Lost In The Woods

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Lost In The Woods
Lost in the woods.jpg
Dates run: November 23, 2005 - December 2, 2005
Run By: Rossi
Read the logs: Lost In The Woods

Part 7 of the Lost In The Woods Arc.

Ties directly into Hellfire and Damnation.

"Do not disappoint me. What was given can be taken away, just as easily."

During the ceremony to induct Amanda Sefton into the Hellfire Club as Selene's Black Knight, there is more than one surprise, as the plans of a year come to fruition.


Amanda Sefton, Pete Wisdom, Jubilation Lee, Dazzler, Cable, Angelo Espinosa, Remy LeBeau

Selene, Heinrich Klar, Sebastian Shaw, Harry Leland, Emma Frost (as an NPC)


November 23, 2005 - December 2, 2005

Plot Summary

Following her departure from the school and confrontations with Angelo Espinosa and Remy LeBeau which failed to sway her from the path she had chosen, Amanda prepared to undergo the traditional ceremony to formally become Selene's Black Knight. Selene, however, had a test planned - she engineered the abduction of Jubilee en route to a weekend visit with her boyfriend and presented the drugged girl to Amanda at the end of the ceremony, instructing her to use what Selene had taught her to kill Amanda's former rival and truly become Selene's Knight. Amanda hesitated, reluctant to kill but not seeing any other way, and in that moment Jubilee offered her life to Amanda, if it would mean the other girl would live.

The gesture made Amanda realise she hadn't lost everything, and she refused to obey. Teleporting Pete out of the chamber to avoid having to fight him, Amanda faced down Selene, believing she had the ability to defeat the older witch, having already done it once before to save Manuel. However, Selene had kept a few tricks up her sleeve and even draining the house of its mystical wards wasn't enough to give Amanda the power to beat her.

Meanwhile, a team of X-Men, assembled at Alison's order in response to a message from Pete, had arrived and was making their way to the chamber. Amanda's draining of the wards enabled Alison to enter, just in time to stop Selene from killing both girls and in the ensuing battle, Alison herself was drained of her life energy to the point of near-death. Pete's intervention saved the X-Man's life but left her critically drained and whilst the final battle raged around them, Amanda decided the only way to bring Alison back and redeem herself was to sacrifice her own life.

Nathan intercepted her and in the ensuing debate Mother Askani offered her life instead, declaring that she was killing Nathan any way and that the act would save two lives. Amanda, torn with guilt and fear but wanting desperately to live, was eventually convinced and accepted the offer, draining Nathan of all of Askani's life force and transferring it to Alison. The spell burned out Amanda's mutant powers and turned her hair to its natural blonde colour, and only the interference of Tante Mattie, using the emotional connections Amanda had with others, pulled her back from the brink herself. Nathan fell into a state of shock with the death of Askani and Wanda Maximoff, back at the school, was given a brain dump of the entire Askani history so that it would not be lost.

Having gone with Pete and Dr. Stephen Strange to witness the dumping of a mystically-bound Selene into Jamaica Bay, Amanda then asked Pete to stop outside of the cemetery her friend Charlie Plunder had been buried, visiting the place for the first time. It was there she encountered Remy, and he gave her the will to go on and fix what she had done. Back at the school she discovered she still had support in the form of Marie Ange, Doug, Kurt, Angelo and Jubilee, as well as discovering Moira was willing to forgive her what she had done.

The damage done was too great however, with Amanda feeling her presence at the school made things too difficult for the rest of the students. With Pete and Nathan were in Africa rescuing Domino and Tante Mattie arriving at the school, Amanda went back to New Orleans with her and Remy, having asked the houdoun to remove the ability to use magic first. It was not all about endings, however - Marie-Ange, saying goodbye to Remy, revealed to him that for the first time since she had met him, he had a future she could see.

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In New Orleans, Amanda completed her high school equivalency and continued therapy for addiction issues and abuse. She also maintained contact with her friends at the school.

Nathan later paid homage to Askani with a telekinetic exoskeleton in the shape of a firebird.


Plotrunner: Rossi

Lost In The Woods and Hellfire and Damnation were year-long plot arcs designed to run in tandem, the first for the game.