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Organization: Red X
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First Seen: February 6, 2004

Red X is a program connected to the American Red Cross as a means of utilising the powers of young mutants in beneficial ways, predominantly disaster relief.


Red X was launched in February 2004, a joint venture between Xavier's School for Gifted Youngstersand the Red Cross. It was intended to provide training and opportunity for mutants wanting to get involved in humanitarian work, especially disaster relief.

Induction training was carried out on the last Friday of every month, including First Aid and talks from those involved in search and rescue and disaster relief. At one point most of the students and staff at the school were involved in the program, assisting in several events. Things expanded beyond the involvement of Xavier's during 2005, and with the San Diego earthquake, most of the Xavier's students and alumni who had been Red X member volunteered to help the myriad aid agencies on the ground. Several of the new students also got involved, expressing an interest in continuing with the program.

The event and the response revived mansion interest in Red X, and for New Year's 2006 a charity event was held at Silver. In 2007 the next generation of Xavier's students signed up and began getting involved, and this continued in 2008.

Training continues to occur on the last Friday of every month, and during missions there is an emphasis on taking care of oneself and knowing one's limits. Red X staff will bench anyone they see over-exerting themselves to the point of collapse, having a duty of care to the minors in the program, and also not wanting to waste time and resources in the middle of a crisis on those who have driven themselves into unconsciousness. This is particularly stressed during training.

Regular training is necessary for Red X volunteers under the age of 18, covering first aid, search and rescue techniques, communications and so on. This training takes place at the school once a month. Field Leader training is available for members once they reach 17 and consists of either a summer-long intensive training course, or a weekly training over six months, to allow for schooling. This training takes place at the Red Cross offices in New York.

Participation on a case-by-case basis is possible for those who have been members in the past, requiring them to keep their accreditation current with a refresher course every six months. Medically trained individuals are likewise welcomed to participate in aid missions, without necessarily being active members.

In terms of working with local authorities, Red X's people in charge take their instructions from local emergency services as to what is needed, and work in conjunction with them, rather like the Citizen Corps or CERTs. Volunteers follow instructions from their Red X field leaders, who in turn are taking instructions from either Red X response leaders or from the local emergency services commanders.

In 2012, with the formation of X-Corps, the Xavier's division of Red X began operating formally from the mansion, with the administrative work, recruitment and basic training being taken on by X-Corps employees.

In June 2014, a charity "slave auction" event was held, with Hope Abbott volunteering to assist. It was extremely successful.

Active Members

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Yvette Petrovic

Laurie Collins

Jean-Phillipe Colbert

Sooraya Qadir

Clarice Ferguson

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Red X was first created by Bonnie.

Red X poster created by Nute

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