Seven Minutes In Heaven

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Seven Minutes In Heaven
Dates run: July 26, 2008
Run By: Alicia
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You know, Nathan, you were always blind. So goddamn self-righteous in your little crusade. You wanted to free us? I didn't want to be saved!

When SHIELD requests the X-Men's help to investigate a secret project with connections to Mistra, the mission goes badly wrong. Part two of the Taygetos Arc.


Cable, Phoenix, Skin, Blink, Wildchild, Sway, Cannonball,

Scott Summers

John Lense, Ilyas Saidullayev, Tara Trask, Amber Hunt, Tanya Callery, Nick Fury, a SHIELD investigative team.


July 26, 2008

Plot Summary


Nick Fury contacted the mansion, asking for help in investigating a facility linked to a project called 'Taygetos', a privately funded initiative with some sort of connection to Mistra. As it was entirely possible that it was a research facility, Scott assigned Jean to gather a team and accompany the SHIELD investigative team to Northern Alaska.

Not knowing what they would find there, they were surprised - and pleased - to discover that while the facility was abandoned, it hadn't been stripped. Nathan, Kyle and Suzanne discovered a secure barracks-like area oddly furnished with medical beds (and restraints), and Suzanne's retrocognitive power was able to establish that it had been in use. Meanwhile, Jean, Clarice and the SHIELD scientists found a fully stocked genetics lab, and what was unmistakably a birthing room, leading them to make some grim conclusions about the original purpose of the facility. Outside, Sam and Angelo, attempting to assist one of the SHIELD team members in getting the facility's generator going again, witnessed the approach of two helicopters. One, carrying John Lense and a number of armed men, landed and took the SHIELD pilots into custody. Tara Trask and part of her team - Ilyas Saidullayev, Amber Hunt, and Tanya Callery - disembarked from the other, and the X-Men fell back into the facility to regroup and buy the SHIELD team more time to secure evidence.

At first, it went well. Clarice and Suzanne managed to provide very effective diversions for Lense's people, and Sam managed to keep Amber Hunt safely occupied. Jean found herself facing the undercover Callery, and while that confrontation didn't go as smoothly as Callery's last fight with an X-Man, it was concluded with Callery's cover intact.

Things started to go wrong when Trask's use of her unusual psionic abilities 'pushed' Angelo and the SHIELD team trying to secure the lab into a violent argument. During the scuffle, Trask merely walked in, retrieved an encrypted hard drive and some files, and walked back out again; Angelo pursued her, but was felled by a gunshot to the vest.

Outside, Nathan and Kyle were attempting to regain control of their helicopter when Ilyas Saidullayev appeared, destroying their helicopter and nearly decapitating Kyle. Nathan ordered Kyle to secure one of the other helicopter and tried to drive Saidullayev away from the helicopters. The fight was going extremely well, Nathan nearly managing to incapacitate Saidullayev, until John Lense stepped in. Nathan found himself very much overmatched, and despite Kyle's attempts to help him, was badly injured and then nearly killed when he was pinned by the wreck of the SHIELD helicopter underwater.

With Lense and Trask's people retreating, their purpose for coming accomplished, Kyle attempted to rescue Nathan, but was unable to do so until Jean arrived and telekinetically removed the helicopter. Suzanne was able to freeze the two of them in time and buy Jean a couple more minutes to get Nathan inside, where she and Clarice were able to revive him.

During that short period of 'death', however, Nathan recovered a memory taken from him by Gideon Faraday during his captivity in Ushuaia two years before. The memory covered his actual encounter with Tara Trask, when she showed up in Ushuaia to try and convince Gideon, her former lover, to change his approach to the pursuit of the Askani's knowledge. Gideon, at the time, also revealed to Nathan that Esther, his mother, had been very much at odds with Trask, and may have also gathered her own neo-Askani 'disciples'. Gideon then removed the memory, as a way of proving to Nathan that he did not intend to kill him, if he was willing to deprive him of information that could become critical in their inevitable future conflict.

The X-Men were flown home by SHIELD, but Nathan remained comatose.

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Trivia and Meta


After the events of the plot, Pete Wisdom investigated Lense and his activities, and discovered he was working for Sebastian Shaw, something that did not sit well at all with either himself or Domino.

After Saidullayev took Nathan's psimitar with him when he left, Trask later sent it back to Forge via courier, with a note reading 'It wasn't his to take'.


Plotrunner: Alicia

The original idea for the plot came from Nute's Song-Title plot meme, from a song by Fall Out Boy. Nute also inspired a number of the other elements in the plot, in addition to socking Lense.

This was plot 50 for Alicia, which was the inspiration for the various connections to past plots and arcs.

Nute created a poster for the plot.