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Jun 1 - Topaz texts Kyle to let him know she’s removed spring 2018 from her record leaving her just 3 semesters behind. Natasha wonders if anyone has any cute pictures to send after the news about the Church of Humanity coming to Salem Center.

Jun 2 -

Jun 3 -

Jun 4 - Fear in the Dark: New York Police Commissioner publicly states there are no leads concerning the attack in District X. In Cordova, Alaska a fishing boat sinks following an attack by the mutant captain of the vessel when a box was brought up. Doug posts a video of the Cordova attack, bringing attention to the hammer that appeared in the aftermath of the box's destruction.

Jun 5 -

Jun 6 - Xavin rightfully calls out the Church of Humanity for preying on the fear of mutants to further their bigotry. Jubilee shares the trailer of an upcoming baseball movie. Fear in the Dark: Dweller!Tandy, Cul, and company are joined by the newest hammer-wielder — Nerkkod.

Jun 7 -

Jun 8 - Amanda and Topaz have a conversation about Adam Destine.

Jun 9 - Fear in the Dark: Xavin alerts the X-Men to a Juggernaut-like attack in Russia. They arrive at the defunct Russian army base to discover bodies and meet the user of the last hammer found. Marie-Ange comments on the message she's receiving and the continued raven visits. Logan posts to xp_teams on the events of the X-Men's trip, and the two hammers now in their possession, before asking for any research updates.

Jun 10 - Kitty finds a creepy object and offers it out as a birthday gift. Molly lets everyone know that she’s decided to dye her hair brown. Clea’s looking to attend this year’s NY Comic Con and makes a post asking if anyone wants to go with her. Fear in the Dark: Tandy provides Cullen with an update about what’s happened so far.

Jun 11 - There’s news about the International Stark Science Conference posted on the xp_newscast. Fear in the Dark: Kyle makes an announcement to all teams looking for help with finding out more information regarding those hammers.

Jun 12 - It’s Maya’s birthday and her dad sent her a birthday cake.

Jun 13 -

Jun 14 - Fear in the Dark: A mysterious letter arrives at the X-Force office; following a lead from that letter, Amanda, Marie-Ange, Doug and Wanda head to the Empire State Building, while back at the mansion’s labs something unexpected happens; as the Dweller is packing up the spare hammer for transport, she encounters the X-Men; Skirn amuses herself by distracting those in the mansion; there’s a final attempt to stop the heist, but Dweller, Skirn and Cul manage to exit via a portal heading to X-Force's office in the city where the the Dweller's staff is stored and take down Kevin, Artie and Clea to get it; Sharon makes a post asking what the hell just happened; Clea sends a text to Steve asking if he’s okay; Amanda shares some information about the Dweller; Darcy informs her fellow scientists that they’re going to need to sit down and have a talk about occupational safety in the lab.

Jun 15 - Bobby makes a post about ice hockey and mentions having to work all weekend. Doug and Marie-Ange have a conversation about prophecy, obligations, the blood curse and some other random things. Fear in the Dark: Doug makes an infodump post to all the teams after looking through the footage of the attack on the mansion.

Jun 16 - Amanda and Clea clean up the X-Factor offices after the Dweller's visit and Clea asks for training to increase her magical ability.

Jun 17 -

Jun 18 - Fear in the Dark: Molly posts an update on the hammer situation.

Jun 19- Fear in the Dark: Reed and Darcy are at a conference in France when things go sideways; Darcy posts asking for an emergency evacuation.

Jun 20 -

Jun 21 - Fear in the Dark: Nat posts about finding one of the hammers up for auction in Japan.

Jun 22 -

Jun 23 -

Jun 24 - Fear in the Dark: Kevin and Wanda pose as a wealthy couple with Clea as their assistant in order to gain access to the auction house selling the hammer; Clea slips away and Doug guides her to the server room, where she gives him access to their servers.

Jun 25 -

Jun 26 - Warren finally talks to Gabriel about saving him from Satana, even though he can’t say the actual words, ‘thank you’.

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