Alpha Flight - Phase 1

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Alpha Flight
Portrayed by N/A
Known Aliases: None
Affiliations: Vindicator, Heather Hudson, Shaman, Sasquatch, Puck, Box
Socked By: Dex
Introduction: Wendigo (plot)

Formerly Canada’s mutant response force, Alpha Flight was disbanded by the order of Director Colcord in 2005. In 2006, the Alpha Flight program was reactivated, with a goal of three full teams in operation by 2009.

Alpha Flight

Alpha Flight was originally the idea of James Hudson, a final extension of his Flight program of mutant registration and training. He saw it as a mixed group of mutant and human specialists, supported by advanced or esoteric technology and developments from various Department H programs, designed to respond to strange or preternatural events. Hudson and his wife Heather had worked on the program for years, trying to convince both the Director of Department H and the Canadian Defense Ministry. It was only after the success of the Flight program in general that they reluctantly agreed to fund a test initiative of the Alpha level.

Alpha Flight was formed, using the best of the Beta Flight graduates they could find. The original team was dispatched in several missions, mainly natural disasters where their powers could lend powerful assistance to local authorities, or mutant related crisis. While the group generally garnered positive media coverage and a record of success, there were serious flaws in the design. Most of the small team did not come from a military or police background, and their training in direct combat situations was badly lacking.

Following the events of Liberty Island, there was a strong call to create a group that could actively respond to a threat like Magneto, and the current group was unable to confidently make that claim. While their operational prowess was highly increased by the inclusion of former X-Men Wolverine and Rogue, the obvious limitations had become apparent to all, especially with the active efforts of Department H’s Director, Malcolm Colcord, to undermine their group. Colcord wanted more control over any kind of active group of operatives, in case they compromise his secret initiatives accidentally.

Alpha Flight was finally disbanded in late 2005, and their personnel transferred to other programs in Department H. However, Heather Hudson continued to stress the need for a program which could serve the needs that Alpha Flight was supposed to address. In mid-2006, both MacDonald and Colcord agreed to revisit the Alpha Flight program under a new structure and design, focusing on developing answers to the prior shortcomings and sending Garrison Kane to study the operations of the only successful example of that type of team, the X-Men.

The goal is to have three teams in operation by the end of 2009, tasked to the military, the police, and to civil authorities respectively.


James MacDonald Hudson – Vindicator
James MacDonald Hudson
As the field leader, Hudson used a prototype exosuit to allow him to fly and fire energy burst from his hands. He has no actual mutant powers of his own, relying on the suit.

PB: Paul Gross

Heather McDonald
Heather Hudson
Team liaison. Heather commanded communications and coordinated Alpha Flight operations from the home station. Baseline human, no mutant powers. She and her husband James MacDonald Hudson found the feral Wolverine in the woods following his escape from the Weapon X project and took him him, giving him the name 'Logan' for Mount Logan, where he was found. She remains a close friend to him, and one of the stable influences in his life.

PB: Sarah Polley

Walter Langkowski – Sasquach *
Walter Langkowski
A mutant, who transforms into a superstrong Sasquach-like creature. Served as the field science officer. Was for a time romantically involved with Jeanne-Marie Beaubier, proposing to her, but the relationship ended when she blamed him for her estrangement with her brother, Jean-Paul. He worked for the Canadian government until he was found culpable in the passing on of information which might have resulted in the new Alpha Flight team being almost completely wiped out. Despite the evidence provided, he continues to protest his innocence.

PB: James Allodi

Dr Joseph Twoyoungman – Shaman
Joseph Twoyoungman

Non-mutant First Nations shaman. Manipulates totemic First Nations magic, through spells and a special medicine bag. The team’s psychologist. It was his training that helped Marie D'Ancato learn to control those personalities her powers had near-permanently absorbed, coming close to driving her insane.

PB: Graham Greene

Col. Eugene Judd – Puck *
Eugene Judd
Mutant. Enhanced physical abilities and damage resistance. Primary tactician and military specialist. Responsible for the training regime of Alpha Flight, and the subsequent programs. A close friend to Logan, during his time with Alpha Flight, the two stay in touch and frequently go out drinking and getting into trouble when Logan visits Canada. In August 2009 he was almost killed during a failed first mission for the new team, of which he was the relucant leader. Critically injured, he remained in a coma for some time and is on the slow road to recovery.

PB: Jed Rees

Former Members

Logan - Wolverine

Temporary team member while on leave from the X-Men, May 2004 - March 2006. Natural power; cellular regeneration talent or a healing factor. Logan heals at an extraordinary rate of speed. Cuts and scrapes disappear in seconds. Gunshot wounds, seconds to minutes. The more extensive the damage, the longer it takes to heal, but there is little save for total incineration or disintegration that can permanently put Logan down. As a side-benefit to his enhanced cellular regenerative rates, he has enhanced senses of smell and hearing and extreme longevity. As the result of the Weapon X experiment, Logan's skeleton is granted with adamantium, a virtually unbreakable metal, and he has three foot-long claws granted along the bones in each forearm.

Marie D'Ancato-Rogue
Marie D'Ancato

Temporary team member while on leave from the X-Men, May 2004 - May 2006. Primary power is the ability to absorb the life force and mutant ability by skin to skin contact. She does not have the ability to turn this power off and it automatically kicks in at the smallest contact. In general, she actively retains the power of the person she’s absorbed for 60 times longer than she was in contact. Further, Rogue absorbed the abilities of flight, superstrength and invulnerability permanently when she accidentally killed another mutant.

Jean-Paul Beaubier - Northstar *
Jean-Paul Beaubier

Former member of Alpha Flight. Resigned in 2004. Ability to direct the kinetic energy in his molecules to propel himself through the air at superhuman speeds and manipulate the atomic motion of other objects upon contact. His powers are unstable and prone to random explosions. Twin brother of Aurora.

Jeanne-Marie Beaubier – Aurora *
Jeanne-Marie Beaubier

Former member of Alpha Flight. Resigned in 2004. Ability to direct the kinetic energy in her molecules to propel herself through the air at superhuman speeds and manipulate the atomic motion of other objects upon contact. Twin sister of Northstar. Jeanne-Marie Suffers from DID and is mentally unstable.

Garrison Kane – Dominion
Garrison Kane

Auxiliary team member, trainee from Beta Flight program. On 'loan' to the X-Men as of November 2006. Enhanced physical abilities: strength, agility and endurance are many times that of a normal person. In addition, he has bioware systems in his body. Those include an organic reflexive memory chip built into the top of his spinal column, and a pair of neural charge emitters built into his arms and terminating through his hands.

Beta Flight

Following the basic powers control training of Gamma Flight (as part of the Canadian health system), young mutants are offered the chance to train and work with Beta Flight. One of the major elements of Beta Flight is disaster relief in Canada. Still quite new, it maintains a database of powers and locations across the country, matching powers and locations to specific disasters. For example, when a forest fire gets out of control in BC, they look for Beta Flight mutants in the area who have applicable powers to assist. They get paid a small monthly stipend, like being in the National Guard or similar, and 99% of the time, just live normal lives.

They have no official uniform beyond the Beta Flight jackets, not dissimilar to the Red X clothing, used to identify them in a situation. Some use code names, mostly a holdover from the teenaged bonding years of Gamma Flight training, and used as a joke or to annoy.


The Beta Flight program encompasses a large percentage of Canada's mutants, but only a small number have been seen on camera.

Lillian Crawley-Jeffries - Diamond Lil *:
Lillian Crawley-Jeffries

Came to the mansion for the anger management and further training she needs to be eligible for the relaunch of Alpha Flight. Her body produces a homeostatic bio-aura of nigh-impenetrable energy that grants her skin, hair and nails durability akin to that of diamond.

Madison Jeffries - Box *:
Madison Jeffries

Lillian's husband, a robotocist working on the 'Box' program. Box was a Department H program which paralleled Mac Hudson's early design work in robotics. Headed by Roger Bochs, instead of an exosuit, they focused more on a larger design akin to power armor instead. The program did create a prototype, dubbed 'Box' in relation to his designer, but never worked properly until the arrival of Madison Jefferies. His powers interacted with the Box prototype in a manner which made the robot work at the level the designers had hoped.

Box has superhuman strength and durability. The Box armor also had the ability to fly and has a wide array of sensors and detecting equipment. Currently, only the prototype has been manufactured, and it only works when piloted by Jefferies, two limitations that the Box designers continue to work on. He has recently been approached to become a member of the new Alpha Flight team and has been seen in the field with Puck. In August 2009 during a disastrous first mission for the new team, Madison burned out the Box suit and nearly his own mind with it in an effort to get himself and his leader, Puck, to safety. He remains in a state of psychic shock, cared for by his wife, who returned from the States for that purpose.

During a conference and the subsequent rescue relief following the avalanche in Sun Peaks, four other Beta Flight members made an appearance:

Arther Meigan: a 32 year old eternal student "writing his thesis". He has the power to control trees and things that live in trees and calls himself "Captain Historiographic Metafiction", wanting someone to ask him what Historiorgraphic Metafiction is.

Kristin Thorburn: a 25 year old who works in an art gallery. Infrared/thermal vision, and can be described as somewhat 'intense'.

Chris(tina) Morgan: Potter and teacher, aged 26. Somewhat indie in personal style, but approachable, with the power of gravity manipulation.

Eagan Ike Lechanan: Prefers to be called "Egg". A student from the Yukon Territories who also works as a hunting guide, Egg has an extremely enhanced sense of smell that requires him to live as far away from cities as he can comfortably get.


Wendigo (plot)

Red X Mission: Whistler


Home and Native Land

Red X Mission: Firestorm - referred to only

Fury Said To A Mouse - Heather Hudson


Socked by: (Alpha Flight) Dex, (Beta Flight) Andrea (Egg), Lauren (Arther Meigan), Aisy (Chris(tina) Morgan) and Alicia (Kristin Thorburn).

PBs: Alpha/Beta Flight:

Three of the PBs used for Alpha Flight - Paul Gross, Jed Rees and James Allodi - appeared in the Canadian movie Men With Brooms. All the faces for Alpha Flight NPCs (not currently or previously-played PCs) are Canadian actors.