High Cost Of Living

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Content Warning: This page or the logs related to it contain graphic violence, blood and gore.


High Cost of Living
Dates run: October 11-15, 2005
Run By: Rossi
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Part 6 of the Lost In The Woods Arc.

"Oh childe. What have jah done..."

When Remy is brought back to the mansion near death after the confrontation with Malice, Amanda risks everything to save him, using what Selene has taught her.


Amanda Sefton, Remy LeBeau, Henry McCoy, Jean Grey, Moira MacTaggart, Clarice Ferguson, Manuel de la Rocha


October 11-15, 2005

Plot Summary

When Marie-Ange had a vision of Remy's imminent death, her roommate Amanda was there to raise the alarm by calling in Jake and Betsy. Using his active cell phone to track the Cajun, the pair with Madelyn Bartlet in tow, discovered him in the warehouse in Florida, near death from his injuries and the blood loss. He was evacuated immediately back to the school, Madelyn desperately working to stabilise him.

The medical team swung into action upon their arrival, working feverishly to save him despite the severity of his injuries. Hampered by the modifications made during the LOSTBOYS program (the plastic bonded skeleton and the chemically-altered blood), it seemed the Doctors Four would lose their first patient. It was then that Amanda entered the room, disregarding sterility protocols and declaring that she would not let him die. When the doctors protested that such an act of healing would kill her, she froze them in place with her telekinetic spell before approaching Remy and beginning to heal him.

The doctors had been right - she lacked the power to heal such extensive injuries. As Remy slipped away, she used what Selene had taught her - that magic was in everything, and therefore anything could be a power source. Including other people. Without asking permission, she drained life energy from the three doctors and Clarice, plus Tommy Jones who was still in the infirmary and Manuel de la Rocha inadvertently through their empathic link, Amanda healed as much of the damage as she could without harming or killing anyone else. The intention backfired, however, with the death of Frank the Lizard, who had been on Manuel's shoulder at the time. Haroun al-Rashid, also in the infirmary, was spared because of his cybernetics.

In the resulting hue and cry, Amanda was confined to her room and barred from entering the medlab/infirmary. Nathan came to talk to her about what had happened, and found her unrepentant and hostile, even when he suggested that if one or both of the babies had been downstairs, she might have killed them. In light of what had happened and Amanda's failure to accept she had done wrong, it was decided she would be expelled from the school once a place was found for her to go. Betsy, coming to talk with the sullen witch, discovered her secret and told her to go before Betsy notified the rest of the staff of the truth regarding Selene.

Whilst the staff tried to locate Romany Wisdom to take her, Amanda used her magic to check on Remy, still in medlab. She encountered a tender scene between him and Lorna and, furious, jealous and hurt he had forgiven the other woman despite her nearly killing him, Amanda left her room with the intention of leaving the school, only to run into Manuel. In the ensuing confrontation, she drained him again, using the power to break the link and teleport away, to the only place she thought she could go - to the Black Queen.

Remy was not told of the events surrounding his healing and Amanda's disappearance, and it was not until he was up and about again some time later that he found out. He immediately decided to go find her and discover if she had truly strayed off the path as much as it appeared. He enlisted Moira's help in potentially allowing her to return, pointing out that whilst Amanda had failed them, they had also failed her.

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This was the last time Manuel and Amanda saw or spoke to each other, until she visited him at Muir Island, where he was taken after suffering severe injuries during Bleeding.

Amanda left behind the amulet which had controlled her addiction, no longer needing it.


Plotrunner: Rossi