Telford Porter

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Telford Porter
Portrayed by Stock image
Known Aliases: The Vanisher
Affiliations: None
Socked By: Frito
Introduction: Halflight

"Tabby Cat. My girl, you look so grown-up now."

The Fagin-like character who trained Tabitha to steal and survive using her powers as a young homeless kid.


Name: Telford Porter


Affiliation: Serpent Society, himself

First appearance: May 17, 2009

Family: Unknown


Little is known about Porter's history. A teleporter, he set himself up as a Fagin figure to the young mutant runaways of Atlantic City, teaching them to steal and cheat while taking their profits in return for a safe place to stay. Tabitha Smith was one such 'pupil', back when she was a young teenager not long manifested, although she managed to escape his clutches after a time.

Porter reappeared in 2009, where he set up a meeting with Tabitha under the guise of asking for her help with a number of abductions of 'his' kids. It was a set-up, with Porter drugging Tabitha and taking her to Vancouver, where he handed her over to the Serpent Society, who were acquiring young mutants for the purposes of the mutant black market. Porter's 'gift' of Tabitha was to settle things between himself and the Society, with the agreement they would leave his kids alone in future. He escaped in the confusion of the X-Men and Alpha Flight crashing the warehouse.

Trying to ingratiate himself with Sebastian Shaw and Hellfire's Black Court, Porter decided to target the White Knight. After an assassination attempt failing, he instead kidnapped Doug's sister Katie. At this point X-Factor intervened, having already been investigation Porter at Doug's request. They raided his New York safehouse to find Katie and a number of other girls earmarked for the slave trade in Madripoor.

Doug and Tabitha confronted Porter at the Hellfire Club, Doug emptying his accounts and telling him to run and hide. When he did at least part of that - run - Tabitha went with him, showing Porter a little of the woman she'd become before Porter disappeared again, with what little he had left in his possession.


Porter is a mutant that possesses the ability to teleport himself, his clothes, and an as yet undetermined amount of additional mass. The limits on the Porter's teleportational range and the maximum amount of mass he can teleport with himself are unknown, but he can teleport himself and several others from New York City to Vancouver without any visible strain.





Socked by: Frito

Previously socked by Suzene

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