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September proved to be a month of departures. Johnny Gallo, after a somewhat dramatic visit home, reonciled with his father enough to return to New York to care for him in his convalescence. Sarah Vale's unhappiness at being seperated from her twin increased to the point her parents decided to bring her home and Victor Borkowski's mother fell seriously ill enough for him to go home also, devastating Doreen Green, who had quite the crush on him. Noriko Ashida did well enough in school and with her powers that her parents decided to attempt to re-assimilate to Japan. Danielle Moonstar relocated to Attilan to work on her powers away from those she cared about and felt she could hurt and Nathan Dayspring became the CEO of Elpis, taking over from Joel Rollins and relocating the office to larger premises in New York.

Following Shiro Yoshida's breakdown and near-destruction of Japanese landmarks as part of a conspiracy by the Hand and his cousin the Silver Samurai, Shiro, Jean-Paul Beaubier and Jeanne-Marie Beaubier relocated to Muir Island. Shiro was to receive therapy for his psychosis, while Jean-Paul would continue his own treatment and he and Jeanne-Marie would work on their recovered powers.

Jean Grey, Scott Summers and Forge went to the West Coast Annex at Charles Xavier's behest, to assist in forming a new team there. Their departure, as well as that of Shiro and Nathan, did leave a hole in the X-Men, but the new generation stepped up with Yvette Petrovic becoming a trainee (with the codename of 'Knuckles'), Crystal Amaquelin considering a role as a medic with the team and Sam Guthrie being reinstated.

X-Force lost members too in the wake of their Russian mission. Jake Gavin left, as was typical, unable to handle the emotional turmoil of his relationship with Wanda Maximoff or the end of the one with Jean-Paul, plus the regular danger the team faced. David North went deep under cover in Europe, a potential target of retaliation. Remy LeBeau returned, ending Amanda Sefton's powers glitch and Mark Sheppard was reassigned out of the Snow Valley Memorial Center for Mutant Affairs offices in order to focus more on the mutant underground.

Garrison Kane and Adrienne Frost went on their first date. Amanda and Angelo Espinosa broke up amicably under the demands on their respective jobs. Inez Temple and Julian Keller decided on the time-honoured "friends with benefits". There was a reshuffle of teachers to cover the departures, and Alexander Lexington became the new co-self-defence teacher with Callisto. Tabitha Smith took on the position as mentor to the New Mutants, celebrating with a trip to the amusement park.


Sep 1 - Rush: Johnny receives a phone call from his estranged father telling him he would like to be in Johnny's life again; a boy named Ritchie buys a substance from a youth named Carver at a rec centre to aid a school wrestling team; Johnny talks to Jean-Paul about his wariness over having his father back in his life. Catseye brings Nathan and Rachel a kitten from the shelter where she volunteers.

Sep 2 - Jean-Paul talks to Julian about a birthday present for Nori. Julian takes Inez out for her birthday and they agree to be friends with benefits. Sam meets Doreen on New Comic Book Day and the two discuss comic books and superheroes, and Sam fills Dori in on the career of studying comics.

Sep 3 - Jean and Jean-Paul meet in Jean's office in the infirmary so Jean-Paul can apologize and thank Jean for saving his life. Dori sends a text message to Victor asking him to come over and watch movies. When they get together to watch movies, Doreen tries to put the moves on him but Vic is oblivious. Doreen emails Jean-Paul to ask him (using the time-honoured sneaky alias of 'my friend') how to get the boy she likes to notice her. Jean-Paul texts Scott to ask him out for drinks. Jennie bribes Jake into helping her bring some heavy packages to Wanda with cake they cajole Wanda into joining them and discuss Wanda's working with Dr. Stephen Strange, as well as Cammie. Scott and Jean-Paul go out for drinks and discuss Johnny and parents.

Sep 4 - Wanda and Jake discuss Cammie and their relationship, and the encounter culminates in them sleeping together. Kurt consoles Doreen regarding her family during a gymnastics class. Callie returns from her vacation and during a conversation about Malibu and Fred, Doreen admits her crush on Vic and questions Callie about boys. Jean-Paul emails Nori to offer to cook for her birthday. While discussing the situation in Canada with Marie, Amanda vanishes and ends up in Ottawa.

Sep 5 - Haller and Sam talk about Sam's reasons for losing control and Sam gets the okay to go ask Scott to put him back on the team now that he's spent some time with the professor. Metastasis: While visiting a music store in the city with Jean-Paul, Scott receives a call from Professor Xavier who informs him that his old acquaintance Dr. Henry Pym got in touch asking for help and using the phrase 'new mutant threat', which has Scott and Jean-Paul agreeing to meet the man at a hotel in the city; they meet Zanne at the hotel (as well as a SHIELD team rather than Pym, currently fleeing the authorities who want to speak to him) and one of the SHIELD agents, Royce, cuts himself on a canister he finds in the fridge, which envelops his arm and makes him shoot two agents before he takes off and sends the three chasing after him; in the subway they find chaos in the wake of Royce's attacks and pursue him deeper underground to a poorly equipped lab structure; Zanne traps the metal thing that had attached itself to Royce in a freeze; when Scott links with the Professor he is informed that the metal thing has a mind and Zanne uses a retrocognitive projection to discover that the thing killed men at the lab when they took it out of its container and that Pym was involved in getting it contained again; Agent Morse of SHIELD arrives to play clean up but four mutants arrive shortly after and use pyrokinetics to kill the metal thing before the X-Men and SHIELD attack them and Morse makes some arrests; Scott posts to the x-team comm to tell them his report is in the database and that he is going to Harry's with Zanne and Jean-Paul; they get drunk and lament over SHIELD's lack of information for them, the treatment of the creature, and the fact that the thing was apparently only a copy and thus the mystery remains unsolved. Lex emails Scott asking to be hired as the self-defense teacher at Xaviers. Doreen gets Julian to help her choose a dress to wear for asking Vic out.

Sep 6 - Haller posts about a formal BBQ to be conducted on the 8th September, Jean-Paul posts to the x-staff journal about adding Klara into his sophomore Literature class. Atomic Angel: Nick goes to Jay to ask if he's noticed anything weird in Shiro's behaviour. Callie and Nick talk about classes, and discuss various teachers. Jan posts about a Labour day cookout. Victor talks to Jean-Paul about cooking lessons and baking a cake for Johnny's birthday.

Sep 7 - Jeanne-Marie and Jean-Paul discuss their doubts over their light powers returning permanently and whether they want to work at honing them and agree to make the effort at developing their powers and their bond as siblings. Crystal posts about her new teaching position at the mansion.

Sep 8 - Lil emails Johnny wishing him an early happy birthday and mentioning her relocation to Toronto and delivery of his present. His present turns out to be Lil in person. Amanda explains her powers glitch to Jubilee when they hang out and wonder if her glitch can be attributed to subconsciously wanting to go find Pete and Remy. Doreen and Julian discuss Hallowe'en costumes, crimefighting, the kids back home, and Julian's powers training when they go to Dairy Queen and shopping for comics in honour of their 'friendiversary.' Catseye and Nick have a Super Soaker fight that ends in pool dunkings. Vic and Johnny go wall climbing for Johnny's birthday and their playful competition turns in to real jealousy for Vic when he notices Johnny and Lil together. Jean-Paul and Logan discuss the good ol' days of screaming matches at Alpha Flight, Lil, Jean-Paul's athletic career, and baseball at the barbecue; Jean-Paul meets Lex on the dock and chat about cooking and life at Xavier's; Jake and Jean-Paul talk about Johnny's birthday and Jake decides to accompany Jean-Paul to the midnight movie Johnny wants to see. Lil and Amara discuss their summers. Nathan and Julio talk about the upcoming semester; Amanda saves Nathan from going stir-crazy in his chair at the barbecue and brings up the topic of Nathan's summer, his retirement, and Angelo. Adrienne finds a ring at the barbecue and reads Cammie's manifestation, bringing the ring back to its owner so both of them can not discuss it; Logan and Adrienne drink beer and talk about cage fighting while not discussing Adrienne's feelings for Garrison; Amanda does a good job of not-discussing Angelo despite Adrienne's prying while she goads Adrienne into going to tell Garrison how she feels; Garrison defuses an awkward situation by throwing Adrienne into the pool after she confesses she has feelings for him and the two agree to go on a date. Jean-Paul posts an open invite to the midnight screening of 9. Scott talks about his most recent injury with Sarah and she tells him about her vacation before the topic of her going into the Danger Room, which makes her uncomfortable, comes up - then the topic of Scott's fake eye comes up for more discomfort. Amara and Amanda chat about bad habits, the dysfunctional family aspect of Snow Valley, and Amanda's desire to investigate Nova Roma. Jane drags Cammie out of her room to return to the party and Cammie asks for a new chain for her ring. Doreen tries multiple times to ask Vic out on a date but is foiled by many people: first Yvette accidentally dropping an apple from a tree; then Morgan inquiring as to whether either of the teens has been shot by an arrow; then a flock of squirrels intercepting Forge instead of Vic; then Catseye seeking help when she eats too much cake and throws up on Vic's shirt; then a fight between Monkey Joe and Marius; finally Julian tells Dori to just relax and let things take their course. Jake texts Wanda from the movies asking her not to mention karma despite the fact he is sitting between Jean-Paul and Jeanne-Marie at the movies.

Sep 9 - Jean-Paul and Johnny stay up to eat cake after their movie to celebrate Johnny's actual birthday before going to bed. Wanda comments on her breakfast of Milk Duds. Lil talks to Nathan about his retirement; Lil helps Catseye take the training wheels off her bike. Callie shows her excitement for the first day of school on the journals. Lex texts Morgan ordering her to meet him at a restaurant. Yvette posts wishing Nori, Crystal, Johnny, and Inez happy birthdays. Jeanne-Marie posts about sleeping in and asks for a brunch companion. Lil texts Jean-Paul about her letting Jeanne-Marie drive her motorcycle. Rush: Johnny gets an invitation from his father to come celebrate his birthday and meet his father's new girlfriend and Vic offers to accompany him on the visit; Johnny emails Jean-Paul, asking Jean-Paul to drive him and Victor to his father's for the weekend and Jean-Paul agrees. Julian posts to the x-kids forum asking if anyone wants to watch Glee instead of doing homework. Amanda vanishes while talking to Manuel and ends up in Madrid; Amanda posts in her journal about her powers glitch, urging people not to worry. Doreen posts in a good mood to her journal. Morgan meets Lex at the Horseman and he apologizes to her. Atomic Angel: Jay goes to check on Shiro after Nick voices his concerns, he finds Shiro troubled but as usual also unresponsive to help.

Sep 10 - Lex finds Lil in the gym while she's working out and thinking about the things she'll miss. Both agree that there are bigger issues to worry about then what went on between them. Lil goes to find Johnny in his room and instead, gets Vic. Vic seems a little jealous of Lil, but that settles when the two bond over being new to the mansion. Cammie posts a youtube video about gazebo stealing.

Sep 11 - Lilian drops in on Garrison and he confesses that there is still no leads or motive to the murder of their teammates. Victor informs everyone, via journal, that he and Johnny are going to New York for the weekend with Jean-Paul to drive them. Rush: Jean-Paul and Victor are brought to Johnny's dad's house where they get an introduction to Johnny's father, Darren; Johnny and Victor leave from a play and both confess that it sucked and they discuss Victor's direction with drama. Lil and Jean-Paul drink together and Jean-Paul comforts Lil when she confesses she's scared about screwing everything up with Madison. Wanda drops in on Lil at Harry's to give her a going away present.

Sep 12 - Atomic Angel: Shiro makes a post about how he's been having nightmares and wonders if its precognition. Rush: Johnny, Victor and Darren go to meet the girlfriend and her son; the greeting is hostile from her teenaged son and the dinner that follows is strained until the son, Ritchie, pushes Darren into the wall; a bad fall knocks him out and Ritchie flees, Johnny and Victor going after him as the girlfriend, Audrey, phones 911; Johnny finds Ritchie at a construction site and a fight ensues; Victor comes to Johnny's aid and the two of them fight off the wild teenager as the police arrive at the scene. Manuel and Valentia find Lil in the kitchen and he convinces her to stay a little longer and try his new culinary skills.

Sep 13 - Jake e-mails Jean-Paul about being a possible jerk on Shiro's journal post. Rush: Johnny and Victor visit Darren in the hospital, and Johnny has a long overdue talk with Darren; Jean-Paul later picks up the two boys at the hospital and drives them home, a conversation ensues. Later, Victor tries to talk to Johnny with a sprained tongue and mutual apologies are attempted over the suckiness of the weekend; Scott and Jean-Paul talk about his worries concerning Victor and Johnny; Jean-Paul e-mails Johnny and Victor about tactics study. Manuel e-mails Kurt about possibly babysitting Valentia. Yvette leaves Laurie a birthday present. Lex and Callisto talk about the self-defense classes. Atomic Angel: Believing that no one takes him seriously, Shiro escapes to Japan and decides to take matters into his own hands. Manuel and Adrienne attend a Hellfire Club meeting, and discuss the Black Court and ulterior motives therein. Laurie e-mails Yvette about a letter from Dr. Pierre Marcel.

Sep 14 - Tabitha posts about taking on the role of mentor to the New Mutants program. Jean e-mails Shiro about his powers situation and asks him to come down for a checkup. Nick and Catseye go on a date. Atomic Angel: Shiro wakes in the hands of Matsu'o, they talk on honor and disgrace and Matsu'o shares his plans for Shiro. Jay e-mails Scott about Shiro's powers control.

Sep 15 - Victor posts about having sprained his tongue. Jan posts about first week of school. Catseye and Callie talk about what's been happening at the school, touching on the new girl Klara, and then Catseye asks about Fred and Callie. Jean-Phillipe runs into Victor in the halls, and comes to the shocking realisation that he's an authority figure. Jake posts to the Snow Valley journal group asking if anyone has seen any movements from the Imperial Guard. Atomic Angel: Jean e-mails Scott asking if he's seen Shiro when he fails to meet her at their arranged time; Shiro wakes at Tokyo Metro station, he tries to keep control of himself as he searches for a way home; Shiro manages to contact the mansion and talks to Nick, telling him that he's in Tokyo and that Nick needs to get Jean-Paul; Nick finds Jean-Paul who contacts Scott and Nick shares what he remembers of the phone call as the Blackbird is prepped for a rescue mission; Shiro confronts his attacker.

Sep 16 - Marie posts about going to see a Patrick Swayze marathon at the local theatre. Atomic Angel: Nori posts about hearing of a sizable fire in Tokyo on Tuesday; Jean-Paul and Marius talk on the way over to Tokyo and Jean-Paul offers Marius his powers; the X-Men search for Shiro at Mount Fuji but manage to run into resistance and a battle ensues; Marie-Ange has visions, both relating to Shiro and something else; Marie-Ange e-mails Scott and Ororo about her visions; following Marie-Ange's vision, the X-Men find Shiro plotting a final desperate plan at Atsuta Shrine; Jean-Paul desperately tries once again to reach out to Shiro, this time with better results; with a lucid Shiro now recovered, the X-Men maneuver their enemies to fight each other. Operation: Man of Stone: Doug and Marie-Ange follow up a lead from the other half of her vision.

Sep 17 - Atomic Angel: Shiro meets with Charles, who believes he has pinpointed the cause of Shiro's problems and offers a solution. Operation: Man of Stone: Sarah and Emma interrogate Professor Phobos about his work with 'Krasnoe Dinamo'.

Sep 18 - Fred and Callie sit down for a movie and after she thanks him for her belated birthday gift, things turn a little more serious. Nathan posts about moving to New York to help with the new Elpis office being set up there. Angelo posts asking John to speak to him when he gets a chance. Scott e-mails Jean about going on vacation per orders from Charles. Victor posts about going home after finding out his Mom is sick. Operation: Man of Stone: Jubilee and Jake stake out one of Zakharov's places of residence, hoping to gain more information on what the man is up to. Johnny posts about going home to help his father who has taken ill. Jean-Paul posts about moving to Muir Island with Shiro for the time being at the suggestion of Charles.

Sep 19 - Operation: Man of Stone: Bishop and Sofia run surveillance on Zakharov; Amanda and Morgan head to Symkaria to get the information they need to access their target. Sarah posts about going back home to live with her folks.

Sep 20 - Operation: Man of Stone: X-Force attacks General Zakharov's compound to take down the genetic supersoldiers, though Zakharov flees.

Sep 21 - Yvette approaches Ororo about a desire to start X-Men training and the team leader agrees that Yvette is ready to join the team. Operation: Man of Stone: Remy meets Zakharov to let him know his compound is gone and that X-Force is going to end him for breaking Remy's rules. Amanda texts Angelo asking to meet him so they can talk. At their meeting, they agree that they are not being successful as a couple and decide to stay friends instead.

Sep 22 - The Professor notifies the staff of a need to fill several vacant teaching positions. Remy posts to the Snow Valley comm to inform the team of his return, Mark's new assignment, and Zakharov's death. Remy posts to his journal informing everyone that he is not dead.

Sep 23 - Wanda encounters Jake as he is moving out. Yvette posts asking her fellow classmates about the classes they are taking for the upcoming school year. Tabitha posts to the students community to announce her position as mentor for the New Mutants and to invite them to visit an amusement park on the weekend. Dori tries out her new Guitar Hero video game and Catseye shows a particular interest, prompting the birth of a new girl band, Girls With Tails. Garrison and Adrienne go on their first date to a French restaurant and agree to take dates one at a time without overanalyzing their relationship. Dori texts Callie asking for her to bring food to the squirrel girl and Monkey Joe in the treehouse. Callie texts Fred asking if he can bring food to Dori in the treehouse.

Sep 24 - Amanda emails various mansion residents to inform them of her amicable break-up with Angelo. Manuel lets the mansion know he is taking on the teaching of International Relations. Marie emails Angelo offering her sympathies and company following his break-up. During a tutoring session Cammie asks Adrienne about her powers and Adrienne reads Cammie's ring again to talk to the younger woman about her deceased boyfriend Greg.

Sep 25 - Jubilee posts inviting the single women of the mansion to come out for drinks and dancing at Silver. Catseye finds Cammie brooding in the empty boathouse and tries to make her feel better, while learning a little about human sadness.

Sep 26 - The New Mutants, the RAs and Tabitha go to the amusement park; Inez talks to Jan about how things aren't progressing with Julian; Catseye encounters Fred rigging the system with his powers; Nick talks to Catseye about his mother when she has an upset stomach after the rollercoaster; Dori teaches Yvette about roller coasters and funnel cakes. Dani announces she is going to Attilan for further training and to finish her degree.

Sep 27

Sep 28 - The Professor posts to the journal community to inform everyone of the whereabouts of the departed mansionites. Kurt posts informing everyone he is taking over the literature class and asking for suggestions for the reading list. Remy emails Doug to ask him to create false identities for North, whom he believes may be in danger due to his Eastern European background following the fallout with Zakharov and the dangers that may still be present.

Sep 29 - Yvette makes her 'new trainee' post at x_team and the naming begins. Wanda emails Amanda inviting her out to lunch. Adrienne reads Kurt's rosary as a powers experiment goes awry and learns a little about his past. Catseye posts asking about a school play for the upcoming year. Julian leaves a present- a t shirt from wootshirt- for Doreen.

Sep 30 - Doreen emails Julian thanking him for the shirt. Callie posts about autumn. Doreen and Lex run into each other in the woods and discuss self-defense, and Lex offers to teach Dori how to be a superhero. Adrienne uses a book of Lex's to practice her powers control but fails and sees a scene of Lex's life as a soldier. Forge talks about his plans for the Annex with Crystal and Crystal reveals she wants to be more useful medically at the mansion. Kyle happens upon an unsettled Fred and they talk about the recent departures.




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