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Dr. Madelyn Bartlet - Deceased
Portrayed by Amy Brenneman
Known Aliases: None
Affiliations: The Anodyne and Cornucopia Foundation
Socked By: Rossi - Modsock
Introduction: May 10, 2003

Madelyn Bartlet came to the school to act as school doctor and ease Jean Grey's load. With the other doctor's death, her role became more pivotal. She and Hank McCoy relocated to Muir Island in 2005 and both were killed during the Dark Phoenix Saga.


Character Journal: x_bartlet

Real Name: Dr. Madelyn Bartlet

Codename: none

Aliases: none

First Appearance: May 10, 2003

Retired: December 2005

Date of Birth: November 11, 1975

Place of Birth: Pennsylvania, USA

Citizenship: American

Relatives: Bartlet Family: Jack Bartlet (father);[Monica Bartlet (mother); Joe Bartlet (brother); Kate Bartlet (sister in law); Sarah Bartlet (niece); Michael Bartlet (nephew); Carlie Bartlet (sister). Paternal and maternal grandparents (deceased).

Education: BS/MS in biological sciences focusing on physiology and a MD from Brown University and Brown Medical School, respectively

Relationship Status: Currently living in Edinburgh, Scotland with Henry McCoy and his son Billy

Occupation: Doctor. Director The Anodyne and Cornucopia Foundation. Former FBI Agent/Forensic Pathologist.

Team Affiliation: none


Early Life

Madelyn is the middle child of an American-Irish family of five. Her family live in Pittsburgh. There is also a large extended family or varying levels of success - one common trait is a particular sense of social responsibility. She has two and a half years of experience in the FBI, a BS/MS in biological sciences focusing on physiology and a MD from Brown University and Brown Medical School, respectively. She worked with Fred Duncan, Deputy Assistant Director responsible for mutant-related cases in the latter part of her time at the Bureau and remained in touch with him when she quit due to personal reasons. Her insatiable professional curiosity about physiology, in particular mutant physiology, and the differences between different types of mutants led her to accept a doctor's position at the school immediately prior to Jean Grey's death.

Life at Xavier's

During her time in the school, Madelyn worked in the medlab and infirmary and taught various classes, mainly Biology and Criminal Justice. She took Clarice Ferguson under her wing and sponsored her as a medlab helper after Moira MacTaggart said she wasn't suitable and researched the powers of several of the residents. She also took a hand in helping Jubilation Lee with her various issues. With Hank McCoy's absence for a good portion of 2004 and 2005, Madelyn also began going on X-Men missions that required a medic.

During the X-Men Mission: Firefountain, Madelyn and Moira both developed super powers. Madelyn's power was to heal any wound, any sickness, and the loss of that was a hard one for her to take. Their mutual frustration led Moira and Madelyn to create the Anodyne and Cornucopia Foundation, an organisation dedicated to helping the homeless and underprivileged.

2005 in particular was a busy period, with several major injuries happening to close friends between September and November and driving her close to breaking point. However, with Hank's return in December 2004 and increasing role in medlab affairs, the pressure had eased and Madelyn had the chance to become more involved socially in the school. It resulted in both Kurt Wagner and Hank developing feelings for her and Madelyn making the choice to be with Hank. Their relationship progressed in fits and starts, especially after the birth and Hank's adoption of Billy, Dani's son.

Towards the end of 2005, Madelyn expressed a certain frustration with her role at the school and Moira suggested that a change was in order. The Anodyne and Cornucopia Foundation needed a director, and Madelyn accepted the job, moving with Hank and Billy to live in Edinburgh in December, 2005. She was killed when the Brotherhood invaded Muir Island in January 2015.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5 ft 8 in

Weight: 146 lbs.

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Reddish-brown

Other Features: None


None - Madelyn is a baseline human. She does, however, have a good memory for obscure medical facts and odd bits of trivia, is trained with a handgun and in basic self defence (from the FBI) and has an intense concentration and focus when she's working on something. She has also trained herself to go without sleep when required.


Madelyn has a handgun license and does keep a handgun safely locked away. Hank also made her a utility belt with a variety of handy items. During her time at the school she was known for using a tranquliser gun on recalcitrant insomniacs.

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Madelyn became addicted to Miles Blaire's chocolate waffles and they were a special treat after a nightshift in the infirmary.



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PB: Amy Brenneman

Socker: Rossi - Modsock

Meta Trivia

Madelyn was the only non-socked original character in X-Project. She was originally created by Lizzie, then was taken over by game founder Jules to provide the game with a medical doctor, and then adopted by Rossi in June 2004. In December 2005 Rossi temporarily left the game, and on her return, Madelyn was retired by request of the mod team due to the precedent in regards to OCs she set.