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Dates run: May 25-26, 2007
Run By: Kate
Read the logs: Litmus

Nobody likes the bringer of bad news - Sophocles

What should be a simple protection job for Kurt, Scott, Jean and Marie turns out a little more complicated... and turns Kurt's world upside down.


Nightcrawler, Cyclops, Phoenix, Rogue

Istvan Barath, Baron Eric Wagner, Mystique, Toad, Nimrod


May 25-26, 2007

Plot Summary

Baron Wagner's activities as an anti-mutant campaigner first came to notice at the mansion in April 2007, when Nathan got a call from a friend and colleague in Germany, telling him that they'd been running into obstruction in their work - all entirely legal and bureaucratic. It was surmised someone with power was putting pressure on the local authorities. It wasn't yet clear who, but there was one likely suspect - the leader of a local neo-fascist group, none other than the Baron.

Three weeks later, following the promotion of Istvan Barath to Prime Minister of Hungary, Wagner made his presence felt again by vocally objecting to an openly mutant head of state. It was then that he began organising a rally aimed at strengthening his position in Germany, scheduled for May 26. Due to his anti-mutant statements, threats were received from Magnetic North to strike at the event, and Barath quietly contacted the mansion to ask for a team presence - he had no reason to like Wagner, but it wouldn't be a good thing if he died at mutant hands.

A small team was sent, consisting of Scott, Kurt, Jean and Marie, and with Jean acting as switchboard, the other three easily took down the Magnetic North members in attendance. Unfortunately, it turned out that they weren't the real threat - the Brotherhood had sent a team of their own. Toad had planted bombs around the rally area, which kept Jean busy shielding the civilians from shrapnel, and Nimrod acted as a diversion to draw Marie away, killing civilians and then almost bringing down the building to ensure she couldn't give chase as he escaped. Scott took on Toad and sent Kurt after Wagner, to make sure nothing happened to him.

The one thing they hadn't counted on was Mystique having already infiltrated Wagner's people, in the guise of a bodyguard named Hans. She'd taken Wagner away from his other personal security guards, to a walkway above the square, and had just revealed her true form when Kurt caught up with them. During the ensuing confrontation, it became clear that she had personal reasons for wanting Wagner dead - he had fathered her son, thirty years before, before trying to kill her and her unborn child on discovering she was a mutant.

The fight ended with Kurt tackling Mystique through the glass of the walkway as she made one last attempt on Wagner - but not before his father had shot him twice as he struggled with Mystique. Both mutants survived the fall, and Mystique stopped only long enough to check that Kurt was alive before making her escape. The X-Men made a hasty exit on the Blackbird, where a somewhat shocky Kurt told Scott what he had learned about his parentage.

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This plot was the first IC (and OOC, for most of the players) revelation that Mystique was no longer a prisoner in China.


Plotrunner: Kate