Dungeons and Derangements

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Dungeons and Derangements
Dates run: May 22, 2010
Run By: Ryan
Read the logs: Dungeons and Derangements

While Nico considered the Staff of One was better suited in a room surrounded by skulls and bats, she had to accept the whole look inside of the cave, with the gold piled in little mountains here and there had certain appeal. "And I'm almost tempted to just leave it there..." But they couldn't do such thing if they wanted to go back. "Alright...I'm going to get it...slowly; you guys watch over and tell me if anything happens, all right?"

An innocent game of Dungeons and Dragons goes horribly wrong when the Staff-of-One takes things a little too literally.


Doreen Green, Julian Keller, Nicholas Gleason, Catseye, Artie Maddicks, Megan Gwynn, Klara Prast, Meggan Szardos, and Yvette Petrovic.


May 22, 2010

Plot Summary

Several of the New Mutants - Dori, Julian, Nick, Catseye, Artie, Megan, Klara, Meggan and Yvette - play Dungeons and Dragons in the library, only to find themselves caught up in a realistic magical illusion as the Staff of One gets involved. The group find themselves at an inn, with no Staff and variously changed to become their characters.

Nico finds out the Staff is likely to be in a local dragon's hoarde and the group decides to go retrieve it. Julian and Nick, their fued ongoing, argue on the way to the dragon's cave, leaving it to their girlfriends to be sensible. At the cave, the group is separated and each one faces a test before they can regroup with the others. In the dragon's lair, Yvette accidentally wakes the dragon sleeping under its hoarde and the group does battle, Nick being killed while protecting Julian.

Nico retrieves the Staff and stops the spell, with all of them discovering they never left the library at all, Nick is alive and no time has passed.

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Trivia and Meta


While not officially part of the Waywad Sons arc, the plot showed the continuing emnity between Julian and Nick.

The group played (and took on) the following roles:

Megan Gwynn- Paladin (fey)- Party leader, a holy warrior on a quest for glory and to rid the world of the scourge of something or other. Still possessing her mutant abilities, added to her natural class ability to heal and cast some magic, Megan will be a worth adversary for any black knight.

Julian Keller- Fighter (human)- Meat Shield 1. Jules will be using a raipier for his weapon, along with a buckler shield.

Nick Gleason- Fighter (werewolf)- Meat Shield 2. A triple threat! One part mutant, one part actual lycan and the final part a potent fighter.

Doreen Green- Ranger (w/Monkey Joe animal companion) (human)- Able to talk to any animal now, instead of just squirrels, Doreen uses her bow to strike fear into the hearts of evil doers.

Nico Minoru- Sorceress (elf)- Can see in the dark and cast magic like a mo-fo. She may not possess the staff of one any longer, but she definitely has what it takes to deep fry a hobgoblin at fifty paces.

Catseye - Rogue (werecat)- Our lithe and graceful feline friend will be our party's lock picker, trap disassembler and thief. She can also transform into a werecat or her purple feline forms.

Klara Plast- Druid (human)- Our party's secondary healer can talk to any animal, vegetable or mineral. She can also take on the animal form of her choice.

Yvette Petrovic- Cleric (elf)- Tall, lithe and beautiful, our elven healer serves the party as they get injured in combat. Should tend to stick to the rear unless facing undead.

Meggan Szardos- Bard (half-elf)- Our party's third healer and all arounder, can disarm traps and pick locks too, just not as well. The party's main voice when it comes to negotiations or putting on a show of some sort.


Plotrunner: Ryan