X-Men Mission: Town Called Malice

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Town Called Malice
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Dates run: October 22, 2022
Run By: Dex
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Dr. Essex really was right about you all. Too self-righteous and arrogant by far, and certainly too full of yourselves to see my abilities for what they truly were.

When the X-Men investigate a pocket cell of Clan Akkaba, they instead uncover a new foe... and an old face.


Bevatron, Blink, Callisto, Colossus, Dagger, Dominion, Dust, Phoenix, Spectrum, Wildchild



October 22, 2022

Plot Summary

Following up on the Clan Akkaba case, X-Force uncovered a possible location of an underground complex the cult was using. They passed the information over to the X-Men to investigate and an X-Men team entered the tunnels of the complex. There, they found the Clan Akkaba members slaughtered and as they navigated further through in squads. Each pair is ambushed by sets of Marauders, fighting them to various degrees of success and failure. Jean and Clarice are badly outmatched by Vertigo and Scrambler. Pyotr and Sooraya force Greycrow and Arclight to retreat. Callisto and Nico narrowly best Blockbuster and Prism, while Harpoon and Riptide trap Jean-Phillipe and Kyle.

On reaching the heart of the complex, Kane and Tandy came face to face with Laurie, who now calls herself Malice. Tandy tried to neutralize Laurie's powers by breaking her nose, knocking her senseless. She taunted him, revealing they already got the information about En-Sabeh-Nur she believed X-Men were seeking and filled in several blanks about her disappearance and alignment to Essex before unleashing a powerful pheromone attack designed to cripple Kane. As it reached him, it turned into a light refreshing mist with the fresh scent of pine. Kane doesn't know why but uses the opportunity, beating Malice until she was forced to bargain her escape in return for calling off the Marauders. As the X-Men regrouped, they left empty handed but with some clues to what Essex is trying to find and what the state of Laurie and their opposition is. On returning to the mansion, Kane fills in the rest of the information about Laurie and what happened with the team and her former friends like Darcy.

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This established without a doubt both Laurie's turn to a villain working for Nathaniel Essex but also the modern version of The Marauders. Also that Essex is looking for information on En Sabah Nur, who is connected to Clan Akkaba.

Kane's chaos aura manifested for the first time, saving him from Laurie's powers.


Plotrunner: Dex

The title is from The Jam's hit 'Town Called Malice'.