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Marie D'Ancato
Portrayed by Anna Paquin
Codename: Rogue
Affiliations: X-Men
Birthdate: May 20th, 1985
Journal: xp_rogue
Player: Z

Marie worked at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters as the P.E. coach and one of the flight instructors. After returning for several years, she is working in Montreal, trying to be more than the X-Men's resident tank.


Character Journal: xp_rogue

Real Name: Marie Hope D’Ancato

Codename: Rogue

Aliases: Anne-Marie Cato

First Appearance: May 9, 2003

Date of Birth: May 20th, 1985

Place of Birth: Meridian, Mississippi

Citizenship: American

Relatives: D’Ancato Family: Sharon D’Ancato (adoptive mother), Nick D’Ancato (adoptive father); Carrie D’Ancato (paternal aunt), Mystique (biological father)

Education: Graduate of Xavier’s in 2003; Completed BA/MA in Counselling Psychology at Pace University in 2008; Art Therapist certification, Universite de Quebec, Canada

Relationship Status: In a relationship with Logan

Occupation: P.E. Coach, Resident Advisor at Xavier’s, Student

Team Affiliation: X-Men



Marie grew up in the small town Meridian, Mississippi. Her upbringing was fairly typical of a Southern girl, but there are certain aspects of her past she refuses to talk about. When she was sixteen, her mutant ability manifested when Cody Robbins kissed her. Her terror at the situation lead to her running from home.

Arriving at the Mansion

After she ran away from home, Marie hitched her way to Laughlin City where she ran across Logan. After he discovered her hiding in his trailer, something about her struck a chord in him and he decided to let her travel with him. Shortly thereafter, the pair was attacked by Sabretooth, then saved by Cyclops and Storm and brought to the mansion. Shortly thereafter, Rogue snuck into Logan's bedroom one night when she heard him experiencing a nightmare. Waking up in a blind rage, Logan accidentally impaled Marie on his claws. She touched him, using her power to imprint his healing ability and save herself.

Mystique, posing as Bobby tricked Rogue into thinking that Xavier was angry at her for using her ability on Logan, which led to her running away. Though Logan and the X-Men were able to find her, Magneto still managed to abduct her for use in his mutation machine, even though he knew the strain would kill her. The X-Men were able to locate Rogue and the mutation device at the top of the Statue of Liberty and rescue her, though Rogue would have died if Logan hadn’t touched her to transfer his healing powers to her. Rogue gained the permanent white streak framing her face from the drain of the machine.

Phase 1

Living At Xavier’s

After the events of X2, Marie became a bit of a recluse. She broke up with Bobby Drake and spent a lot of time in her room, only socializing when other people went to seek her out. Several people, especially Logan, Angelo Espinosa, Shinobi Shaw and Doug Ramsey, made successful efforts to draw her out of her shell and she became active teaching and interacting with the other residents.

She quickly became active with the X-Men, though her first mission proved to be fairly traumatic. While trying to retrieve John Allerdyce, Rogue killed Stanley, absorbing his powers permanently. She was then captured by the government and subjected to medical tests and evaluations; however, due to her new abilities, she was able to break herself out and was picked up and returned to the mansion by Scott. This incident resulted in Marie being placed on a military blacklist, inhibiting her ability to attend college off campus until recently.

Canadian Hiatus

The death of Stanley caused Rogue to realize the danger she posed to those around her, especially if people without good intentions realized the meaning of her absorption power. The events that took place in Love Potion Number Nine served to further destabilize her and increase her fear of hurting those around her. Marie became depressed and withdrawn, pushing away most of her friends. She became closer to Logan, the one man who always seemed able to understand and protect her, until the pair finally decided to move to Canada in May 2004.

While in Canada, Marie met and befriended the members of Alpha Flight, especially Garrison Kane. Rogue devoted a significant portion of her time up north in therapy with Twoyoungman, trying to gain control over the fragments of people still inside her head. Finally resorting to hypnotism, Marie managed to suppress most of the personalities floating through her psyche. Her personality was affected by the hypnotism and in times of stress, the other personalities are still able to leak through.

She and Logan broke up while they were in Canada, realizing that their relationship wasn’t healthy for either of them. They are still close friends and their relationship has evolved to have more mentor/mentee components.

Returning to the Mansion

Her sanity more in control than not, she decided to return to the mansion, throwing herself into school and the team. With Xavier’s help, she was able to gain admission to Pace University, having been taken of the military blacklist. She has been succeeding in her classes and recently begun exploring her thesis topic of retrograde amnesia. She renewed many of her friendships, especially with Logan, Amanda Sefton, Shiro Yoshida and Angelo. Through both her position as RA and teaching PE, she got to know the students fairly well, feeling particularly close to Laurie Collins and Yvette Petrovic.

The rest of the year following her return to the mansion was an eventful time for Marie. She discovered that she was adopted, a fact she is still struggling to deal with. However, she has discovered the best coping mechanism for her at this point is to ignore her new knowledge unless she is forced to think about it. Very few mansion residents are aware of this new fact in Marie’s life.

Beginning to experiment with her ability to absorb others powers, Marie was also forced to use it in the field in order take down Sabretooth, subdue Shiro and to save her life. While not intentional, her power was also activated during a retrieval mission when Marius Laverne began attacking the X-Men.

Fire also played a large role in Rogue's life, beginning with Cyndi setting her aflame at the beach in San Diego. When on a mission that ended up in the rescue of Amara Aquilla, Marie was also required to test her invulnerability by making her way through lava. In order to subdue Shiro (as mentioned above), Marie was also lit ablaze. However, only the first time had dire effects, with her discovery that though she herself wasn’t able to be set on fire, her hair sadly could still burn quite thoroughly.

Not all Marie’s experiences were so eventful, some just having an overload of snark or promises never to speak of the events again.

A New Year

In January 2008, Marie and Logan were summoned to Canada, where they found Joseph Twoyoungman had gone missing. Joined by Garrison and Heather Hudson, they encountered a Native Canadian cannibal spirit. It was defeated, but not before Logan had to tap deep into his feral side, almost too deep to come back - he remained in Canada to recover, whilst Garrison returned to the school with Marie, for the first time since Magneto nearly killed him. A relationship began between Marie and Garrison, but suffered under Marie's fear of anyone getting close and it ended only two months after it began. Marie, already having given up her RA position, went back to Canada to try and regain her equilibrium.

She returned in September 2008 and began to try and connect with the new students who had arrived during her absence, as well as reestablishing contact with old friends Amanda and Angelo. Her life was drastically changed when Apocalypse attacked New York, as Cain Marko surrendered his magical powers to her to topple the Citadel, and in the process was rendered old and powerless. Part of the legacy of that incident was that Marie would continue to manifest the Juggernaut armour when pushed to the limit.

She made tentative steps towards repairing her friendship with Garrison in December 2008, but these were brutally interrupted by his apparent death at the hands of Sabretooth. Grief stricken and bent on revenge, Marie accompanied Garrison's father Christian Kane on a bloody search for the Brotherhood of Mutants, only to discover she wasn't a killer at heart when they finally tracked a minor member down. She returned to the X-Men and when Garrison returned, alive due to the intervention of Blaquesmith, she joined him in Australia. They agreed, ultimately, to remain friends,.

Marie's role in the X-Men changed over time, with her taking the lead in several missions, including a trip to Brazil and a mass prison break out. She also experience life without her powers for the first time since manifesting, when she and a group of other mansion residents contracted a powers-swapping virus. It was gut-wrenching to go back to normal and worse to discover she could never contract that particular virus again.

In August 2009, the Alpha Flight program was derailed by the massacre of all but two of the new team. Accompanying Garrison and Lillian Crawley-Jeffries to the funerals, Marie was part of the group who investigated the site of the attack with Logan. A set of new Weapon X dog tags was found, but it, and several other leads in the months after, proved a dead end. A new lead arose in Europe in January 2010 and with skills taught to her by members of X-Force, Marie left the mansion for an unspecified time to pursue it.

Moving On

Initially, as she investigated the Alpha Flight Massacre, she enjoyed having somewhere to check into, but as she found nothing but smoke, it was getting harder to call and provide no news. In 2011 however, as a result of a joint investigation with Logan, they found out who was behind the Alpha Flight massacre, but they were no closer to anything relating Weapon X.

Rogue had finally had enough. All her investigation showed her was the on-going hatred for mutantkind, and the depths people would go to for their own selfish gains. She couldn't take it anymore, and requesting a leave of absence, she left the school.

She really did mean to keep in touch. In the beginning, she'd call and give a cursory voicemail stating she was alive, or she'd send a quick email to someone when she found a cyber cafe, but it was getting longer and longer between calls, and then all of a sudden, she realized she hadn't spoken to anyone from the school in a year. It wasn't that she was busy -- far from it. Although she had graduated with her degree, she found it wasn't providing her with the passion she once had for it. She'd find random counselling jobs, the occasional consulting for Social Services, but nothing permanent. Every time she'd think she'd call Logan, let him know where she was staying, someone would find out who she was, and that was that. Off to a new town, and a new job. Eventually, she had enough. Using less than dubious resources, she had a new identity created: Anna-Marie Cato. Born in Vancouver, B.C., Canada. Same age (she wasn't that vain). She gave up the name Rogue, her past, everything, and walked towards freedom.

Overtime, the guilt lessened. She felt more positive. She refused to tell people she was a mutant, instead citing an allergy to the sun when asked why she was fully dressed. She learned to paint. She started working as a contract art therapist for children with developmental disabilities. In short, she distanced herself as much as she could from Rogue and that life. She had her own apartment. She even had a cat.

The peace only lasted a few years.

Tommy was a 6 year old foster child with FASD . He had difficulties reading and expressing himself, and couldn't control his emotions. He also loved watercolours, expressing himself through his art in ways he could never verbalize. They would spend at least an hour together every day, working on different landscapes. His favourite thing to draw was mystical places, landscapes that could never exist, but in his imagination they did. Flowery masterpieces of neon roses, creating citadels of flora. Beaches with crystal blue water, mermaids floating lazily. He also had tested positive for the X-gene, and was now living in a group home for mutant children. He was the youngest of the children in the home, but by far her favourite. After a particularly good session, with Tommy excitedly explaining his new drawing, he asked her what her power was. Anna-Marie simply shook her head and told him the lies she'd perfected: she didn't have any powers, she didn't have the x-gene, and she was actually allergic to the sun. He looked at her, gave her a sad smile, and dropped the subject.

It was just one more lie on top of many others, but for the first time, it hit her what she'd done: she'd run away from the only real family she'd ever had, she'd given up everything just for what? An opportunity to continue to be alone? The chance to be someone other than herself? That night, she thought long and hard about everything. Things needed to change, and she needed to get out of there. She couldn't be this faker anymore when there were children that needed hope, and friends that needed her. If they were still there. Determined to make things right, she sent a resignation letter immediately to her agency, and told herself that the next day, she'd tell Tommy the truth.

Unfortunately, she never had the opportunity. During the night, a fire broke out in the home, and all the children died. It came out that the children of the home all had the x-gene, which of course started all sorts of debates, debates that Anna-Marie was tired of hearing. It was time to go home.

Going Home

Upon her return Rogue reconnected with many old friends, as well as meeting some new people and resuming her X-Men training. Jessica Jones asked Rogue to mentor her, as they both have similar powers. Rogue agreed, and it provided her with the confidence she needed to think about joining the team again.

As Rogue hadn't worked on trying to get her therapist credentials switched to the United States, she decided to open a drop-in art class at the boathouse, although truly, it was more of an excuse for her to paint at whatever time she wanted rather than for any teaching opportunities.

She recruited Jessica Jones to help her track down her adoptive family, and went on a Thanksgiving road trip with Jess, Tandy Bowen, and Julian Keller to see them - it went about as well as can be expected. Her parent's negative reaction to her return caused her to realize that her family is who she has made it to be. Returning to the Mansion, she felt much closer to all her friends, especially Logan, with whom she reconnected prior to going on her roadtrip.

Shortly afterwards, she talked with Scott and he admitted she was never off the team in the first place. With Scott, Garrison Kane and Logan assisting her with her training, Rogue soon became comfortable with being back on the team.

The Christmas season was an especially memorable one, as she received an expensive jewelry set from Logan, and a canister of hand coating spray from her best friend, Adrienne Frost. With that spray, Rogue set out to kiss Logan on New Year's Eve.

End of the World

When the news broke that Muir Island was being invaded, Rogue suited up for her first mission back on the team. After what ultimately ended up being a trap, Rogue worked hard at ferrying the survivors to the Blackbird, while simultaneously trying to fight. Eventually, with Jean Grey by her side, they confronted Magneto. Rogue watched in horror as Jean killed Magneto and then flew off into the night.

A few days later, Rogue went with the team to recover Jean, who was in a protective cocoon in the ocean. After bringing her up, Rogue poked the cocoon with a stick but it was decided that other means should be used. Eventually, Jean emerged, but soon afterwards, the Imperial Guard arrived and demanded Jean, who agreed to leave after a battle. When the Dark Phoenix attacked the mansion, Rogue attempted to help subdue her, only to be overwhelmed and knocked out.

Phase 2

Waking Up

Rogue woke up in the new world with no memory of anything that had happened before. Despite being amnesiac she did her best to be optimistic and throw herself back into the world, becoming Adrienne's assistant and re-bonding with all her mansion friends. She also became a therapist to Hope Abbott and Topaz after Adrienne discovered they were drinking to avoid their problems. She even rekindled her friendship with Logan.

Her lack of memories also didn't stop her from being an active X-Man either. In February she went with a team to help subdue a breakout at Ryker's Island, though they were captured and scolded (for lack of a better word) by the Avengers. Deciding they needed a break, she and Angel planned a trip to Las Vegas, but even that was interrupted when Asgardian frost giants invaded the city. They took down one giant and with the help of Tandy Bowen, Molly Hayes, and Tyrone Johnson (who had been presumed dead after the world ended) they took down another. She took part in several other missions, including helping to rescue Lorna Dane's fiance, helping a mutant find sanctuary after her cover was blown on YouTube, and helping a scared mutant on a rampage in New York.

At the same time she continued to make new friends in the mansion, helping Maya Lincoln-Lopez with her powers and having a very strange powers incident with Billy Kaplan. Finally in October 2015Emma Frost helped her restore her memories so she could get back to being a real adult, rather than being a sixteen-year-old trapped in an adult body.

Business As Usual

First things first was dealing with Logan. Over the last year, their unresolved tension kept growing, and Rogue was determined to understand exactly where they stood in their relationship. To her surprise, Logan felt the same way, and they agreed to take their friendship to the next level. Rogue also quit her job with Adrienne, and started drinking a bit too much. After a few months of loafing around, she decided to sober up and start helping out in the school again, and reconnecting with her friends. She helped Sooraya Qadir with her spiritual crisis, and spent a lot of time with Garrison Kane.

In January 2017, she registered for school, and is studying school counseling. A position at Bayville has opened up, and she has decided she would like to work closer to the teens. The year was relatively quiet, thankfully, save for an incident with mind-controlled Avengers and a well deserved vacation being interrupted by vandals, but considering past years, it could have been much worse.

2018 and the beginning of 2019 were very much "business as usual" with Rogue continuing her work as guidance counsellor at Bayville Charter High and hitting things in X-Men missions. Something was missing, however, and when she received a job offer as art therapist at a school in Montreal, she jumped at the chance, slipping away quietly during the events of Fear in the Dark.


Permanent: Stanley

Strong Imprints: Cody Robbins, Logan, Magneto

Medium Imprints: Angelo Espinosa, Bobby Drake, John Allerdyce

Lower-level Imprints: Marius Laverne, Nathan Dayspring, Scott Summers, Piotr Rasputin, Manuel de la Rocha, Sabretooth, Selene and a host of random people (including a probability manipulator and an Egyptian speaker)

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5’5’’

Weight: 110 lbs

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Brown with a white streak

Other Features: Piercing in each ear. Marie also speaks in a soft Southern accent. Her accent becomes more pronounced when she is overly emotional and/or drunk.


Rogue’s primary power is her ability to absorb the life force and mutant ability by skin to skin contact. She does not have the ability to turn this power off and it automatically kicks in after three seconds of contact. In general, she actively retains the power of the person she’s absorbed for 60 times longer than she was in contact.

Rogue absorbed the abilities of flight, superstrength and invulnerability permanently when she killed Stanley. Because of her invulnerability, she tends to be headstrong and delve into action instead of stopping and thinking before hand.



Marie’s modified X-Men uniform is made from fireproof and reknitting material, and includes a bomber jacket to go over the thinner material. The gloves on her uniform are easily removed


Certain of Marie’s likes and dislikes come from the people she’s absorbed, such as her preference for black coffee.

Marie’s mental mindscape looks like a series of dams.

A side effect of Marie's powers is that she is telepathically difficult to read, especially if she has a number of voices in her head, as the other personas make too much 'noise'.

Moira taught Marie how to shoot a handgun; she already had both personal and absorbed experience with rifles and shotguns.

Marie rescued Shamu the whale during The Rictor Effect; when she and Kyle Gibney were sent to help evacuate an animal shelter, a small black and white kitten crawled onto her head - Kyle took the kitten home and dubbed the little guy Shamu, Jr.

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Player: Z


Player Icon Base: Anna Paquin

Meta Trivia

Marie was originally played by Ande under the x_rogue Livejournal. Avital took her over in May 2006, with a new journal to replace the one that had not been returned and has since been deleted. Avital left XP in February 2010. Z then successfully applied for Rogue in August 2014 and played her until July 2019, due to RL demands, before once again returning to her in November 2023.