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The Marauders
Laurie Icon.png
Portrayed by various
Known Aliases: Malice, Greycrow, Vertigo, Scrambler, Harpoon, Arclight, Riptide
Affiliations: Nathaniel Essex
Socked By: Dex
Introduction: Marauders (plot)

Cloned by Nathaniel Essex from members of a military special operations unit known as the Marauders, the Phase 1 group of super-powered killers had little in common with their source material. In October 2022, a new version of the team appeared, led by Malice and closer to their source material, but no less deadly.

First Appearance

June 2004


Former Xavier Institute resident, Laurie Collins, now augmented by Essex' mutate technique. In addition to a more powerful pheromone power, she also has a healing factor, claws and increased physical abilities including speed and endurance.

PB: Emily VanCamp, socked by Seraph

John Greycrow. Former Captain with the 75th Rangers Regiment. Capable of technomorphing weapons and armor to create seemingly impossible effects and damage.

PB: Jay Tavare

Known only as O'Guinn. A former CIA operative although considered slightly unbalanced and unpredictable in her behaviour. She has the ability to psionically induce a sensation of vertigo in others. First version clone slain by Marrow.

PB: Anna Torv

Scrambler P2.jpg
Kim Sung. Former NSA operative. Capable of manipulating powers and systems, whether they be biogenetic, electromagnetic, or even technomechanical, such as mutant abilities, upon physical contact. First version clone slain by Marrow.

PB: Gong Yoo.

Grey crow P2.jpg
Amaruq Sagatuk. Former Sergeant with the 75th Ranger Regiment. Able to charge objects with different types of energy, which then explodes. He carries a number of metal spears for this purpose. First version clone slain by Marrow.

PB: Ipeelie Ootoova

Arclight P2.jpg
Philippa Sontag. Former Sergeant with Marine Force RECON. Super strong. Her mutation allows her to release shockwaves and cause disorientation to her enemies, cause objects to shatter, and to generate earth tremors in limited areas.

PB: Omahyra

Riptide P2.png
Janos Questad. Former E-4 Specialist with the 75th Ranger Regiment. Capable of spinning his body (or specific parts) at superhuman speeds and flinging out projectiles made from a resin his skin secretes) for amazing amounts of damage.

PB: Álex González

Marion Watts. Former E-4 Specialist with the 75th Rangers Regiment. Body has converted to crystal which he can use to redirect energy, create blinding or strobing light, and lase into deadly blasts.

PB: Stock Image

Michael Baer. Former Sergeant with the 75th Rangers Regiment. Possesses superhuman strength and endurance.

PB: Walter Hahn aka Gunther



The new Marauders are actually clones of the original Marauders, engineered by Nathaniel Essex as part of his continuing experiments. These clones possess the same powers as the originals (and ironically fewer side effects) however the cloning process is extremely long and the personality and mental conditioning is very unstable.

The Marauders have been built out of the existing personalities of the originals, but with significant alterations. Their more extreme elements have been accentuated, and most humanizing influences removed. The Marauders are uniformly cruel and brutal, caring for nothing but their orders from Essex and what sadism they can cause in following them.

The first versions had been hidden in the Morlock Tunnels, only to run afoul of the X-Men and Marrow unexpectedly when Marrow was given information as to the location of the people who had killed her 'family'. Many were killed. The survivors from that encounter had started to show significant mental breakdown as their conditioning came apart and died thereafter.

The series II versions were also cloned by Nathaniel Essex and were even more improved. They appeared in Genosha, where they faced members of the X-Men and New Mutants in the Genenigeer's mutate labs. These second versions, including Riptide, disappeared in a fire blast that destroyed the mutate labs and were presumed dead.

Essex would go on to clone a much much more advanced series III team of Marauders, of which Kwannon was the head.


In October 2022, the X-Men encountered a new team of Marauders, more disciplined and organised than the previous versions in the previous universe. New members were also added and their leader was revealed to be Laurie Collins, now calling herself Malice and obviously augmented by Essex' mutate process. Ambushed in pairs, the X-Men had varying degrees of success against the Marauders but any chance of capturing them was lost when they abruptly retreated.


Phase 1

Marauders (plot)

Onwards to Victory

Phase 2

X-Men Mission: Town Called Malice

X-Men Mission: Behold A Black Horse

Behold A Pale Horse


Socked by: Dex

Phase 1 versions socked by: Erik

The name "Scalphunter" was changed to Greycrow for obvious reasons of massive racism.

Vertigo's name being O'Guinn is a reference to Kielle's fanfiction story about Vertigo - No Way Up