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This character is currently unplayed, but is open for applications. If you are interested in applying for this character, you can contact the mods at x_moderators @ googlegroups . com and you can find the application form here.

Alexander Lexington
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Portrayed by Josh Hartnett
Codename: Lex
Affiliations: X-Men
Birthdate: March 13, 1980
Journal: x_lex
Player: Available for Applications

No longer a soldier, Lex finally came to terms with his mutation and started to grow into it as an X-Man. When word reached him of his former platoon's disappearance in South America, he took a sabbatical to investigate things himself.


Character Journal: x_lex

Real Name: Alexander Lexington

Codename: Lex; Hamster (trainee)

First Appearance: July 14, 2009

Date of Birth: March 13th, 1980

Place of Birth: Jacksonville, FL

Citizenship: United States

Relatives: Samuel Lexington (father, deceased) and Jenna Lexington (mother)

Education: High School

Relationship Status: Single, formerly dated Vanessa Carlysle

Occupation: Ex-Soldier (Remanded into Charles Xavier's custody); self-defense teacher

Team Affiliation: X-Men



Born to Samuel and Jenna Lexington, Alex spent most of his early years living near the beach in Jacksonville, Florida. His father was an airplane mechanic who spent most of his time hopping between fixing private planes, mostly Cessnas and small Learjets, and restoring WWII fighters for air shows. His mother bred Bernese Mountain Dogs, and Alex spent most of his childhood playing with them.

Alex's family realized he was a mutant when he was fourteen. Jenna was looking for one of the dogs, who had escaped from the house, when she noticed Alex stumble around the garage. He was trying to be secretive but he failed miserably at it. She ran towards him asked him what was wrong, and he pointed behind the shed. His mother followed his pointing and saw the mangled remnants of his new dirt bike. When his father got home, Alex and his mother were waiting for him in the kitchen. Alex told him about the bike, after much prodding from his mother, and said that there must have been a malfunction or something. After checking out the damage to his bike, and saying that it looked more like he'd ran over a mine, his dad asked him if there was any more to the story. Alex didn't want to lie to his parents so he told him that he was trying to make it go faster when a spark arced from his hand to the throttle. The bike sped up for a few seconds and then the engine began rattling and he jumped off just before it exploded. His father didn't quite believe the story, and asked him if he could make it happen again, this time making a light bulb brighter. Alex did as his father asked, causing the light to shine brilliantly for a few moments before exploding with a loud pop. That night Samuel and Jenna stayed up late, discussing their son's future, and they finally decided to keep his mutation a secret.

For the next two years the Lexington's enjoyed a peaceful life, with Alex using his father's shop as a safe place to practice his powers. He helped his father build and modify several small projects, including a go-cart with built in capacitor so Alex could charge it himself while driving it. Together they rebuilt an old P-51D Mustang for an Air Show in Pensacola.

In 1996 the plane was finally ready to fly and they couldn't be more ready for it. However, nobody was prepared for a massive engine failure which brought the plane crashing down into a massive oak tree. Samuel was killed instantly. Alex blamed himself for several weeks until the report came back that the crash was caused by a faulty intake valve that stalled the engine, something he could not influence with his powers.

Nevertheless, Jenna blamed Alex for the death of his father, becoming more and more aloof. Alex tried several times to explain the situation to her, but she refused to hear what he had to say. On the second anniversary of his father's death, shortly after his 18th birthday, Alex arrived home from school to find a note on the table. It told him that though his mother had long since forgiven him for his mistake, but she couldn't live with the knowledge that he'd killed his father.

Afraid for his mother's life, Alex ran to the cemetery in an attempt to find her. He arrived to find her kneeling before his father's grave, pressing a flower to the stone. He approached her, wanting to comfort her but she pushed him away. She told him that he was no longer welcome in her house. He asked her what he was supposed to do and she told him she didn't care as long as he didn't do it anywhere near her. With barely six months before graduation Alex decided he would join the military, in hopes that the structure would help him cope with his mother's decision.

Upon arriving at basic training in July 1998 Alex was nicknamed Lex due to the multiple occurrences of it in his name. Lex made squad leader in the first few weeks, proving himself to be a natural leader, despite struggling with being kicked out of his own home. He worked extremely hard to impress his superiors and advance through the ranks.

By March 2002, Lex had achieved the rank of specialist in the rangers and applied for Special Forces training. He aced the Qualification Course and was promoted to Sergeant after a year long training course. Over the next 6 years he was promoted to the rank of Sergeant First Class, serving as the commander of his A-team.

In December 2008, as part of the UN peacekeeping initiative, Lex's company was sent to Pakistan as part of the Internal Security Assistance Force to eliminate potential terrorist cells. His unit was to be used in conjunction with an air-cavalry assault group but their helicopter was attacked on its way to the base of operations and everything changed. Lex's GPT (General Purpose Troops) commander, Captain Luke Parish broke down under fire, and he was forced to use his power to stop the man from massacring a group of civilians. His intervention disabled the helicopter, stranding all the men aboard and injuring the pilot. When they were retrieved by an armored column Parish blamed the entire incident on Lex.

During the military's investigation of the incident, Lex's use of powers was found to be in direct violation of the ban on the military use of mutants and he was forced into a permanent furlough from the military. In order to keep him out of trouble, the military remanded him into the custody of Charles Xavier as a way to maintain the status-quo on anti-mutant sentiment without pushing strenuous diplomatic situations.

Early Xavier's

Lex's introduction to the mansion was not a smooth one. In the first month he was there he continually made a fool of himself as he tried to play the "big man" at the mansion without any knowledge or ability to back it up. Uncomfortable with his mutation he attempted to do everything he could to avoid relying on it.

After a month at the mansion he realized that he would never be able to go back to the military. Shortly thereafter, he decided to join the X-Men in order to help others with his only practical skill, fighting. It was an interesting experiment for him as he attempted to pass the scenarios without using his powers. When the veterans explained to him that the entire point was to embrace his powers Lex ran into several difficulties. During X-Men Mission: Hotel Saragarhi Lex ran into a strange feedback loop that almost knocked him unconscious. Since that time the problem has become recurring and has limited his ability to master his mutation.

The Turn

Over the winter, Lex began taking his duties more serious and focused on training his powers. He was able to control his powers with much more precision by early February. Around that time, Lex started dating Vanessa Carlysle. Her ability to keep Lex from focusing too much on his powers allowed him to continue exploring his potential. By the time Lakshmibai Raj took place he had the ability to generate massive amounts of electricity and continue generating it for an extended amount of time. However, the wear placed on him by that mission formed a psychokinetic barrier between his subconscious and his powers. As he had become increasingly comfortable with his powers this sudden change rendered him an emotional wreck and he tried his best to recover, including going out with Crystal Amaquelin on a couple of occasions. His powers work also continued. It paid off, with a gradual return of his powers enabling him to return to duty as a trainee. His military experience served him well in Genosha, where he was tortured during his capture and imprisonment, and he continued to focus on his recovery after the incident. During the winter break of 2012-2013, he received word that his former platoon had gone missing in South America and he took it upon himself to go investigate - with the proviso that he would check in with the team and let them know if he needed help.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 195 lbs

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Brown

Other Features: Lex has the latin phrase “de oppresso liber,” which means “ To Liberate the Oppressed,” tattooed across his upper back.



Lex has the ability to control energy levels in electronic systems by shaping power levels within the system. Having spent a great deal of time training himself, during his teen years, he has gained enough control to influence most systems without burning them out. He still has problems with regulating his energy output, when he generates it from himself, which makes it likely that he will fry any system he feeds for longer than a few minutes. He can generate enough electricity to power a helicopter for several minutes, however doing so will knock him unconscious for several hours.

Over the years he has been able to increase the speed of his car, recharge batteries, and operate small electronics remotely without damaging their systems. According to all of his experiments, Alex has found that the more familiar with the system the smaller the chance of it burning out on him. He has also figured out that hooking up a capacitor to any system allows him a little extra room for error. In all of Alex's tests his range of influenced has maxed out at roughly 100 feet.

The use Lex has for his power is generation and manipulation of electrokinetic waves and fields. He can generate electricity through his body, building it up and releasing it through his hands or as a pulse from his entire body. With training he should be able to discharge it through any single point, rather than being limited to any particular area. He knows it has the potential to kill if he focuses enough electricity on a single target, but he has enough control to keep that from happening. He does, however, wonder if there are nonstandard applications that he has not yet explored.


Two fixed-blade survival knives, one ceramic blade (hidden in his belt), and a tattered copy of Martin Buber's I and Thou.


  • Lex loves to cook.
  • His trip to Nova Roma was Lex's first time out of the country while not on a mission.
  • Though he loves tinkering with mechanical things, Lex would much prefer to spend his days lounging about with a good book.
  • Lex once powered a helicopter using only his mutation. He controlled the vehicle for four minutes and thirty-seven seconds before he blew out all of its systems and crashed it into the tarmac.

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Player Icon Base: Josh Hartnett

Meta Trivia

Lex was brought into the game by Nathan (player) in July 2009 and played until Nathan left in February 2013.