The Curse Stops Here

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The Curse Stops Here
Dates run: July 18-21, 2006
Run By: Rossi
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"And I realised... I've been blaming myself all this time for not being there for him but in the end? It was what he decided. He made the decision to kill himself, to close off all the options, to stop any chance of someone helping him."

A year after her friend Charlie Plunder's death, Amanda comes to a realisation that changes everything.


Amanda Sefton, Remy LeBeau, Marie-Ange Colbert


July 18-21, 2006

Plot Summary

Following a check up with Moira MacTaggart on the state of his crippled leg, an increasingly pain-wracked and painkiller-addicted Remy was faced with the prospect of having the leg amputated. A summons from Tante to come back to New Orleans and deal with a prospective Guild war, a task which would almost inevitably end in his death if he went, created a dilemma - go and die, or stay and have the surgery and face the possibility of Tante being killed.

Marie-Ange and her precognition, however, had another option.

On the anniversary of Charlie's suicide, Marie-Ange met Amanda on her way to the cemetery. After talking to Forge, Amanda had already begun rethinking her decision to quit magic - Marie-Ange was able to nudge her further in that direction by alleviating her guilt regarding her actions of the previous year. By telling her of her vision of Charlie and reiterating that Charlie had made his own decisions, Marie-Ange was able to get Amanda to start thinking about the situation instead of simply reacting emotionally. Amanda decided to go consult Tante Mattie about the possibility of one day having Tante return her ability to do magic.

At the cemetery, Amanda told Remy of her decision and fearing for her safety after the news of the impending Guild war, he told Amanda to steer clear. Concerned for him, she pressed him about his leg and the pain he was in, finishing by saying that anything she could do to help him, she would. Unknown to both of them, it was more than a platitude.

Thirty-one hours later, Amanda woke up in her own bed, drained and confused and with no memory of what had happened. Trying to find the light switch, she inadvertently summoned George the werelight - the magic had returned. After talking to Wanda Maximoff about the situation, Amanda went straight down to New Orleans to confront Tante for lying to her. Tante, however, explained that Amanda was no longer the person she had been and this new Amanda was capable of magic. Slightly mollified, Amanda returned to New York, only to find Remy had been missing since the day at the cemetery.

Remy reappeared a week or two later, physically whole as a result of the inadvertent healing Amanda had performed at the cemetery. He and Lorna had met in France and then gone to New Orleans to deal with the Guild situation.

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Marie-Ange gave Amanda her sketch of her vision of Charlie and it is now framed and hangs in Amanda's living room.


Plotrunner: Rossi

In the vein of Buy Now, Pay Later, The Curse Stops Here was named for a Whitlams song, written about Stevie Plunder and Andy Lewis, two of the founding members who both committed suicide.