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Dates run: September 12, 2010 - January 24, 2011
Run By: Twiller
Read the logs: Fianchetto

"I thought...I thought I could keep you safe if you didn't know the things I did, if I kept that part of my life separate. But I was wrong. And I'm sorry. I'm so sorry."

When Doug helps Tabitha search out one of her demons, it rebounds on him in a way he never expected.


Tabitha Smith, Doug Ramsey, Vanessa Carlysle, Lucas Bishop, Laura Kinney, Jean-Paul Beaubier, Amanda Sefton, Emma Frost

Katie Ramsey

Telford Porter


September 12, 2010 - January 24, 2011

Plot Summary

Plagued by half-memories of a conversation overheard during her kidnapping, specifically the mention of the Black King, Tabitha began digging into the Hellfire Club as best she could, approaching Warren Worthington as one of the "rich and powerful" types she knew who might know about the Club's inner workings and eventually being directed to Doug as a possible resource. Doug, upon learning that Sebastian Shaw might have connections to Telford Porter, Tabitha's abductor, and the Serpent Society, saw it as a chance to possibly get something on the rival Court, even more so when he saw Porter at a Hellfire Club function, fawning on the Black Court. He eventually hired X-Factor to look into Porter's dealings, including his safehouse in New York and his brothel in Madripoor.

At the same time, Doug was encountering problems of his own, with his sister Katie surprising him with her acceptance to Columbia University. Suddenly his balancing of his true work and his family was much more complicated, as Katie was curious about her absentee brother's life and wanted to be involved in it more. What he did not realise was that he needed to be wary about his Hellfire life crossing over to the other parts of his life; just as he was investigating Porter, Porter was looking for a way to ingratiate himself with the Black Court, and had decided the White Knight a viable target.

A simple assassination attempt against Doug himself failed. An overheard conversation at a Hellfire function, in which Doug told the story of his sister coming out to him, provided another angle.

Doug received a panicked call from his sister's roommate, telling him that Katie was missing. Realising there was only one person who could be involved, Doug called on Amanda, breaking the professional-only silence that had been between the two of them since Selene's return and defeat. To his surprise, she agreed to 'port to Madripoor alone to see if Katie was in Porter's brothel there. X-Factor was called in to raid Porter's safehouse in New York, discovering Katie among a number of mutant girls earmarked for the Madripoor white slavery market.

Back at the Hellfire Club, Katie was reunited with her brother. Her reaction, upon discovering he was the reason for her kidnapping, was outraged and furious, and Doug had to accept that he could not continue down the paths he had chosen and remain close to his family - it was too dangerous for them. After Emma wiped Katie's mind of the experience and planted the idea of moving to a West Coast school, Katie left, her ties to her brother broken for the foreseeable future.

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As a result of their conversation on the day Katie was kidnapped, Doug and Amanda eventually reconciled after the events of Revenant.


Plotrunner: Twiller