New Orleans: The Pontchartrain Strain

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Content Warning: This page or the logs related to it contain graphic sexual content and should be considered Not Safe For Work.


New Orleans: The Pontchartrain Strain
Dates run: May 24, 2010-February 19, 2011
Run By: Frito
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"You know that unless Shirow asks for our help, de Assassin's Guild is not going to be able to guarantee his safety much longer."

Driven to New Orleans by a vision of death for her team-mates, Marie-Ange launches a desperate solo mission to prevent disaster.


Marie-Ange Colbert, Amanda Sefton, Remy LeBeau, Nico Minoru

New Orleans Guilds| Daniel Boudreaux, New Orleans Guilds| Zoe Ishihara, New Orleans Guilds| Shirow Ishihara


May 24, 2010-February 19, 2011

Plot Summary

Driven by visions of death and destruction following the Pakistan operation, Marie-Ange abruptly left New York, leaving a "dear John" letter to end her relationship with Doug Ramsey, quitting her position with X-Force and going to New Orleans without explanation. Remy, aware that something pre-cognitive must be afoot, explained things as best he could and cautioned Doug not to go after her - it was death for any member of the Hellfire Club to enter the city following the elevation of Belladonna to Black Queen.

In New Orleans, Marie-Ange met with Daniel Bordreaux, head of the Assassin's Guild and offered her services in return for help in her mysterious mission. As a test, she identified a traitor in the midst of Bordreaux's people and carried out the order to dispatch him herself. She remained with the Guild for eight months, carrying out the Guild's work and learning more about the art of death. She also pursued her own investigation centered around Shirow Ishihara, brother of the the leader of the Forger's Guild. He seemed to be an odd target, a mild mannered man with no history of violence or criminal activity, beyond the Guild's auspices. Marie-Ange's visions, however, were firmly fixed on him and a catastrophic event caused, somehow, by him.

By December, time was running out. Sleeping with Daniel Boudreaux afforded her a little more time with the Guilds, who were growing suspicious of her presence, but Marie-Ange knew her options in preventing the future she saw relating to Shirow Ishihara were becoming more and more restricted and would likely end in her death. She was pushed to act on her visions of death and disaster when the remnants of Strucker's people appeared to be preparing a chemical weapon attack in Louisiana. While some of her former X-Force teammates investigated HYDRA's activities, Marie-Ange assassinated Shirow, in order to prevent his mutation - a highly lethal gas - being used to kill millions of people. She was captured following the murder and awaiting her own execution by Zoe Ishihara, Shirow's grieving sister.

What she had not foreseen (since if X-Force as a team had been involved, they would have died) was that Remy and Amanda would come to her rescue, with Nico Minoru in tow - Tante Mattie had sent the visiting Amanda and her student, Nico, to bring Marie-Ange back home. While Remy confronted the Guildmaster, Amanda sneaked into the Guild mansion and freed her friend, while Nico (who had been told to wait in the car) had to indulge in some creative driving to clear the exit.

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Trivia and Meta


Marie-Ange returned from New Orleans a changed woman, much more friendly (for her) and began dating Wade Wilson not long after.

Doug was not exactly impressed by the lack of warning of Marie-Ange's return. The pair's relationship continues to be punctuated by snark.


Plotrunner: Frito

The plot was conceived in the Song Titles meme by Dex.