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This page is about the Phase 2 incarnation of the team. For other uses, see X-Men (disambiguation).

First Seen: January 2015

A proactive force designed to stop mutant terrorism and face hostile organizations. The X-Men represent the main arm of Xavier's in first contact and threat response. X-Men teams are flexible, deploying in groups based on the optimum power mix and abilities. A group of senior X-Men take over the leadership role in the field, again based on best suited to the circumstances. X-Men deploy for a wide range of issues, some of which are humanitarian, some combat based, and some are about safeguarding other mutants. Essentially maintaining a similar force as now with a similar mission, but willing to be more proactive and covert in the face of a much less supportive public.


Xmen jpc.jpg Jean-Phillipe Colbert
Bingbing-fan-as-blink.jpg Clarice Ferguson
NewScott sm.png Scott Summers
XM-DazzlerMP.png Alison Blaire
Xm garrison.jpg Garrison Kane
Sooraya sm.jpg Sooraya Qadir
XM Echo.png Maya Lincoln-Lopez
MariusXMen.png Marius Laverne
Xm haller.jpg David Haller
Xm April.jpg April Parker
Xm kurt.jpg Kurt Wagner
X-man-2.jpg Jean Grey
XM-SpectrumDL.png Monica Rambeau
Xm kyle.png Kyle Gibney
Xm logan.jpg Logan


During Erik's time as co-headmaster at the school, he pushed for a more martial angle to powers training, teaching the students to fight with their powers as well as control them, leading to the creation of the Danger Room. Charles was reluctant - the concept was contrary to his dream of coexistence - but he agreed that in an anti-mutant world, their students needed the ability to protect themselves and others. Following their schism in 1994, Charles not only continued this training, but began plans for a strike force, fearing the path Magneto was heading down and seeing the need to be ready to counter him.

The team - called the X-Men after a school joke - was officially formed in 1999, with Cyclops as its leader. It was none too soon, with Magneto and his Brotherhood of Mutants attempting to turn the world's leaders into mutants in November of 2002, and then in May 2003, joining forces (briefly) with the team against William Stryker and his plan to kill all mutants. The X-Men were able to stop both incidents, although it wasn't an easy task.

Membership is entirely voluntary, but does require a minimum level of training and fitness. Recruits are taken from the Generation X members, as well as from individuals with previous training who come to the mansion. Each member is required to do regular comms room duty, scanning various media and law enforcement sources for potential issues, and to participate in regular Danger Room training, both as individuals and as teams. Dominion and Cyclops are responsible for programming the training scenarios.

The X-Men work in conjunction with the other teams, often following up on information provided by X-Force in situations too large for them to handle, or providing back up for X-Factor (or passing on cases that they don't have the resources to follow up). And of course, when the students get in trouble, it's all hands on deck to get them out again.

Regular Duties

Team duties:

- Comms duty

- Scheduling Danger Room rotations and programming scenarios

- Training exercises (the Danger Room, basic physical and combat training, powers training, etc)

- Reviewing and updating team records (mission logs, threat assessment, villain profiles)

- Familiarization with equipment such as the DR, the Blackbird, the comms system, etc.

Investigation of:

- Reports of violent manifestations

- Tips and intel brought by friends/informants, X-Force or X-Factor

- Media reports about mutants and mutant activities


Danger Room: the specialised training room.

Blackbird: the modified jet used to travel to missions.

Uniforms: The standard X-Men uniform is a black leather jacket and pants combination, with minor design customizations for each team member. The uniform design includes SHIELD liquid body armor and boron carbide composite, introduced initially by Clint Barton to Miles Morales and Peter Parker for their Spider-suits and then later made accessible to the X-Men and other teams, although the X-Men are the only team who wear a combat uniform. These additions mean the team uniforms are lighter and more flexible as well as having increased protection. The uniform is also insulated against temperature extremes, and is lightweight enough to be worn year-round.

Various team members have customized their uniforms to better utilize or focus aspects of their powers. Polaris' uniform has approximately 40 pounds of steel incorporated into the lining that she can manipulate with her powers. Wildchild's uniform has special boots which have the toes cut off so he can use his foot claws. Nightcrawler's has a sheath for his tail and lightweight, specialised shoes (much like what gymnasts wear) to allow him to cling to walls and such.

Communicators: The standard X-Men communicator resembles a slide-top cell phone, and is capable of accessing most existing cellular networks as well as the X-Men's dedicated communications network. Each communicator has a GPS locator integrated into it, as well as a wireless earpiece that can be worn when necessary.

Telepathic Switchboard: The team telepaths have been trained in "telepathic switchboarding" techniques, for use in situations where communicators may be unreliable or spoken communication is impractical. The procedure consists of a temporary telepathic linking between team members, using the telepath as a sort of switchboard operator to convey surface thoughts between members of the link.

Doomsday files: Scott's personal training scenarios.

Medical Facilities

The infirmary complex is located in the basement of the mansion. It contains a full surgical operating theater, as well as a separate series of rooms (colloquially known as "Medlab") for specialized treatment dealing with severe medical cases or those related to mutations. There are a number of private recovery rooms, as well as offices for the medical personnel on staff. There is a general examination room/waiting room that is accessible by all mansion residents, with the remainder of the medical complex generally restricted to staff or those students assisting the doctors.

Specialized facilities include:

  • The Box: A small room intended for the short-term recovery of psionically-sensitive mutants. "The Box", as it has been termed, was designed by Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr in such a manner that psionic powers do not extend beyond its boundaries, thus effectively sequestering a psi from the rest of the world for purposes of containment or recuperation.
  • A reinforced room designed to withstand superhuman strength and destructive powers. This room has been shown to be able to contain a mutant of Rogue's physical strength.

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