X-Men Mission: Behold A Black Horse

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X-Men Mission: Behold A Black Horse
Plot beholdblackhorse.png
Dates run: November 26, 2023
Run By: Dex
Read the logs: Behold A Black Horse

Part 3 of the Horseman Arc

Tell me, my former love. Do you think your pathetic X-Men can face Death?

A Horseman attack on American soil brings the X-Men face-to-face with the Marauders, and finally some answers.


Conduit, Blink, Bruiser, Dominion, Dust, Spectrum

The Marauders, Jennifer Dunn, Stacy X


November 26, 2023

Plot Summary

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Nov 26 - News reports are posted about the city of Troy, Alabama going dark; Stacy X contacts Darcy asking for an extraction from Troy; Darcy takes a moment to think about who best to use for an extraction before contacting several X-Men for help; the team arrives in Troy only to find something limiting their powers; after hiking in, they manage to collect Jenn but find they’re not the only people on site looking for her; Greycrow and Vertigo run up against Blink and Dust in an attempt to capture Jenn; Dominion and Bruiser face off against Arclight and Scrambler; Spectrum and Conduit meet Prism and Malice; eventually the team manage to reconvene and evacuate out their target, now with way more information then they began with.

Nov 27 - Darcy makes a post to the X-Force and X-Men re: Troy.

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