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Players are encouraged to find other people to sock NPCs/ Villains wherever possible, to spread the roleplay love. To determine who socks a NPC/Villain, check out the individual NPC/Villain page.

Want to sock someone? Contact the mods.

Dedicated Modsocks

All logs involving these characters must be cleared by the modlist before posting. For sockers, see each individual character page.

Abigail Brand, Charles Xavier, Nathaniel Essex, Moira MacTaggart,Laurie Collins.

Non-Dedicated Modsocks

These characters do not have a specific socker, meaning you can arrange a socker as you need the character, but all logs using them must be cleared by the modlist before posting, due to the influence they can have on the game world or the need for consistent characterisation.

Mystique, Sabretooth, Amelia Voght, The Avengers, Magneto, Val Cooper, Nick Fury, Peter Parker, Phil Coulson

Current Sockers

To find out which NPCs/Villains a player socks, go to the Players Page and click on their link. Always feel free to approach any current player (including those not listed as having current socking duties) about socking - they will let you know whether they have the time or not. Players are encouraged to try on socking NPCs or Villains as a writing exercise.

Special "Guest" Sockers

Players Emeritus remain available as sockers for NPCs or villains they have socked before, or for special 'guest' spots.

Sockers Required

The NPCs and Villains listed here will need a socker to be used. Feel free to ask the players, specifically or in general, if they will sock for you.