X-Men Mission: Ricochet

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X-Men: Ricochet
Dates run: July 13, 2005
Run By: Alicia
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Dazzler is down, Juggernaut, on your left

Make him of balance most swiftly bereft

Keep up your onslaught, oh fair Scarlet Witch

Step forward and engage this base son of a bitch!

When the X-Men are called upon to help catch a mutant jewel thief, a strange interaction between his powers and those of the X-Men's own probability manipulator creates some unusually comedic results.


Dazzler, Jetstream, Scarlet Witch, Cable, Juggernaut



July 13, 2005

Plot Summary

When a thief and probability manipulator calling himself 'Ricochet' came to the attention of the FBI, they asked for the X-Men's help in capturing him. When his next likely target was identified by the FBI as a local museum in Minneapolis, the X-Men staked out the place, hoping to intercept him there.

When Ricochet arrived, part of the team tried to talk him into surrendering. He refused, using his powers against Jetstream. When Scarlet Witch tried to intervene, their similar powers interacted in non-linear ways. The concrete under Juggernaut liquified, while Scarlet Witch's hair took on a life of its own, and Dazzler and Jetstream found themselves being unexpectedly musical. Cable, running the telepathic switchboard at a distance, was unaffected - but very amused.

Ricochet was eventually taken successfully into custody, and the team returned to the mansion to a certain amount of good-natured ridicule.

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Fred Duncan asked for the X-Men's assistance with Ricochet after several other robberies, via Madelyn Bartlet as part of her liaison role.

Tapes of the incident were made and distributed among the other team members for some time, much to the chagrin of those involved.


Plotrunner: Alicia