X-Men Mission: Firefountain

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X-Men: Firefountain
Dates run: July 26, 2004
Run By: Erik
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We have a situation in Iceland - earthquakes, a possible volcanic eruption, and something affecting the psis in the area.

Called to Iceland to investigate the sudden manifestation of multiple mutant powers, the team discovered there are more worlds out there than this one.


Cable, Dazzler, Cannonball, Colossus, Polaris, Psylocke, Angel, Phase; Pete Wisdom, Madelyn Bartlet, Moira MacTaggart


July 26, 2004


A mysterious power source bestowed mutant powers on the human population of Iceland. Moira and Madelyn were brought along to help deal with the medical chaos inflicted and were both effected. Madelyn gained the ability to heal any injury or sickness and Moira was able to feed and clothe the masses. However, the cost was too great - the ability to create and imagine.

The X-Men cut off the source of the power, a fountain of light coming from a nearby volcano. With the 'Firefountain' capped, the powers went away and things returned to normal, albeit with emotional repercussions for the two human doctors.

The true source of the phenomenon was Loki, Norse God of Chaos. Unhappy with the meddling of the X-Men, he teleported a group of students and Alison Blaire to Asgard in revenge.

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Madelyn especially took the loss of her new powers hard, as was later shown in her feelings of helplessness during Sound and Fury


Plotrunner: Erik

This plot was a set-up for the Asgard plot and was never logged.