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Moment of Awesome: Clea Lake: A random encounter with Kevin Sydney results in Clea making a career decision.

"Excuse me. Do you mind if I take a look at the classifieds when you are done?"

Kevin flipped down the edge of the paper and looked at her over it. "You want the classifieds from the Wall Street Journal? Planning on investment banking opportunities or buying a used Lexus?"

"I have to start somewhere. Might have a front desk position. Miss Amanda gave me the idea."

"You're taking job advice from Sefton? Boy, did you mess up in a former life." He said. "Besides, I have it on reasonable authority that only old men like me look for work in the classifieds. You're supposed to go on-line and swim through all the pornography and spam to find one of those job... sites, I guess."

"Maybe I am an old soul at heart." Clea mused before taking a sip. "Well she mentioned that her work is in utter chaos as the receptionist is away on mission. I can't straight up ask her to give me the job, might need experience or something. But I do have the drive to learn the said skills are."

"Wait, Sefton offered you a job at Snow Valley? Was this during 'sniffing glue' class?"

"Well, no. Just that there is a need for it." Her orange juice was getting low and she made a hand gesture and it refilled it self. "But it was after magic class."

"So I wasn't far off. Why do you want an office job? Isn't the whole point of magic to be some kind of special master of the universe or something?" Despite his work, Kevin didn't like magic. It upended all of the rules he'd learned his entire life.

"Normalcy would be ideal in my case. My life is already crazy as it is." Clea looked over at him after staring at her glass, "Besides, I haven't settled on what I actually want to do with my life so why not start working."

"Normalcy? Working for Snow Valley?" Kevin started to laugh. He was normally dour and closed off. To have him laughing, actually laughing was out of character. "Oh Clea... it is Clea, right? You have no idea why that is so funny."

Clea couldn't but smile as he laughed. "That exciting? So there is no need for boring work like answering phones, ordering supplies, and maintaining schedules and filing?"

"You know what? I don't even know what I'm allowed to tell you. But it is not a standard office. It's a weird... for fuck's sake, Sefton mentioned it to you? Why would she do that?"

Clea shrugged, "Stress, most likely." Amanda didn't exactly tell her what the job detailed only that the office was chaotic. "What is it like?"

"Snow Valley is the espionage branch of Xavier's. It is literally our version of the CIA. Do you want to work for spies and assassins?"

"Spy-magic-mutant place. Will I learn life experience?"

"Depends how low cut your business attire is. Seriously though, come on kid. This is a weird environment. If you just want to make some money, there's better options. Joining us is putting a target on your back."

"I already have a target on my back, regardless of where I go. I have an uncle that is bent on coming to Earth dimension and destroying it. Or says the Ancient One. No better options than to be yourself. At least you don't have to hide what you are at work."

"Damn, I have to admit, that's weirder than most of our shit. But I'm holding the line on low cut tops." Kevin sipped from his cup. "Look, kid, this isn't a safe job, even if we try to keep your safe. You get that, right?"

"I see what you are saying. You go undercover, you steal information, and you get the job done. Sometimes leaving a trail of bodies behind you. I won't go as far as going on field missions, unless that is in the field descriptions somewhere. I think paper cuts would be the worry." Clea said.

"Clea, we kill people. Some of them don't deserve it, but the greater good demands it. Sometimes we do awful things. As bad as the people we kill for doing it. You want to walk into that world?"

Today in XProject:

April 21

2004: Monet encounters a zombielike Manuel and decides to use him as a houseboy. Alison encounters Frank the Lizard for the first time, with amusing results for everyone but her.

2005: Madelyn returns from vacation and she and Kurt discuss Meggan and the Grgics, Madelyn decides to take action; Madelyn visits Nathan and they talk about the wedding; Madelyn tells Hank about her job offer from Fred Duncan. Meggan meets Kyle. Alison has her first piloting session in the Blackbird. Jean has another conversation with herself, over her frustration at being grounded. Manuel and Dani discuss Amanda and Manuel's problems with people.

2006: Emerald Isle: Terry sets up her uncle to be caught by the police. Shiro reads another disturbing article. Not So Plain Jane: Jane runs into Remy in New Orleans.

2007: Monet invites Illyana to the prom. Turf War: Amanda lets the Snow Valley staff know she's in LA helping Angelo, and thanks Kurt for the use of his inducer; later, she and Angelo meet the Kick gang and Amanda poses as a user; after an altercation the pair are invited back to join the gang. Nathan takes his group to Hungary.

2008: Jay gets home late from his bar tending job and things get hot and heavy with Kevin.

2009: Clarice posts about a strange noise coming from Forge's office, and Doug responds asking Forge how much they drank that night. This sets off a long winded discussion between Forge, Doug, Laurie and Marie-Ange to name a few. Arses are handed to people, and various fun and games ensue. North makes a note that Doug better have brought enough alcohol for all of them, and then talks to Marie-Ange about the effects of alcohol on his powers. Kyle and Clarice share a musical moment in the same thread. Laurie posts about Austria and lakings, and Kyle replies that perhaps she's missing the point of said punishments. Callie posts about the brownies she made, and challenges everyone to guess what she put in them. Jean-Paul e-mails Lil about her offer, and they agree to meet up for a night of chocolate, wine and good looking men on film. Jean-Paul comes to talk to Nathan about an Elpis consultancy proposal he slipped under Jean-Paul's door; they agree that Nathan is evil, and that Jean-Paul is interested. Laurie e-mails Doug and Forge to say sorry.

2010: Lakshmibai Raj: Charles holds a meeting in his office and announces his decision to help stop the invasion of Pakistan; Jean-Paul gives Kevin a letter before boarding the plane for India; Charles calls Vanessa into a meeting and makes a request that she helps secure Lilandra's safety.

2011: Vanessa texts Warren, inviting him over. Yvette comments on Amara's plan to move to New York and room with Callie. Jean-Paul sees Vanessa and Warren sleeping together. Angelo emails Yvette, letting her know that he's found information about her father and half sisters. Jean, Julian and Haller train in the Danger Room; Julian gets a little bit thumped. Artie posts to the journals, revealing that he's remembering more about his childhood than ever before. Jean and Vanessa have lunch in New York.

2012: Scott meets Sooraya in the Danger Room and she has an important question for him.

2013: Kyle makes a journal entry asking if anyone saw the Brewers/Cubs game on Friday. Matt makes a journal entry about running away to join the circus. Maddie makes a journal entry informing Care Bear that he just got served, son.


2015: Matt posts about his love of the city in the evening. Roxy asks Generation X if anyone wants to go watch the Lyrid meteor shower.

2016: Jubilee emails Amanda about meeting up for dinner. Alison texts Marie-Ange if she needs a bunker. She also texts Tabitha about having a fake identity. Arthur posts about being spoofed. Laurie posts about science making her head hurt. Jessica posts about dying pink streaks in her hair.

2017: Reed and Molly experiment with human trebuchet flight. Reed posts about the possible legal issues concerning his trebuchet.

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