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Powers: Energy Manipulation
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Energy Manipulation is a term used to describe mutant powers that allow a mutant to manipulate a form of non- psionic energy. This energy is often, but not always, electromagnetic in nature.

What does an energy manipulator do?

While energy projectors absorb and re-emit non-psionic energy, energy manipulators can control external forms of energy without absorbing it into themselves first, much like a telekinetic can move objects without touching them.

What types of energy manipulators are there?

Most energy manipulators, like energy projectors, effect energy along the electromagnetic spectrum. In laymen's terms, this means they can control such things as the weather, fire, electricity and seismic energy. Some control visible light to become invisible, while others can affect the strength and direction of magnetic fields.


There is a very strong link, much like with psis, between emotional state and degree of control. Emotional upheaval is often reflected by involuntary manipulation of the environmental energy, and as such, mutants with such powers must try to retain a state of calm.

Energy Manipulators in X-Project

Phase 1

Phase 2

  • Monica Rambeau (various points of the electromagnetic spectrum, largely visible light)