Sound and Fury

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Sound and Fury
Dates run: November 6, 2004
Run By: Willow
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"Young Miles is simply too powerful to be allowed to run around loose, where every would-be William Stryker might try to make use of him."

An ordinary trip to the mall goes horribly wrong when Magneto decides Miles Blaire is the perfect weapon in his war against humankind.


Alison Blaire, Sean Cassidy, Theresa Cassidy, Kyle Gibney, Lorna Dane, Madelyn Bartlet, Moira MacTaggart

Cable, Nightcrawler, Storm, Jetstream

Miles Blaire

Magneto. Toad, Sabretooth, Mystique


November 6, 2004

Plot Summary

During a trip to the mall, Alison, Miles, Sean, Terry and Kyle were ambushed by the Brotherhood of Mutants, who had been sent to snatch Miles. They resisted, but with Sean knocked out early in the fight and Alison facing off Sabretooth, they were no match, especially when Magneto himself joined in. However, the tables turned when Terry and Sean used both their sonic screams to power Alison's lasers. She crippled Sabretooth, but was unable to penetrate Magneto's shield, driving herself into overload in the attempt.

The cavalry arrived in the form of the X-Men. When Kurt dealt with Toad and teleported Miles to safety aboard the Blackbird, Magneto and his followers escaped, already injured and not able to face further combat. Things weren't over, however, as Alison, her powers completely out of control, continued to convert any kind of noise into lasers. Nathan used his telekinesis to contain her enough to get her on the Blackbird, and with Haroun piloting, Ororo used her winds to speed the plane back to the mansion as fast as possible. Lorna met them at the hanger and assisted Nathan in the shielding, until they could get Alison into a sound-proof room in medlab; Forge was called in to use his powers of invention to create specialised medical equipment to deal with both Alison's overload and the physical injuries caused by Sabretooth.

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Trivia and Meta


Magneto first intended to abduct Miles at the blood drive, but that plan was foiled by the gunman stalking Alison.

Alison's recovery took weeks, with her sensitivity to sound causing her physical pain even after she stopped bleeding light. She was only fully cured by the events of Shattered.


Plotrunner: Willow