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By request of the previous player and/or mod decision, the Phase 1 version of this character is not available for applications. They are available as a new Phase 2 version only. If you have questions, check the FAQ on applications, or feel free to contact the mods at x_moderators @ googlegroups . com.

Ororo Munroe - Deceased
Portrayed by Vanessa Williams
Codename: Storm
Affiliations: X-Force
Birthdate: January 12, 1980
Journal: x-storm
Player: (Formerly) Erin

Once a student of the school, Ororo was both teacher and joint leader of the X-Men with Scott Summers. Unable to reconcile the danger the team placed on the school, she joined X-Force in 2010. She was married to Remy LeBeau and was killed in action, with him, in January 2015.


Real Name: Ororo Munroe


First Appearance: May 8, 2003

Place of Birth: New York City, New York, USA

Citizenship: American

Relatives: None living

Education: B.A. English Education, NYU

Relationship Status: Married to Remy LeBeau


Team Affiliation: X-Force



Ororo is the daughter of David Munroe, a photo-journalist from New York, and N'Dare, a village leader's daughter from a Kenyan tribe. Though she was born in New York, her family moved to Cairo, Egypt, when she was six months old for one of her father's assignments. They lived there for several years, until her parents were killed when a plane crashed into their house during an internal military conflict in Egypt. Ororo was trapped in the rubble for several hours, which resulted in the claustrophobia that still haunts her to this day.

An orphan now, Ororo was luckily befriended by a gang of street urchins and taken in by their leader, a man named Achmed el-Gibar. She was trained as a beggar and later, as a thief and pickpocket, and she performed these tasks for several years in the streets of Cairo.

When she was twelve, Ororo felt the urge to move southwards and so she did, leaving Cairo and hitchhiking and wandering her way through the desert. She ended up in Kenya, where she was adopted as a weather goddess by some of the local tribes. She had interaction with the X-Men when they came to deal with another mutant in the area, but they did not try to recruit her until later. Charles Xavier approached her at a time when the X-Men were in danger and asked her to help, and curious about the rest of the world, Ororo accepted, joining founding students Jean Grey, Scott Summers, Henry McCoy and Warren Worthington.

Over the course of several years Ororo found her place in the X-Men and Xavier's school. She now knows no other place as home, and trusts Xavier and the other X-Men beyond anything else. Ororo did not truly feel she had found her family until she arrived at the school. Xavier became like a father figure to her, and her fellow X-Men were almost like her siblings. She has dedicated herself to their cause, and would do almost anything to protect the mutants there.

Teacher and Leader

The events of X2 and the death of her dear friend, Jean, shattered Ororo's serenity. She had a very brief physical relationship with Logan, and became something of a harsh disciplinarian, as Kitty Pryde and Jamie Madrox discovered following a prank. Scott's absences during this time also added to Ororo's stress, as she found herself leading the X-Men on missions more and more often.

Relief of a sort came with Scott's return to the mansion, but the intervening period had taken its toll on Ororo and she withdrew from the school's social life, surfacing only to lead missions or to assist Scott in various training tasks. Slowly she began to thaw, however, and she began making connections outside of the original X-Men, such as human doctor Madelyn Bartlet. When Alison Blaire was made third co-leader of the X-Men, Ororo's workload was reduced further, and she began reconnecting with students.

Ororo's more active role with the mansion as a whole was quickly tested when a former student of Xavier's disappeared during an investigation. Patrick Connelly, whom Ororo had been close to while they were both students, was retrieved by a team under her command, and the two began a new relationship.

Soon after, Ororo was involved in an investigation of a series of mutilations that also effected the students in her charge. During the investigations, she was captured and dragged into the underground, although the team was able to free her and bring the man responsible for the attacks - Masque - to justice. She was also a vital part of the mission to retrieve her friend Jean from the clutches of the Hellfire Club during the other woman's bout with her Jane personality.

A bizarre theft of an ancient mask made of the rare metal vibranium lead Ororo to accompany Remy LeBeau and Marie D'Ancato back to Egypt to see her former mentor, Achmed el-Gibar. In return for their assistance with matters of his own interest, el-Gibar directed them to the mask's location, which the Brotherhood of Mutants were waiting to take possession of. Following the successful rout of Magneto's henchmen, Ororo returned to the school in order to lead the team in Scott's trauma-induced absence. During this time, her relationship with Connelly came to an amiable end.

A Dangerous Season

Ororo found herself commanding an X-Men team traveling to a remote Brazilian location in order to stop the magical sacrifice of several mutant girls. They returned with Amara Aquilla, a new student, in tow from the village. Ororo would also have to face the effects of Shiro's use of the drug Kick, ultimately having to subdue him to get the treatment needed. In the midst of that, she mentored another former student, Angelo Espinosa, in his desire to join the X-Men.

Further chaos resulted over the disappearance of Marius Laverne and Jennie Stavros, with Ororo leading the team to track them down. She was the one to discover "Penny" in the hotel room, raising serious concerns as she finally tracked Marius to a bar and tried to talk him into coming with her. Unfortunately, he would flee, eventually leading to the near death of Manuel de la Rocha before they could be brought home.

Remy and Ororo's tradition of regular lunches in the city to trade information turned deadly as they were targeted by Arcade, and forced to compete in a deadly race to protect the school and claim the other members of the LOSTBOYS program. While they survived, a incident of comfort raised questions between the two of them about their friendship.

Ororo eventually decided to stay in Africa following a mission, only reluctantly returning at the behest of Scott. Her time in Africa was also marked by a visit by Remy, but his visit was to inform her of the danger she was putting other parts of the country in climate-wise, leading to a fight. Following her return, they both were forced to face their feelings for each other, and began a relationship.

New Growth

Ororo would play a key part in thwarting an attempt to raise Selene from her watery prison, stopping a ritual in a downtown high-rise. She also returned to Africa in order to stop an arms dealer for destabilizing the small country of Wakanda, and earned an admirer in their king, T'Challa, in the process.

While Remy LeBeau managed to make a fool of himself dealing with her friendship with T'Challa, her relationship was significantly strong with him for Ororo to willingly join the team of X-Force in traveling to New Orleans in the face of a Cat-5 hurricane. Ororo, protected partially by Sofia Mantega-Barret's powers, attempted to hold back the hurricane long enough for the ritual which created it to be disrupted by Tante. As a result, she discovered that she no longer could use her powers.

Even powerless, Ororo was involved in rescuing the visiting T'Challa from an assassination attempt by an escaped William Moses, as well as traveling to Hungary to stop another assassination attempt on Prime Minister Istvan Barath. It was there that after long months, her powers began to properly return, although it would be weeks before they where back to their full strength.

Ororo's past came to confront her as Sarah Morlocke became caught up in an attempt to revive the Morlocks as a terrorist group. Callisto, a former rival, sought out Ororo to tell her of the danger, and the pair went into the sewers to rescue her. In the process, Ororo defeated the current leader of the Morlocks, only to find herself now declared the leader of the motley group. The event also strained her relationship, as Remy was forced to leave the US and go into hiding as a result of his actions helping the Morlocks.

A Time of War

Ororo's role as one of the X-Men's field leaders found her in constant danger, including facing off against the madman Baron Zemo and his henchmen. Soon after, she found herself once again in Wakanda to find herself battling in an ancestral mindscape, forced to intervene in a battle of the ancient gods the Lion and the Panther in order to return the land to a normal states of affairs once more. She later led the team that detained Dr. Joseph Skrul saving the life of Jay Guthrie.

During Day Zero, Storm led the central command and communications team in Central Park, nearly facing both War and Apocalypse in the process. Following that confrontation, Ororo took a step back from the active mission status, allowing Scott to take the lead on the next several missions while she focused on the students and trainees.

When Scott injured himself, Ororo once again took the lead for the X-Men in the field, this time evacuating the ship that had been working against a mutant slavery program secretly made between India and Indonesia. They were able to evacuate the ship, but not before a battle with the Imperial Guard. She found herself on the wrong end of injury, however, during a mission in Budapest against Tara Trask and her people as well as the Preservers. Her hospital stay was lightened by a visit from T'Challa, who had taken up an invitation to travel to Hungary after the Red God incident.

The Burden of Responsibility and a New Team

In September 2009, Scott and Jean both departed for the West Coast Annex, leaving Ororo as the only team eader. This required a certain change in tactics, with mission leaders being used far more often than they had been. This allowed Ororo to be able to remain at the mansion for some missions, something which not only gave her a break, but also allowed some of the other X-Men to develop in new ways. The responsibility proved heavy, however, especially as more students than ever were interested in becoming trainees and several - Yvette Petrovic, Julian Keller and Catseye - approached Ororo for permission. It was the X-Men's engagement of the Indian military that proved the breaking point for her; her powers burned out in the aftermath of the mission and concerned with the safety of the school should the X-Men's expanded activities result in their base being identified, Ororo did not return to the school, choosing instead to accept Remy's invitation that she stay with him in his apartment at the brownstone.

It was a natural development for Ororo to join X-Force when her powers returned. Her first operation was investigating electoral fraud,in a relatively low-key role, but over time she began to use her own connections in Egypt and Africa on various solo jobs. Disaster struck in April 2011 when Remy was captured on an operation turned ambush; along with the rest of the team, Ororo worked tirelessly to try and find him. Worried about her and feeling Remy would want her to take care of things, Amanda Sefton kept an eye on her, supplying her with food and research company.

Their break came in June 2011, when they deciphered a number of deaths of defunct operatives as a message from Remy. Ororo led the recovery team in Berlin, sparing Brock Rumlow's life only because there was a chance Remy might be killed. Remy had been tortured for the two months and was in bad shape - Ororo accompanied him to Muir Island and then to France for his physical - and emotional - recovery. It was in Beaumont-Les-Bains that Ororo and Remy were married in a civil ceremony, deciding they should take advantage of the time they had together and not risk the worst happening.

Genosha and the End

2012 brought with it a series of challenges, starting with a freak accident mentally regressing Ororo to her sixteen-year-old self, along with most of X-Force. Thankfully, Remy and Nico were able to fix that. Things got worse when a group of Xavierites and associates were kidnapped at a rally at the Genoshan embassy. When it was discovered they were in Genosha, all the X-Teams went after them to try and stage a rescue. The rescue failed however, with some escaping but most - including Ororo - being captured. With the help of the Genoshan rebels she and the other captured X-people managed to escape, and she led a team to help subdue the government forces. She also helped with taking the monster Moreau in the final battle.

Ororo managed to get through the rest of the year without too many disasters, although she was unlucky enough to be present at the Brownstone when it was invaded. She escaped from that relatively unscathed, however. In 2013 she helped to rescue Artie Maddicks when he found himself caught up in one of Arcade's games, and at the end of the year she went with X-Force to help recover Illyana's lost bloodstones.

2015 started with a bang when Muir Island was attacked and subsequently destroyed. Ororo led a team to Africa to try and find out more about Apocalypse, and they were attacked by alternate universe dopplegangers of themselves. Ororo was later killed, along with Remy, while trying to rescue Jean from being executed in India.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 135 lbs.

Eyes: Blue

Hair: White

Other Features: When using her powers, Ororo's eyes take on an all-white cast.


Storm controls a variety of powers, though all of them are in some way related to the weather. The main manifestations of her power include control of temperature, wind pressure and air currents, as well as manipulation of cloud cover and precipitation such as rain, sleet and snow. She can also control and channel electron particles to call and direct lightning. Her control of wind and air pressure allows her to lift both herself and other people/objects in flight, and her body is semi-impervious to extreme temperatures.

Storm's control over her powers is directly linked to her emotional state - as long as she is calm, her control over her abilities is near-perfect. It's only when she panics that she loses control and things get crazy. Most of the time, however, she is able to keep them in check and use them appropriately. She is quite powerful, and Xavier has spent years with her teaching her to properly harness her abilities and to control them calmly.

Her usual range to affect the weather is about a mile radius around where she stands, though with greater concentration she may be able to extend that to an area the size of half the Atlantic coastline.


Ororo's X-Men uniform includes a cape, for use as a flying aid.

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Ororo suffers from traumatic claustrophobia generated by the incident that killed her parents.

Sometimes, when she is feeling whimsical, she makes words in the clouds.




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Former Player: Erin

Player Icon Base: Vanessa Williams (previously Halle Berry)

Meta Trivia

Erin is the second player to play Ororo.