X-Men Mission: MLF

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X-Men: MLF
Dates run: April 14, 2004
Run By: Ben
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When terrorists hold several people, including a politician's daughter, hostage, the X-Men intervene.


Cyclops, Beast, Nightcrawler, Phase, Angel, Rogue, Storm

Mutant Liberation Front


April 14, 2004

Plot Summary

When a mutant terrorist group calling themselves the Mutant Liberation Front took a small television station in Austin, Texas hostage, the X-Men went in to rescue the hostages (whose number included the daughter of a prominent politician) and restrain the hostage-takers.

Cyclops attempted negotiation with the leader of the MLF, while Nightcrawler collected the police casualties outside the building. When negotiations failed, Cyclops, Phase, Beast, and Nightcrawler -- Team 1 -- went in on the ground floor. Storm, Rogue, and Angel -- Team 2 --went in from the roof. Team 1 neutralised the MLF members in the ground floor cafeteria. Beast remained in the cafeteria to treat the wounded hostages, while Cyclops, Phase, and Nightcrawler ascended to the third floor, based on information gathered from the hostages. Joining Team 2 in the hall outside the studio, the team was split once again, with Rogue, Nightcrawler, and Phase engaging Dragoness and Reaper, while Cyclops, Angel, and Storm entered the studio to engage Wildside and Forearm. Neutralising the threat posed by the MLF, the team released the hostages and turned over the hostage-takers to the authorities, then withdrew from the scene.

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Trivia and Meta


This was the first X-Men mission for Phase.


Plotrunner: Ben

This plot was based on the comics canon MLF