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MoA Dominion.png
Moment of Awesome - Garrison Kane/Dominion: Trapped in a haunted house, Garrison turns on Natasha Romanoff as the one responsible for the deaths of those he loves...

"You're one of them." Kane snapped the arm of a specter that swung at him. "A lucky friend."

"I left this life behind a long time ago," Natasha called out as she ducked and wove, stabbing bodies and slitting the throats of friends and foes from a long time ago. The rhythm of attack was familiar that she slipped into that state of mind where the goal of the mission was all that was important and the mission this time was to survive and distract the Widows from the rest of the group that had come here with her. She'd been something, someone else, so many long years ago.

Kane reached out and blocked Natasha's strike, twisting her arm back painfully and sending her sprawling with a kick to the stomach. "You would have been there, unsuspected. They never guessed you were there to kill them."

Before Strange or Jean could react, they found themselves yanked off their feet and sent sprawling from the room into the hallway. Before they could react, the doors slammed shut, leaving Natasha and Kane alone and locked in combat.

Natasha had no memories of whatever the hell he was accusing her of. She'd dug and dug to make sure she knew the full extent of her prior life. It was no way to start a new one if she didn't carry the sins of the past with her. She rolled to her foot and darted through the crowd of other Widows attempting to kill her. Why go after her when the rest of the Widows were more than capable of doing his goal for them if he waited? He could've helped her distract them but instead they were playing right into this entity's hands. She swirled through the crowd, using their familiar movements to her advantage and slammed a knife toward his back. It skimmed off. Fuck, she remembered his profile. Nanotech skin.

His arm moved fast enough to blur, smashing into her wrist and numbing her hand as the knife fell to the ground. Kane augmented physical attributes were on full display as he literally picked two Widow's up and smashed them together, knocking them both unconscious.

She danced away, fading back into the crowd of more Widows. She incapacitated them quickly, a stab to the side with her other knife, then a quick twist of the neck, scooping up their discarded sidearms. She paused behind a column to check the clips then darted back out, firing at every target in sight.

Kane wrenched a Widow in front of him, letting her absorb several rounds as he bullrushed Natasha. He smashed her to one side with the dying Widow, dropping the woman as he did so. Before she could catch her balance, he pulled one of the guns away. He tried to bring her down with a pair of sharp jabs but she parried one and slipped the other before catching him midsection with a kick and dancing away. Another wave of Widows fell on them both and their combat was broken as they turned to deal with other threats first..

Today in XProject:

March 28

2004: Jake and Amanda get drunk, flirt, and end up in bed. Manuel tries to get Kitty to break the collar off of him.

2005: Jubilee asks for permission to become a trainee; Scott assigns her an essay stating her reasons. Jubilee talks to Hank about mistakes and her past year. Galin and Manuel discuss Jean and her refusal to let Manuel help her adjust. Hank makes carnivore-friendly soup. Kylun decides to learn about the world he's found himself in.

2006: Jamie has his first Danger Room session, and Alison is sneaky and evil and fills the Danger Room with slime, but he passes it anyway... and then decides to share the slime with everyone he sees. Not So Plain Jane:Logan finds Jane in Central Park and almost kills her before choosing to ignore his instincts. Jennie comes back from Greece in time to be slimed.

2007: Monet leaves some clothes for Janet, and then goes to cleanse her soul with fashion magazines. Pete is confused about Mark's donation jar asking for money to get him breasts to rival Shakira's. In Madagascar, Amanda's close call with drowning resurfaces. Garrison and Mondo discuss his knee injury. Kyle emails Yvette about fox cubs in the woods. Yvette asks Forge about the Doug and Marie-Ange conspiracy. Betsy posts about the sudden deluge of new students and returning graduates. Jennie apologises to her suite mates for being tetchy in the week before the anniversary of her mother's death.

2008: X-Men Mission: Nicobar Reef: Scott isn't happy about the family situation, but reluctantly comes around and invites his father to the school to see Alex; the bad pirates are handed over to the local law enforcement authorities; Siryn posts the mission report; Alex is incomprehensible in his joy at finding out his father is alive; Marius is somewhat more cynical on x_grads, foreseeing the inevitable evilness of the newly-found parent. Operation: Take A Bow: Mark lets the rest of X-Force know they're reasonably sure it's the Warwolves and that Amanda is working on a spell to banish them back to their home dimension; plans are laid for an ambush; Amanda and Mark scope out the location at which they intend to spring their trap.

2009: Manuel and Lil get extremely drunk together; in the morning, Jean-Paul administers to both of their hangovers, but inadvertently sets Manuel into a frame of mind that requires more drinking; Manuel asks Amanda to take Valentia for the weekend, and she agrees. Callie tells people about Earth Hour. Johnny is confused to find a hungover Nathan on Jean-Paul's couch in the morning. Yvette posts about spending the day in the woods. Heretics: Nathan sees Wanda about tracking down Irene Merryweather. Dani and Jay decide to share a suite and Dani moves in. Jan suggests the adults watch what they talk about in their journals and it isn't well received.

2010: Kevin leaves Jean-Paul a drawing. Doug and his father have a talk over basketball and beer.

2011: Jean-Paul has an appointment with Hank to talk about his medication and they discuss how much better he's been sleeping, and Hank suggests trialing lowering his dosage.

2012: Wade reminds everyone that there are plenty of tacos left over from yesterday's taco day. Angelica phones Yvette from England in a panic at the reaction of her roommate when she discovered that Angelica was a mutant. Angelo posts that he has discovered a movie called Mongolian Death Worm that he believes that should be added to the collection. Nico runs into an old lady who asks her what she's studying until she scares her off. Emma sends Adrienne an e-mail asking her if she has plans for her birthday and the sisters agree to meet up next week.

2013: Megan makes a journal entry announcing she’s at an art school campus in Hong Kong on a fashion program trip for school. Frank meets Matt and doesn’t get his ass kicked.

2014: Jubilee posts about having “Hooked On A Feeling” stuck in her head, and compares Kyle in boxers to Kurt in boxers. Angel posts a picture she took of Wade with his mouth stuffed full of food. Tandy posts about the non-weirdness of seeing her English teacher in his boxers. Yvette posts reminding everyone about a Red X training session. Matt posts bemoaning about missing the kitchen party, but says his midterm went well. Jubilee and Kurt talk about their relationship the night before she leaves for China for a meeting.

2015: Laurie texts Kyle inviting him to come play Dance Dance revolution with her after he is done being scolded. Laurie plans a Rocky Horror Picture Show weekend with Doug, Wade and Marie-Ange. Laurie meets Arthur in the medlabs. Clint texts Matt to arrange for dinner after he meets Barney. Looking for his brother Clint runs into Kitty at a seedy bar. Gabriel shares the new song he’s obsessed with to prove he’s not always sour. Rogue contacts Logan to catch him up on Vegas. Jean and Warren make up after their fight and he shows off his baking skills. Warren later tells everyone the result, a croquembouche is available in the kitchen. In Paris, Adrienne and Garrison comes across a car accident and help the woman driver, unaware that Rick Chalker, the last of the Chalker brothers, is unconscious in the back of the box truck involved, where he was planning to unleash his exo-suit against them; instead, he is only able to fly out of the truck before the suit loses power and he winds up at the bottom of the Seine.

2016: Miles celebrates his score on a practice test. Kevin continues to train Gabriel in the ways of espionage. Wade texts Cecilia asking to hang out. Laurie posts about the movie "Crimson Peak." Are We Ourselves: Coulson calls Clint to investigate disappearances in Alaska, sparking the following string of texts and emails; Clint texts Natasha to discuss; Clint invites Kyle and Molly to join him; Clint asks Matt to dogsit; Molly asks Topaz if she wants to come on Clint's trip; Clint emails Jennie to let her know about his whereabouts; Topaz texts Amanda to get her to catsit; Molly tells Wade she's going on a real mission; Wade texts Marie-Ange his feelings on this.

2017: Marie-Ange wants to hatewatch American Gods.

2018: Marie-Ange posts about a crystal ball frappuccino, and wanting one every other day.

2019: Sue suggests taking advantage of a warm weekend with a BBQ.

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