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Following a series of nightmares, Clea Lake was sucked into a portal to the Dark Dimension, accompanied by Topaz, and discovered she was descended from a race of inter-dimensional ravagers called the Faltine and that her ‘uncle’, Dormammu wanted her for her powers. A rescue mission mounted by Amanda Sefton was successsful thanks to the last-minute intervention of the Ancient One, head of the Light side of the Winding Way and Sorcerer Supreme, whose duty it was to protect the earth from Dormammu. Topaz and Amanda were less than impressed by these revelations, and it was clear that the Ancient One had some kind of interest in their other student, Stephen Strange. At the same time, a relaxing trip away for Scott Summers, Kitty Pryde, Rogue and Logan resulted in some home-grown justice when they took sneaky action against some vandals who had destroyed their cabin.

The saga of the poison emerald continued, with Artie Maddicks uncovering a plan by the Sapien League to steal the emerald and use it to poison the mutants on the west coast of the US. Once the stone was located in a police station's property locker in LA, the various teams cooperated to track the emerald after it was stolen by the League back to their base, and then launched a recovery mission, capturing some of the League and scattering the rest. The emerald was hidden in an old CIA storage facility, whose location was provided by Kevin Sydney. It was also the first mission for Gen Xers Johnny Storm, Bobby Drake and Molly Hayes.

It was also a time for cerebration as Lorna Dane and Alex Summers got married. According to form, there was minor drama in the form of a visit from Lorna’s father Magneto and what turned out to be a false threat against several members of Congress and their families, however otherwise things went off without a hitch. Jubilation Lee abruptly ended her engagement with Kurt Sefton, citing the need to be able to disappear for work unencumbered. Needless to say, Kurt’s sister and Jubilee’s teammate, Amanda was extremely pissed off by the hurt done to her brother. Quentin Quire and Gabriel Cohuelo also ended their relationship in the wake of Quentin’s “resurrection” and utter lack of coping with that.

Finally, Hope Abbott had a weekend with her network of contacts that was part work, part relaxation.


Oct 1 - Dark Dimension Homecoming: Clea has a disturbing dream. She later posts about not watching horror movies before bedtime. Quentin and Gabriel have the talk and it goes about as well as expected. Felicia and Kevin meet up for a dinner and discuss work, life and everything in between. Miles posts about how excited he is to be able to stream Star Trek in his dorms.

Oct 2 - Lorna ruminates on the passage of time. Quentin and Amanda talk about his sacrifice and resurrection. Tandy emails Emma about Adrienne’s finances and property.

Oct 3 - Dark Dimension Homecoming: Clea asks Stephen for his notes because she's having trouble sleeping; Xavin emails Clea about her restlessness.

Oct 4 - Dark Dimension Homecoming: Clea's nightmares intensify.

Oct 5 - Molly and Nica have a random chat in the rec room about Asgard, teams and powers.

Oct 6 - Laurie contemplates modifying her prosthesis. Ty asks about Halloween plans. Dark Dimension Homecoming: Clea texts Stephen about being tired. Happy Campers: Kitty, Scott, Logan and Rogue embark on a camping trip only to find a destroyed cabin.

Oct 7 - Happy Campers: Kitty and Rogue gossip about their love lives; Scott and Logan go fishing and find the cabin's vandals; at night, Logan and Rogue discuss their plans while Scott and Kitty do the same. Dark Dimension Homecoming: Clea's dreams result in physical injury; Topaz witnesses this and asks for aid; Amanda, Billy, Logan, Doug and Megan search for signs of the attacker while Jean helps Clea; later that night, Topaz and Clea are pulled into another dimension; Ty reacts to the disruption; Amanda, Megan, Billy, and Stephen investigate while in the other dimension, Clea and Topaz explore the city of Clea's dreams and meet a man calling himself Orini, who they flee from.

Oct 8 - Dark Dimension Homecoming: Amanda gets a mysterious email promising more intel; Topaz and Clea try to find food and get rest; Amanda, Marie-Ange, Doug and Jubilee follow up on the tip and meet a man calling himself the Ancient One, who explains the involvement of Dormammu but won’t help save the girls; Amanda and the X-Force brigade take matters into their own hands and steal the key to the Dark Dimension; Darcy endeavours to protect the library in Topaz's absence; Amanda formulates a mission and recruits a rescue team that includes Miles, Jubilee, Arthur, Megan, Marie-Ange, Stephen, Artie, Logan, Sharon, Doug, Julian and Jean; the team enters the Dark Dimension and meets danger; half the group are captured; the remaining mutants split into two teams, one to try to distract Dormammu and the other to free their friends; during their escape, the Ancient One and his followers and help the mutants keep Dormammu at bay; as the mutants return to their dimension, the Ancient One and Dormammu square off; as the rest of the group recovers, the Ancient One and Stephen then have a private conversation; Hope checks in on Topaz; Doug updates everyone on what turned out to be a packed two days.

Oct 9 - Following the Dark Dimension incident, Jean talks to Amanda about Quentin and Amanda preventing her from sacrificing herself. Sooraya talks to Charles about her mutant powers training manual and gets hired as a consultant for the Xavier Institute. Green-Eyed Monster: Artie posts an update on the emerald; the Sapien League is planning to steal it and use it as a weapon against mutants. Topaz and Hope talk about their night of comfort. Tandy talks Julian down after the shock of going to the Dark Dimension. Clea texts Amanda and Topaz thanking them for their help.

Oct 10 - Topaz drops by to talk to Amanda about the Dark Dimension and something which happened with her powers. Green-Eyed Monster: Cyclops calls out a mixed team of X-Men, X-Force, Generation X and Clint’s people to prevent the Sapien League from using the emerald to kill mutants; Rogue emails the Science!Bros to ask them to help and Reed and Hank volunteer; Natasha texts Clint from California where she is staking out the police station with Gabriel. Happy Campers: Kitty sends Jean various pictures from the camping trip.

Oct 11 - Sooraya emails Angelo, Scott, Garrison and Everett, and then Julian, Kyle and Angel about her powers manual project.

Oct 12 - Green-Eyed Monster: Johnny posts about being taken on a mission; Molly emails her team to mention that Namor was the only mutant not impacted by the emerald’s toxicity; Molly emails Topaz asking for help with her emerald-caused vomiting; Matt posts the mission report to xp_teams, describing the takedown of the Sapien League and the recovery of the emerald. Talking about Sooraya’s project, Angelo lets her know he and Jean-Phillipe are thinking about getting married.

Oct 13 - Garrison and Laurie spar and it goes badly. Jubilee posts about inter-dimensional travel. Wanda threatens the next person to mention how unlucky it is to have Lorna and Alex’s rehearsal dinner on Friday the 13th; Gabriel texts her to tease her about it. Green-Eyed Monster: Rogue emails the three Gen X members who went on the mission to congratulate them on a job well done; Gabe emails Hank and Reed to thank them for their help. Felicia posts a picture of her (almost back to normal) hair colour. Sooraya encounters Jean having a stress-induced panic attack in the wake of the Shadow King and Dark Dimension incidents and helps talk her down.

Oct 14 - Green-Eyed Monster: Namor emails Molly, Clint and Kitty re his non-reaction to the emerald, passing it off as him being of superior stock. Lorna and Alex get married; Erik turns up in disguise and tells Charles he has taken several Congress members and their families hostage in order to be able to watch his daughter get married in peace; Charles talks to Scott, Alex and Lorna about the uninvited guest and they agree to let him stay; Erik talks to Lorna and tries to convince her to return to the Brotherhood; Lorna announces she is now Mrs. Summers. Darcy provides random bowls of Tootsie Rolls around the mansion; at Lorna and Alex's wedding, the Mansionites gather to party; Sooraya is the first person to officially speak with Mrs. Alex Summers; Rogue has a wardrobe malfunction, but thankfully Hope is there to help; Xavin is tipsy and talks Julian into a toast; Artie and Clarice talk high fashion; Rogue and Jean have a wedding scavenger hunt planned out; Rahne and Nica enjoy the opportunity to chat; Warren and Bobbi compare party favours; Wanda and Jean toast the happy couple; Ty and Sharon have a quick chat at the bar; Bobbi and Rogue tear up the dance floor; the Summers brothers chat.

Oct 15 - Lorna and Alex share a moment while delayed at the airport on their way to Ireland for their honeymoon.

Oct 16 - Topaz texts Amanda about her most recent meeting with Xavier. Clarice makes a journal entry about not being sober enough for this and NOPE.

Oct 17 - Maya makes a journal entry updating everyone on what she’s been up to lately. Clea texts Amanda telling her about recent city dreams she’s been having again. Kurt goes to retrieve Amanda from her sorrow-drowning session, and they share some of those sorrows.

Oct 18 -

Oct 19 - Sue leaves package for Darcy. Bobbi and Jean hang out at the local mall, and plans are made for a potential party.

Oct 20 - Alex makes an Instagram cross post of a very tired Mrs. Summers. Earlier on in the day, Clarice makes an impassioned journal entry imploring bearded men to improve the grooming standards of said beards. Jubilee texts Amanda about a potential broken liver.

Oct 21 - Amanda texts Clea back about her dreams and other issues. Gabriel makes a journal entry looking for fun on S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y, night!

Oct 22 -

Oct 23 - Felicia posts up a instagram post noting how coffee makes her happy the day after her birthday. Miles posts to let people know the dreaded Midterms are here again. Kyle turns the Danger Room floor into lava as a way for people to relieve some stress.

Oct 24 - Jubilee lets X-Force know she’s going dark to deal with some issues with the triads.

Oct 25 - Lorna posts to let everyone know the newlyweds are back. Jubilee has a conversation with Kurt, breaking off their engagement since she needs to vanish for her job.

Oct 26 - Quentin tests Warren to let him know he’s coming back to work; Warren immediately e-mails the rest of XFI to gather them up on the roof to hold a get together for the event; When Quentin arrives at work he finds himself an observer at his own wake on the roof. Kurt tells Amanda about his breakup with Jubilee.

Oct 27 - Amanda texts Jubilee warning her that it was a good thing that she doesn't know where she was right now. Scott and Dom have a post-Danger Room chat and come up with some alternative career pathways for the X-Men.

Oct 28 - Molly and Topaz attend the local fall festival.

Oct 29 - Laurie posts a video that’s been playing in the break room at her hospital. Tandy takes Julian to Bora Bora for his birthday and to get away from the city after recent events.

Oct 30 - Darcy posts about having ordered several strings of planetary lights and asks for help to hang them.

Oct 31 - Topaz posts about telling costumed people she is dressed up as a witch for Halloween. Hope has a meeting with her little eyes-and-ears network.


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