenty-four hours. In school, Sarah was placed in the special education classes so she would not disrupt the other children. Here Sarah often got into fights with the other behaviorally challenged students.

Her seventh foster family was the final breaking point. Her foster mother was a florist, her father a businessman with contacts and tee-times. Their daughter Elizabeth was a popular straight-A student who was used to being an only child. Encouraged by a television program on fostering, the family became enamored by the idea and requested to foster a child similar in age to their daughter. However, they weren't prepared for Sarah. Within a month, hostilities in the house rose and they only waited for another family who was available to take Sarah. Finally, excessive taunting by her foster sister caused Sarah to run away, unwilling to remain with her current family or to let the system have another failed try at placing her.

Sarah lived on the streets of Manhattan for several months, her mutation keeping her isolated and, oddly, safe from anyone who would think to prey on a twelve year old living alone on the streets. It was there that she was discovered by Callisto, who took the young teen in to live with the Morlocks.

It was there, in the underground Morlock Tunnels, that Sarah finally found a place to belong and a family to call her own. At first she did miss the "upworld", and would wander outside on occasion to take in the sunshine, but more and more she found things of interest down in the tunnels and became increasingly hostile towards all things "pretty" from the world above. Sarah had always been a poor student due to her placement in special classes, but here she learned to write, and write well, under the wing of one of the Morlocks, Tommy. Sarah also learned to fight in the tunnels, as intensive sparring was one of the popular pastimes among Morlocks. This sparring gave Sarah a way to channel her energy and aggression, as well as show her the usefulness of her mutation, both the bones and her healing factor, which she learned very quickly to exploit. Sarah spent several years in relative happiness, unaware that this too would be taken from her.

At fourteen, Sarah returned from a trip up to the upworld to find her family massacred. Many of them were unrecognizable, and all Sarah could assume was that there had been no survivors. Crushed and angry, Sarah continued living in the tunnels among the corpses of the Morlocks training herself to kill their murderers if they should happen to return. She often took her "revenge" on random male upworlders, drinking them under the table and leaving them passed out in an alley without their wallets. A teenager without any limits or parental guidance, she acted out often, drinking, smoking, and was fully willing to use her sexuality to get what she needed.

Sarah remained in the tunnels until the Great Mutant Headache. Then, confused and frightened, she fled the tunnels thinking that whatever killed her family had come to finish her off, and not in a physical way she could defend. She spent the next few days staying in various homeless shelters until she was picked up by a team from Xavier's.

Living At The X-Mansion

By the time Sarah arrived at the X-mansion, she was seriously emotionally disturbed. She disrespected authority, excepting a few adults who she felt had proven their worth to her. These adults included Betsy Braddock (with whom she had a love-hate friendship with), Nathaniel Essex, Emma Frost, Pete Wisdom and Logan. Among the students, Sarah was for the most part equally unimpressed. She mostly avoided her roommates, and was regularly hostile on the journals to other students. Having arrived on the same day (and being similar in musical tastes and temperament) Sarah and Jono bonded, and even roomed together when Sarah took over the boiler room in the basement. This relationship toed the line from best friends to more than friends on a regular basis, even as Jono remained completely devoted to Paige Guthrie. Similar to her friendship with Jono was her friendship with Amanda Sefton, who became her smoking and clubbing buddy. Sarah also bonded strongly with Paige, and the girls were highly affectionate towards one another.

Sarah enjoyed the creative writing class at Xavier's, but being out of school for eight years kept Sarah from excelling in most of her academic classes. Self-defense was another class she took until they would no longer allow her to sign up for it, because it reminded her of her sparring in the Morlock tunnels. Sarah spent much of her time in the student gym or outside throwing bones at the trees. She and Angelo often participated in no-holds-barred sparring matches in the gym. When Shinobi Shaw arrived in the winter of 2003, what began as fascination and flirtation grew into full-blown first love. He was the only person she had ever met who she couldn't cut with her bones, and Sarah felt that she could really be herself when she was around him. Of course, Shinobi was the very definition of a "pretty-pretty uplander", and Sarah remained tortured by her conscience during the relationship.

While Sarah was not the last remaining Morlock (she was reunited with Artie and Leech at the mansion), Sarah felt that it was her responsibility to carry on for the Morlocks and avenge their death. This often troubled Sarah, who felt guilty for living in the Mansion and pretending to be normal. She often described this strong feeling of responsibility as the Morlocks' talking to her, especially Callisto, who she felt would be the most disappointed that Sarah was not living as a Morlock anymore. This, along with troubles she was having at the school caused Sarah to leave with Shinobi to live in Boston for a time. After returning from final exams, Sarah found herself in a situation where she had the ability to finally exact her revenge on the people who murdered her family. She sent an email to Jono, and went alone to attack the Marauders. The X-Men caught wind of the situation and rescued Sarah, but not before she was killed by Major Grey Crow.

When she awoke in the medlab, life did not go back to normal for Sarah. Shinobi began putting more pressure on Sarah to change, afraid that she would go and get herself killed again. She and Jono were separated, and she was given an actual bedroom to stay in. Still cranky and feeling like a failure, Sarah tried to go on as best she could, but the straw that broke the camel's back was when Remy LeBeau admitted to her that not only was he involved in the murder of her family, but he'd done a lot of it himself. Angry that he would be allowed to stay in the mansion with three survivors of the massacre, and feeling as if he was considered less dangerous than herself, Sarah began to wonder if she really belonged there at the Mansion. Sarah became increasingly agitated over the next few months, and when Shinobi left for Japan Sarah followed shortly after, vowing never to come back to live in the Mansion.

The Road To X-Force

Sarah and Shinobi attempted to live together in Japan for about seven months, but their relationship was already irreparably damaged as a result of Sarah's dying at the hands of the Marauders. Shinobi was making good with his life, and encouraging her to do the same, taking away the one thing that had always draw Sarah to him: the feeling that she could be herself around him. Sarah wasn't ready to change, and not sure if she actually could, and was feeling increasingly isolated from Shinobi. The two were beginning to have less and less in common.

In the spring of 2006, Sarah and Shinobi ended their relationship and Sarah moved back to New York, to take classes in communication. She did not return to the mansion, getting an apartment close to the school instead. She cut back on her training, and began spending most of her time doing classwork and clubbing at local nightclubs. It was at one of these clubs that she was kidnapped, and taken to be used as a human organ farm for experimentation. In June she was rescued by some familiar faces, and she was offered a place on the X-Force team after her recovery.

Sarah agreed to work for Snow Valley, while also working towards a degree in Communications. She rekindled many of her old friendships from the Mansion, both by living in the same building as Amanda and Betsy, as well as entering into a friends with benefits relationship with Angelo which ended when he started dating Amanda. The situation with Remy has been understandably strained, but she recently saved his life, making everything a little more complicated. In 2007, Sarah began sparring with Logan again, and the two enjoyed a physical relationship up until the events of Wendigo pushed Logan over the edge. When he returned in 2009, Sarah made it clear she was not impressed with his abrupt departure and she made it clear they would not be returning to the previous status quo.

While Sarah happily took on the 'heavy hitter' role for X-Force, her work required her to use a variety of other talents, including breaking and entering, interrogation, assassination and infiltration of official buildings. When Remy was captured during a job, Sarah worked with the team to locate him, but also used her skills in an X-Factor investigation of a mutant brothel, she and Jubilee sharing a personal interest in the mutant slave trade.

Echoes of the past re-emerged with Artie Maddicks, remembering more of his life as a Morlock and reuniting with Annalee, sought out Sarah to ask her advice. She was less than impressed when she, along with Callisto and a team of X-Men, were forced to subdue the New Mutants down in the tunnels, where they had fallen under Annalee's empathic influence and run away. When Artie posted an angry response, Sarah did much to help him calm down and the two remain in contact.

Sarah is currently single and cranky as always, and enjoys throwing rocks at pigeons on the roof of the Brownstone. For the past several years, her work has largely been in the field, and she has been absent from New York more often than not, returning only for the occasional X-Force mission.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 145 lbs.

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Dark brown

Other Features: Noticeable lack of scarring, bone growth which may include horns, armour, and bones sticking out entirely.


Sarah suffers from excessive bone growth, most commonly resulting in bones breaking through her skin. These growths can come out in club form (rounded like a femur), knife form (sharp and thinner), or skin covering like armour. Her mutation reacts to stress, and on a normal day she has learned how to keep most of her bones in and her mutation hidden.

Sarah's healing factor compensates for much of the injury she incurs from this, keeping the wounds from getting infected, as well as keeping her from scarring. While not as fast as Logan's, it has brought Sarah back from the dead at least once by growing a second heart after she was killed by the Marauders, as well as kept her alive while scientists took out her various organs for testing. Sarah often takes full advantage of her healing factor, throwing herself into fights and doing other harmful things because she knows there will be no lasting damage to her.




Due to her relationship with Shinobi, Sarah's picture has appeared in several teenybopper magazines and she has been recognized in public before. Additionally, she had a fansite at one time, whose webmasters she met clubbing one night.

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Player Icon Base: Luca Firanescu

Meta Trivia

Emily left the game for a time in May 2005 and returned in 2006 when X-Force was created. RL finally caught up with her in August 2014, when she gave up Sarah again.

In September 2021 Emily returned on a part-time basis, with a Phase 2 version of Marrow and this version was retired.