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This character is currently unplayed, but is open for applications. If you are interested in applying for this character, you can contact the mods at x_moderators @ googlegroups . com and you can find the application form here.

Suzanne 'Zanne' Chan
Sway Card.jpeg
Portrayed by Cecilia Cheung
Codename: Sway
Affiliations: X-Men
Birthdate: November 24, 1980
Journal: x_sway
Player: Available for applications

One time vigilante, Zanne was asked to join the X-Men by Charles and found working in a team preferable to going it alone. In February 2010 she departed, having gotten a job in Chicago.


Character Journal: x_sway

Real Name: Suzanne 'Zanne' Chan

Codename: Sway; formerly: Rufus (trainee)

Aliases: Retrospect

First Appearance: June 23, 2008

Date of Birth: 11/24/1980

Place of Birth: San Francisco

Citizenship: American

Relatives: David and Emily Chan (parents, deceased)

Education: Barnard, 2003. Bachelor of the Arts in Art History. Northeastern, 2005. MBA.

Relationship Status: Divorced

Occupation: Financial Consultant

Team Affiliation: X-Men


Formative Years

Suzanne is a first generation American citizen, her parents David and Emily having emigrated from Hong Kong shortly before her birth. An intelligent, gifted, and well-liked girl, Zanne was raised in a comfortable middle class family, the adored only child of two doting, somewhat overprotective parents. Zanne's ability to 'rewind' time manifested at the age of 14. Out of concern that she would be stigmatized for being a mutant, both Zanne and her parents hid her powers from the public, although she was encouraged to use and develop them at home.

Zanne elected to attend Barnard for college over her parents' objections to its distance from home. Tragedy struck shortly before the end of her freshman year when she and her parents were caught in gangland crossfire. Suzanne's latent ability to stop objects in time manifested and protected her, but did not extend to save the life of her parents, and she witnessed the entire event. Zanne was hailed as a miracle girl for having survived the attack, but was devastated and withdrew into herself, lashing out at those who tried to reach out to her. Zanne spent a great deal of her time returning to the scene of the crime, reliving it over and over, planning vengeance on the shooters. It was not until months later that she was able to track them down and realize that despite her plans, killing them would not erase the past. Zanne froze them in time in their hideout and called the police anonymously, ensuring that they were captured before slipping off into the night.

Suzanne went on to finish her undergraduate degree, all the while fascinated by the possibilities of using her powers to help those in need. Developing her own training regimen to learn how to control her abilities, she became quite adept at controlling and manipulating her time stopping powers, and refined her retrocognitive abilities. Slowly, Zanne began to use her powers to foil crimes and help others, as the opportunities presented themselves, and later more proactively, to the point where she took up what her mockingly called her 'patrol'. Zanne used her abilities most often to freeze time and foil criminals in the act, leaving them bound with plastic ties and awaiting police pickup.

Despite her somewhat reclusive nature in college, she did meet one Andrew Stanley, whom she later married. Andy became a touchstone of normalcy in Zanne's life, and was the link that drew her back into a more social sphere. After their marriage Zanne ceased her active patrolling and eventually went on to earn her MBA. She and Andy settled into a cozy condo in Boston, and were eagerly looking forward to the birth of their first child when Zanne miscarried midway through her second trimester.

Zanne was devastated by her loss, and threw herself into her work, her training, and resumed patrolling, becoming increasingly more aggressive in the latter area, taking out her anger and frustration on the criminal element. Her activities isolated her more and more from her husband and friends, and increasingly left their marks on her body. Her marriage became strained after too many unexplained disappearances, 'nights out with the girls' that were revealed to be covers, and unexplained and bizarre injuries. Unwilling to tell Andy the truth of her double life but unable to pull back from it, it caused a rift that eventually led him file for divorce. Afterwards, Zanne continued to work as a vigilante, although a violent run-in with Boston's O'Rourke gang made her seriously reconsider her lone ranger stance, as well as fire a growing desire to stay in the good graces (and under the radar) of the city's police department and to do more than handle petty thugs.


Zanne was invited by Charles Xavier to join the X-Men, having discovered her years earlier during a period of emotional turmoil, and monitoring her activities in the succeeding years. Zanne accepted his offer enthusiastically.

Zanne lost her job in October 2008 amid the growing financial crisis on Wall Street and finding herself at loose ends, focused on her training. Following the events of The Magnificent Seven she was promoted to full X-Man status. Upon discovering Kyle Gibney struggling with the load of classes, X-Men training and his position as groundskeeper following Cain Marko| Cain Marko's departure after Day Zero, she offered her assistance and experience with dealing with contractors as a way of filling in her time.

The team, however, remained Zanne's top priority, with her participating in a number of missions over the 2008-2009 period and incurring several injuries along the way. She remained largely aloof from the students and residents of the mansion, although she did form friendships with Nathan Dayspring, her roommate Jennie Stavros, Jean-Paul Beaubier and Scott Summers. With the departure of many of these in September 2009, Zanne found herself more and more feeling at loose ends. Following the disastrous prison break out mission, she began actively job-searching again and was offered a position in Chicago. She left the mansion in February 2010.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 120 lbs

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black

Other Features: Zanne always wears a single teardrop-shaped pearl pendent (diamond accent) on a slender gold chain. She also has a small running series of milestone dates in an uncoiling spiral in her left hip. 060398 (high school graduation) 041799 (parents' death) 111599 (vengeance) 112401 (21st birthday) 051603 (Barnard graduation) 071003 (marriage) 051805 (Northeastern graduation) 112205 (miscarriage) 112405 (25th birthday) 020307 (divorce) 102808 (Day Zero) 120608 (full X-Man status)


Xm sway.jpg

Zanne has the ability to decelerate and stop time around her body (range: 75 ft. radius, Suzanne's location at the time of the freeze being its center, she's able to move around within it once it's set,) and is able to use it selectively. A freeze functions much like a bubble, dependent on the pressure inside and out being equalized to maintain it. Zanne provides the inner atmosphere, and her ability to maintain a freeze is strongly affected by her mental and physical state, objects moving in and towards the freeze, its radius, and how long she needs to maintain it. For reasons she doesn't fully understand, most psis, while physically affected by her time stopping ability are not affected mentally in a similar fashion.

She also possesses what is being termed 'retrocognitive projection'; that is, she can project the past history of a specific location. The projections are restricted to pulling up existing impressions left on the astral plane, the strongest impressions (those caused by extreme emotion) being the most readily accessible. These projections are often from a specific viewpoint which affects her ability to interpret them, as well as the overall state of the astral plane. Finally, the projections are 3d and audible in nature, but not tangible.

If Zanne pushes herself too hard in using her powers, the resultant strain can cause in severe headaches, blackouts, or worse.


A short baton.


Zanne Googles her Ex occasionally to check up on him.

Zanne is pretty good at general home repair - wiring, construction, plumbing. She and the Ex remodeled their condo mostly on their own.

Zanne has a goldfish named Lenny.

Zanne lost her job as a result of the collapsing financial markets in 2008.

Zanne's astral form is manifests as semi-transparent with a hourglass for a heart.

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Player Icon Base: Cecilia Cheung

Meta Trivia

Zanne was introduced by Sarah in June 2008 and played until the player's departure from XP in February 2010