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Lorna Dane returned to the mansion for powers help, following a dramatic reduction in her abilities. Doreen Green continued to avoid the issue of training in her knuckle spikes, a fact not lost on Yvette Petrovic, who called her on it, and Catseye had a up cose and personal demonstration of why Jean-Paul Beaubier was so avoidant of people when he accidentally blasted her. Yvette also exprienced one of Monet St. Croix's "zone outs" during a Danger Room training session.

X-Force had to put on their happy faces with a visit from Doug Ramsey's very normal family and Vanessa Carlysle was attacked in New York. She managed to kill her assailants, asking Jean-Paul to assist in disposing of the bodies, and discovered the incident was part of a turf war engaged against Mág Ealga by a rival mercenary group, requiring her to go to Romania to help the others out.

Angelo Espinosa talked to former girlfriend Amanda Sefton about his new relationship with old flame, Alejandra Torres. Amanda took things better than expected, although she wasn't over the moon. Kevin Ford began sending Jean-Paul a series of drawings following an odd conversation with the older man, who had been burning his bloodied clothes (from helping Vanessa with body disposal) at the time. Meggan Szardos continued suffering from nightmares, which fuelled her uncharacteristically grumpy moods.

And finally, Adrienne Frost was set up by Jason Wyngarde and the Black Court, when he asked her to read the Hellfire Club seal and used telepath Astrid Bloom to trap her in the reading. However, Adrienne had already gone to see Emma Frost about her concerns and a counter-trap was laid, with Emma 'pasting' faces of those Adrienne knew onto the images in her visions of the seal's history, with an image of Garrison Kane as the founder of the American Club shaking Adrienne out of the spiral. Emma and Adrienne fed Astrid false information on the seal and Emma psionically defeating the Black Court telepath.


Mar 1 - Remy picks up Lorna, returning to the mansion due to powers issues, from the airport. Yvette emails Catseye about the conversation with Kevin. Nick meets his new family over dinner. Jan posts about National Pig Day. Megan and Nico go shopping in New York and wind up entertaining a group of children with magic.

Mar 2 - Laurie e-mails Morgan about blackmail material on Jean-Paul. Jubilee posts about working late. Laurie visits Angelo and John at their apartment and makes dinner while John is his usual charming self.

Mar 3 - Lorna posts about being back, making brunch (and dinner) and the kitchen being messy. Amara runs into Daniel and winds up accepting a dinner invitation.

Mar 4 - Yvette and Monet train, and Yvette witnesses a zone out of Monet's first hand.

Mar 5 - Adrienne e-mails Garrison about their weekend away.

Mar 6 - Revenant: Catseye seeks out Meggan to play with and Meggan is initially uncharacteristically grumpy and out of sorts from recurring nightmares.

Mar 7 - Kurt and Logan play 'tag' in the gym.

Mar 8 - The New Mutants have study hall.

Mar 9 - Monet drafts Laura into driving her to buy shoes.

Mar 10 - John texts Angelo about being bored and they start a conversation about John wanting his splints removed, asking Amanda to magick his nose, and John leaving Catseye some catnip in a report she is to proofread.

Mar 11 - Catseye leaves John a note thanking him for the catnip, leaving him a cookie; she then emails Kyle mentioning that she's left the catnip in his room for his cat. Yvette posts about her feeling that spring is on the way. Adrienne gets a horseback riding lesson from Sam who avoids her questions about his feelings regarding Morgan's new beau, prompting her to attempt setting him up with Amara. Kyle posts about his cat being stoned on catnip.

Mar 12 - Yvette posts asking people what their favourite weekend activity is and in the course of various responses, argues with Monet. Crystal posts to remind people about Daylight Savings.

Mar 13 - Laurie posts asking for suggestions for weekend activities since she is not working. Doreen and Yvette talk in the woods about Doreen's knuckle spikes - specifically, the fact she hasn't tried to bring them out again - which is a conversation Dori tries to avoid.

Mar 14 - Revenant: Amanda takes Nico to Marie-Ange for a reading but all they can figure out is a dark power is rising and Nico is at the centre of it all. Maybe.

Mar 15 - Cammie updates her journal with a photo from Hacked IRL; a website dedicated to culture jamming. Yvette posts a birthday shout-out to Jean-Phillipe.

Mar 16 - Jan emails Lorna with a special food request for Kyle's 20th birthday and Lorna happily obliges.

Mar 17 - John and Jan wish everyone a happy St. Patrick's Day via their journals. John announces his intent to get wholly drunk whilst Jan invites everyone to an alcohol-free party at the second-floor rec room. Kyle sends Jan a text message regarding her intent to pinch anyone who doesn't adhere to the party dress code.

Mar 18 - Crystal makes an announcement about the upcoming spring weekend, inviting everyone to head out to the lake to hear speeches by the students in her Speech class. Bobby and Adrienne spend some time at the Salem Center Community Club's indoor ice rink where Bobby attempts to teach Adrienne how to skate.

Mar 19 - Jubilee complains about a bad hangover via her journal. Nico and Catseye head out to the woods to perform some transfiguration spells on woodland creatures. Nick and Kurt have a father-son chat after class; Nick makes a birthday request and Kurt helps to ease the boy's doubts about his adoption.

Mar 20 - Jan posts a birthday shout out to Kyle. John buys Angelo a new pair of loafers to replace the ones he ruined. Megan undergoes training with Monet to improve her flying skills.

Mar 21 - Garrison and Adrienne go to a baseball game in Florida. Kyle posts about the weirdness of being twenty and how celebrating his birthday on a weekend totally rocked. Laurie tries to convince Jean-Paul to bake with her by showing up with ingredients, but leaves when he stresses how uncomfortable he is.

Mar 22 - Kyle drops by the brownstone so Doug can fix his laptop and they talk about Forge's non-contact before deciding sparring is a good way to vent. Doug posts about getting a voicemail from his family saying they are going to visit his workplace.

Mar 23 - Laurie leaves a smiley-face cupcake with a note outside Jean-Paul's door; Jean-Paul emails her to let her know it's an apple a day, not a happy cupcake, that keeps the doctor away, in reference to her note, as well as thanking her. Dori runs into Artie on the skating ramp and they talk about the impending doom of his history test. Santayana Effect: Adrienne emails Emma about an run-in with Jason Wyngarde at a Hellfire function.

Mar 24 - Santayana Effect: In Boston, Adrienne and Emma discuss Adrienne's recent meeting with Wyngarde, where he revealed knowledge of her powers and asked her for a Reading on behalf of the Black Court; Emma hatches a plan after seeing the meeting for herself in Adrienne's memories. Doug posts about potential airport security polices which will track personal electronic devices and asks for the Snow Valley people to give him their phones for him to fix. Warren drunk-dials Amanda, missing Jay and Piotr and she comes to his rescue.

Mar 25 - Doug and Marie-Ange de-spy their apartment ahead of the visit from Doug's family and discuss their impending doom. Catseye sneaks up on Jean-Paul and finds out why he is so nervous of people when he accidentally blasts her.

Mar 26 - Angelo meets with Amanda at Finnegans and they talk about Angelo's new relationship, among other things. Doug and Marie-Ange meet Doug's family at the airport.

Mar 27 - Vanessa is attacked in New York and discovers someone has put out a hit on Mág Ealga and plans to go to Romania to help the others; Vanessa calls Jean-Paul to help her dispose of the bodies of her attackers; Kevin comes across Jean-Paul burning his bloodied clothing and they have a rather odd conversation.

Mar 28 - Kevin leaves Jean-Paul a drawing. Doug and his father have a talk over basketball and beer.

Mar 29 - Kevin leaves Jean-Paul another drawing. Doug's family insists on visiting his work and it's a struggle to keep things as 'normal' as possible. Santayana Effect: Adrienne, with a telepathic link to Emma in her mind, meets with Jason Wyngarde and Black Court telepathic consultant, Astrid Bloom, to read the Hellfire Club seal; Astrid Bloom traps Adrienne within the seal's memories and Emma tries to shock her out of the trap by pasting faces familiar to Adrienne over faces of characters interacting with the seal throughout history: she sees Logan taking Nico's grandmother back to Hong Kong after the Second World War; Cammie and Kurt are German spies planting a bomb at a theatre during V-E Day celebrations in 1945, thwarted by Marie-Ange and Wanda as Logan and Nico look on; Remy, Jean-Paul, and Warren are three brothers scheming and murdering each other over the seal in 1920s Egypt; Vanessa is a wounded soldier tended to by Nurse Angelo and killed by mentally unbalanced pilot Sam Guthrie; Sheriff Logan, Deputy Kyle, and saloon-owner Amara defeat evil killer Victor Creed in the Wild West; Doreen Green makes a transatlantic crossing from England to America to marry a man her mother, Amanda, has arranged for her; Lex is a Confederate soldier killed by the Union as he tries to get his young ward, Amanda to the docks to flee to England and keep the seal safe; Bobby Drake and Sam Guthrie as American rebel forces scare off Redcoat Julian Keller during the American Revolution; Doug picks up the newly forged seal and brings it to his boss, Elias Bogan, founder of the American Hellfire Club, wearing Garrison's face which breaks the trap Adrienne is caught in; Adrienne and Emma set a trap of their own for Astrid Bloom and Wyngarde by feeding them false images about the seal and Emma thwarts Astrid's attack on Adrienne, saving the day.

Mar 30 - Hank and Catseye head out to the woods for an early morning training session and he helps give her a few pointers while tracking deer. Kevin draws a piece of art and leaves it under Jean-Paul's door.

Mar 31 - Jean-Paul finds himself having a fairly awkward conversation with Catseye regarding sex while helping her with her agility training. Sometime late at night, Kevin slips another drawing under Jean-Paul's door.



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