Red X Mission: Dangerous Load

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Dangerous Load
Dates run: May 22, 2009
Run By: Rossi
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"You mean, did he tell me you were a mutant? Heck, that's exactly why we need you and your pals. We've got two trains derailed and a chemical hazard - we don't have the manpower to clear the area and clean up the mess. The local cops didn't want to get you Xavier's kids involved, but Paul's been talking you up enough around the stations that I figured it couldn't hurt." He paused, and then added. "Ah, the cops might give you a hard time. They really don't like you kids. That's not a problem, is it?"

A local accident brings out the residents of the Institute to assist, regardless of the local police force's opposition.


Angelica Jones, Nathan Dayspring, Jean-Paul Beaubier, Carmilla Black, Catseye, Lillian Crawley-Jeffries, Clarice Ferguson, Jay Guthrie, Crystal Amaquelin, Callie Betto, Julian Keller, Fred Dukes, Forge, John Allerdyce, Yvette Petrovic, Inez Temple, Kyle Gibney

NPCs: Crew for both trains, passengers, Salem Center Police Department, emergency crews.


May 22, 2009

Plot Summary

It was a Friday morning like any other. Until Angel received a call from the Salem Center Fire Brigade, dealing with a major accident not far from Salem Center - a freight train loaded with liquid propane derailed, blocking the tracks both ways and spilling its dangerous cargo. Propane is heavier than air and so sinks and gathers in enclosed spaces, thus making the entire train difficult to approach. Things were complicated with a passenger train, which was coming the other way and braked just in time to avoid a major collision and explosion, but was unable to be moved backwards without the possibility of sparking the flammable chemicals with sparks from the wheels. Police and the fire brigade were only just arriving on the scene, but the disaster is far too big for them alone to deal with in the time required to evacuate personnel and to contain the spill.

Based on Angel's experience with the fire brigade and the school's previous attendance at a fire, Angel was asked to find volunteers to come assist. She posted a call to anyone available and willing attends to help and a good number of the mansion's residents responded. The tasks involved were:

1) evacuating passengers from the train quickly, as well as seeing to any injuries caused by the sudden stop and finding passengers who may be frightened and hiding;

2) rescuing both train crews - the freight train crew especially was difficult to reach due to the spill - and getting them to medical treatment;

3) keeping bystanders and media to a safe distance;

4) liaising with the SCPD, who weren't at all happy about the 'mutant invasion' of their turf;

5) containing and cleaning up the spill.

As this incident was public enough to be covered by the local media, everyone involved was included under the Red X umbrella, to avoid issues - no X-Men uniforms, no actions, at least in the public eye, that would be considered threatening (therefore, tact is required for the police). The Institute - and the Red X program - received some good publicity, although anti-mutant groups also spoke out about the replacement of human emergency services by mutant 'glory hounds'.

The spilled propane was rendered safe by a collaborative effort: Nathan and Julian used their TK to collect it together, Angel ignited it with her microwaves and John and Crystal ensured that it didn't explode out of control, instead burning off like a giant Roman candle.

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Jay discovered his hair-trigger emotions were less than suited for evacuating frightened passengers and John intervened to calm him down. As well as indulge in some casual looting.

The local police, known FOH supporters, were unhappy about the presence of the mutants, but couldn't send them away as the fire brigade had requested their help.

After the police investigators were finished with the site, Callie returned and 'helped' regrow the area.

Fred and Cammie were recruited for their first Red X mission, on the basis that they wouldn't be harmed by inhaling the propane.


Plotrunner: Rossi

Socking was done by:

Shai - police Frito - train crews (both trains) Seraph - passengers and bystanders Cate - passengers and bystanders k8 - medical crews Ryan - media Dex - Abe Carson, SCPD Police Chief Rossi - police, passengers, bystanders, medical crews, fire crews, etc.