Red-X Mission: King Tide

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King Tide
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Dates run: May 2, 2014
Run By: Rossi
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Radio. Once the wreckage stopped flying toward her and she could keep her guard down, she needed to radio. But for now, it was all she could do to grit her teeth and fight the tsunami that was unfurling around her.

When a tsunami bears down on the mutant homeland of Avalon, Red X are the only ones who can help.


Jean Grey, Angelo Espinosa, Hope Abbott, Cecilia Reyes, Scott Summers, Tandy Bowen, Kurt Sefton, Billy Kaplan, Namor Mazur, Sarah Vale, Matt Murdock, Angelica Jones, Yvette Petrovic, Kyle Gibney, Clarice Ferguson

Longshot and his film crew; miscellaneous Avalon mutants.


May 2, 2014

Plot Summary

During a Red X meeting in the city, Yvette was alerted to the fact an earthquake in the Pacific had triggered a tsunami. Unfortunately, one of the islands in the path of the waves was Avalon, formerly the mutant homeland created by Magneto and still home to a number of mutants. With the official response focussed on less illegal and secret nations, Yvette realised that the Xavier's branch of Red X were the only ones who could help the Avalon mutants.

With Clarice teleporting the volunteers to the island, the group had just over an hour to evacuate residents to higher ground before the tsunami hit. Unfortunately, many of the Avalon residents were suspicious and uncooperative, having been forcibly relocated from the island previously after Magnet's betrayal and then a volcanic eruption. Using various means, from persuasion to teleporting individuals without their permission (we're looking at you, Billy), the majority of residents were safe when the wave arrived.

Down on the beach, however, not everyone was safe. Hope was washed away by the wave while Cecilia watched, unable to help her. The shock pushed the student's mind into the astral plane, and even after Namor rescued her, she remained unconscious. Jean, battling her own memories of drowning during X2, was able to bring Hope's mind back from her wanderings on the astral plane.

In the wreckage following the wave, volunteers continued to rescue the injured and locate the dead. Matt, taking a break from his work, had a rather strange encounter with another volunteer who was identified later as TV survival series star, Longshot.

After the initial disaster response, Yvette worked tirelessly in the days following, ensuring the island had supplies to rebuild and finding new homes for those who wished to relocate.

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The incident prompted Cecilia to take up her powers training again, as she realised she had been helpless to prevent Hope from being washed out to sea.


Plotrunner: Rossi

The subject of the disaster was picked by player vote out of the top ten most common disasters. It was Dex's idea to set the plot on Avalon.

The plot poster was created by Walks.

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