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Joszef Veres
Portrayed by Dominic Purcell
Known Aliases: Nimrod
Affiliations: Brotherhood of Mutants
Socked By: Socker required
Introduction: X-Men Mission: Nimrod

A former member of the Hungarian Special Forces until his schizophrenia caused him to be institutionalised, Veres eventually found an outlet for his violence and fanatacism with Magneto and his Brotherhood.


Name: Joszef Veres

Aliases: Nimrod

Affiliation: Brotherhood of Mutants. Formerly a member of the Hungarian special forces.

First appearance: X-Men Mission: Nimrod

Family: Unknown


Joszef Veres served in the Hungarian special forces for a number of years, earning several commendations for bravery. Though Hungary discouraged its mutant citizens from taking on military or police roles, there was no absolute ban, and Veres never revealed the extent of his mutation while on active duty. Towards the end of his military career, however, he began to have increasing mental and emotional difficulties that were eventually diagnosed as schizophrenia. He was discharged from the military and institutionalized for treatment.

Nearly two years later he was released, as his condition had been deemed stable. In truth Veres's mutant physiology had adapted to the drugs he was given to keep his schizophrenia under control and Veres embarked on a killing spree, targeting Hungary's prominent mutant citizens and calling himself 'Nimrod, the mighty hunter'. He was tracked to an apartment building in Budapest and captured by the X-Men, who had been called in by Istvan Barath, an old friend of the Professor's.

Veres was returned to the institution where he had been treated previously, for continuing treatment. Nearly two years later his condition was stabilized and he was released, having been judged not criminally responsible for his actions during his relapse. A free man, he was contacted and recruited by the Brotherhood, and accompanied Mystique and Toad to Berlin to disrupt an anti-mutant rally where Baron Wagner was speaking. He killed a number of civilians, making it very clear to the X-Men that they were facing a dangerous new opponent.

He was with the Brotherhood when they hijacked the secret Russian space station and took control of a satellite weapons system put in orbit by a rogue group within the Russian military. He survived the breakup of the station and reentry, only to be knocked out when Jennie Stavros ran him over with the Blackbird. Unfortunately, he regained consciousness and slipped away while she and Marius Laverne were seeing to a fallen Scott.

He resurfaced some time later, helping kidnap and interrogate a group of young X-Men in hopes of gaining remote access codes to Cerebro. He later reappeared as part of a Brotherhood plot to disrupt a march in New York by the Friends of Humanity. He ambushed Scott Summers and Suzanne Chan, injuring them as well as Peter Lakatos, who tried to intervene, before Veres himself was teleported into the Atlantic Ocean by Nightcrawler. His powers allowed him to not only survive, but rejoin the Brotherhood. He was last seen on Avalon, fighting against the X-Men who came to rescue Garrison and Adrienne and (reluctantly) retreated with Magneto.


Veres possesses massive physical enhancements to his strength, speed, agility, durability and senses. His mutation is one of the most extreme of its type encountered by the X-Men in an opponent in the field.


Phase 1

X-Men Mission: Nimrod


Thirteen Days

X-Men Mission: Keep The Faith

Scorpion and Fox

Tropic of Capricorn

Phase 2


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PB: Dominic Purcell