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Moment of Awesome - Callisto: During Fear in the Dark, Callisto and X-Factor encounter the Juggernaut, who has undergone an upgrade.

"Okay, I get why you said the billy club would be useless now," Alex said in what would have been a conversational tone if red energy wasn't already warping around his arms. "Sue, can you set up a force field or something around here? Try and keep gawkers and idiots out of the way?"

The blonde glanced back at the crowd gathering in the street before looking back at Alex with a shake of her head, "Something that big, it'd fall apart if you hit so much as a tennis ball at it. Best I can do is try to block individuals trying to get past, or anything flying back at them."

"So that's what we do then." Callisto slipped her hands into her jacket pockets and withdrew them wearing rather battered, very functional-looking knuckle dusters. "We'll take point, no one in, no one out. Who's gonna try to slow down the big guy? I'd say I'll go toe to toe with him but that miiiight come under the heading of 'unnecessary escalation'. Possibly containment of some kind is a better plan?"

"I've seen him fight when I was a little girl. He charges and once he does - there is little to stop him. I would say we would have to play tag with him. Keep him from going after one single target." Lorna looked at him but she didn't want to say that this did not look like the Juggernaut her father would brag about or that she had seen training with other rookies back in the day. He was dressed differently and whatever he was carrying in his hand, that was also new. "Alex go left. Callisto go right. I'll take point." Mostly because she could fly up and out of his reach. "Sue, leaving the force field to you."

The blonde pulled a face, her hands slipping out of her pockets as she pulled on a pair of gloves, lagging behind so she fell behind the others, glancing along the street as white teeth bit into her lower lip. It was a lot of space to cover, but she'd be more if a liability in the actual fight, especially against someone like the Juggernaut, that level of power was more than she could handle, for now at least. Working on her powers was something she'd let fall by the wayside, but that was something to worry about later. "Yeah, I'll see what I can do about limiting the collateral, just drop him fast."

Callisto broke into a light trot to head around the right flank, eyes darting from side to side as she assessed the situation. Small-scale tactics, this she could do. Though open spaces like this one, that she was less fond of. So much potential collateral. No firm barrier. From what Sue had said, whatever energy barrier they had was going to slow things at best, not stop them.

"Get the fuck out of here!" she yelled at some people who were, inexplicably, still milling around, possibly near their own cars given what looked like a slow collision from vehicles all trying to turn and flee at the same time. For now, the big guy didn't seem to be looking her way. Calliso grabbed a piece of building debris - a large concrete block with a handy iron bar sticking out of it - and took up position at a minimum distance, dropping down low.

Today in XProject:

October 20


2004: Alison listens to a love song Jay is writing and talks to him about the memories associated with it. Kitty takes Manuel to get his driver's permit. Manuel and Alison realise they see colour differently than most people.

2005: Alison visits Lorna after Lorna confesses by email she (as Malice) killed Alison's father. Nathan and Marius are properly introduced. Haroun and Miles play chess. Kitty has a wiggins about her non-mutant abilities and Jamie is there to reassure her. Forge goes home; Catseye distracts herself from Forge's absence with tormenting Marius. Mutants and Molotovs: Nathan broaches the subject of a field trip to Seattle and the G8 summit.

2006: Ororo tells Crystal she needs to learn to control her anger. Remy and Ororo meet in New York for their usual lunch and talk about their mutual singledom now that Lorna has explained to Remy that things are over. Laurie says goodbye to Yvette. Vitiation: Marius and Jennie resolve their issues and become friends again.

2007: Forge and Crystal take the bus run and catch up. At Stefan's wedding, Amanda and Kurt talk about being home; Stefan enquires on Angelo's intentions towards his sister; Stefan and Amanda bond and later she and Angelo talk over being left behind and a possible spell that might help.

2008: Garrison asks Adrienne out for drinks to gloat about the Red Sox playoff defeat. Yvette posts about the weekend. Doug points out a World of Warcraft-related cartoon to Forge.

2009: Nico makes her introduction post, clarifying that she has no powers but an ancient magical artifact stuck in her chest and that she is being watched because she made Amanda mad. She covers her likes and dislikes in this post and asks for recommendations for cheap clothing. Megan posts in her journal that she went to Walgreens and bought nailpolish. She inquires about Halloween because it isn't a big deal in the UK. Amanda informs Snow Valley of the mansion's new resident, Nico, saying she offered to work with the girl and see if she can turn up any information about the bond Nico has to the Staff. Logan visits Sarah and is less than welcome as he explains that he left because he was dangerous to people. Sarah points out that she was dangerous but she never left and tells him to leave. Logan complies but makes it clear that he'll be there if she needs backup.

2010: Vanessa approaches Laura about doing some tracking work to try and find Nick. Laurie and Kyle torture new trainee Jean-Phillipe with an early-morning run.

2011: Layla enlists the help of Sarah and Doug to first steal Kyle's phone and then booby trap it with trick mp3s. Kyle mentions on the journals that his phone is missing. Layla emails Artie about Parents' Weekend, the Morlocks and Yvette's sexuality.

2012: Johnny posts about squirrel chaos in the laundry room. Laurie asks for a sparring partner for a workout. Matt posts song lyrics in honour of the homecoming dance later. Maddie posts a picture of herself and her date in their homecoming dresses. Sooraya talks about being burned out on the journals. Garrison and Adrienne go to a charity ball.

2013: Adrienne meets Amanda for drinks Saturday night and the next morning a horrific discovery is made: the temporary Jays tattoo is actually real.

2014: Rogue texts Jessica to see if she could help her find Rogue’s parents. Tandy texts Sue stating she is famous and that the tabloids are eating it all up. Gabriel goes to Adrienne to alter a stolen suit. Clint texts Namor asking about “Sulian”. Cecilia remembers when the intrigue surrounded Dazzler and what happens up at the school and states she misses those days. Matt texts Clint asking when did him and Gabriel get together. Clint texts Gabriel stating he doesn’t like living here. Clint texts Kyle asking him never to tell him that he smells people on him unless he is going to die. Julian texts Tandy asking how Sue is handling the new press.

2015: Miles texts Warren about needing a favor in the form of Star Wars tickets. Gabriel texts Miles asking if that sound was him. Wade posts about returning from the woods and in need of tacos and if he should be concerned about the noise coming from the second floor. Miles texts Ganke Lee saying mission accomplished and that they have opening night tickets for Star Wars: The Force Awakens.


2017: Alex makes an Instagram cross post of a very tired Mrs. Summers. Kurt runs into the newcomer in the halls, who promptly tries to recruit him to a double-act. Clarice makes an impassioned journal entry imploring bearded men to improve the grooming standards of said beards. Jubilee texts Amanda about a potential broken liver.

2018: Felicia posts from her soon to be private island on her birthday. Topaz texts Hope, Tandy, and Ty begging for help with organizing Diwali.

2019: While picking up medical supplies, Molly and Sharon stop a crime in progress. Kyle shares a YouTube video of The World's 10 Scariest Rides.

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