Ramsey Family

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Ramsey Family
Portrayed by Various
Known Aliases: John, Mary, Katie and Jennifer Ramsey
Affiliations: Doug Ramsey
Socked By: Seraph, Jo
Introduction: Fianchetto

The Ramseys are the immediate family of Doug Ramsey. While on good terms with their son, they haven't exactly been around in his life since his genetic status was discovered.


First appearance: March 2010

John Ramsey A lawyer, John Ramsey tends to the reserved and guarded, even with Doug sometimes. He has felt guilty over the fact that his son is essentially a stranger to him since coming to Xavier's.

PB: To be determined - socked by Seraph

Mary Ramsey Mary Ramsey, like her husband, has a background in the law, though she mostly retired to raise their three children. She, like John, worries about the fact that their son is somewhat distant.

PB: To be determined - socked by Seraph

Katie Ramsey
The eldest of Doug's two younger sisters. In 2010 she surprised her brother by announcing she was attending Columbia University in New York, causing him to have to juggle his other life as an X-Force operative. It was also during this time she came out to him. Following her abduction by Telford Porter as leverage against her brother, Katie's memory was altered by Emma Frost and a feeling of deep antipathy to Doug created, resulting in her relocating to the West Coast and refusing to talk to her brother again.

PB: Aimee Teegarden - socked by Jo and Nichole

Jennifer Ramsey The baby of the family, Jenny shares her brother's love of pranking and frequently plots 'surprises' for his visits home.

PB: To be determined - socked by Jo

Other family members: None that have appeared onscreen


Other than the occasional visit home, the Ramsey family had very little to do with Doug after he came to Xavier's. They tried to change that with a visit in March 2010 that was rather awkward at times. Since the events of Fianchetto, there has been very little contact between them. Whether or not this is a result of the antipathy Emma instilled in Katie for Doug, Doug feels that it's probably for the best, given the nature of his work for X-Force.


July 2004 - Marie-Ange and Doug run into problems with the Friends of Humanity while visiting his family.

March 2010 - Doug's family visits his workplace, unaware of the real work X-Force does.



Socked by: Seraph and Jo